Pandora's Box #63 - 64 "Meeting with a Vulcan"

-={On}=- [Counselor's Office, 5 minutes after psychological profiling of Alyson Cooper]

Andrew had nothing to do. Chess was becoming a simple thing to win in. The computer was too predictable. <I must program a new level into that thing> He thought. <Perhaps Floyd isn't busy. Certainly something couldn't have happened so soon in the mission. We haven't even reached Earth yet.> Andrew stood up, turned his computer off, and walked out and into sickbay.

Sulan looked up from the quick meditation she had been doing while waiting for the doctor. A crewman had entered, he had a well practiced, easy going matter and false assertiveness. "Ship's counselor, I presume." she says standing. She hadn't yet fully mentally prepared for such a challenge so soon.

Andrew blinked in surprise. That wasn't Floyd's voice, nor the voice of the holo nurse. He looked, and saw a ragged looking Vulcan standing there. "That would be correct. I may assist you how?"

She remains silent for a moment before speaking "The commander ordered you to perform a psychological evaluation upon me." She says quietly. "I'm certain it's just a formality, so we should endevor to complete it quickly." She lies, trying to rush a quick judgement in her favor.

Another blink. He had not been informed of this yet. Certainly a surprise. No idea what to do, but he figured it was just to get in her mind and see if she's hostile. <I'm certain since she's this easy-going about it, she's been preparing, just in case.> He thought. "Very well, we'll conduct it here. I'm assuming it's to try and determine if you're going to be hostile or not."

"In what manner?" she says distractedly. As she turns to examine a com panel, her ruined right ear shows plainly in the light. "I suppose you have a questionaire you wish me to complete? She tugs at her uniform, and for a fraction of a second, her control slips, and she feels the slightest hint of fear.

It may have been a fraction of a second for most, but for Andrew, a trained professional, it felt like an hour. <Knew it. She's been prepping for this. I need to catch her off guard during this.> "Well, it'll be nothing major, just me questionning you and such. Just answer the questions as best you can, and as quickly as possible. I may interpret a hesitation as trying to find a cover up." He added at the end of his explanation.

"Understood." She takes a quick breath. All the training she had learned in her 31 years came back to her. What her father taught her, ehat her controlers taught her, everything. The dark arrogant voice is the back of her mind wispered to her wordlessly If she let it have it's way, he'd die with that fake smile on his lips, wondering how she'd managed to rip his throat out before he could react. She silences the thought. "Please begin." she says. She sits once again, and folds her hands in her lap.

"Very well." The smile vanished at he got down to business. "First off, what brings you to this ship? I'm completely out of the loop, I didn't even know you came aboard." He watched her every move, every twitch of the hand. Something tiny can give away a lie before they've even finished concocting it.

There was a slight tightening at the corners of her lips. "I am under orders to join this vessel's crew." She said simply, while staring into his eyes deadpan.

"I see. I hadn't heard of any positions being taken. What position are you filling?" He noted the twitch of the mouth. While possible that it was just a reaction to the possible pain she was in, he could use it to smell out a lie.

"I had prefered to be assigned to an internal security post. I hold such posts in high esteem." She looks down slightly, remembering how she'd once slain a Starfleet security officer, and his wife and daughter, making it look like a murder suicide. She realises that she is too exausted mentally to continue the evasion for long. Though the counselor seemed harmless, the emtire mission could depend upon evading his probing questions and balefull gaze. "Though I must admit, this ship is somewhat lacking in efficency." She says trying to steer the coversation to other matters.

"Oh? How so? Notice anything on your way here that looked sloppy?" He asked semi-seriously. <This could prove interesting. If she answers with efficiency, it could mark someone who is quite knowledgable in the art of attack...>

She answers immediately. "The security for this vessel is sorely lacking. The security guarding the Commader was no better than what I would expect from a first-year cadet at the academy."

Andrew raised an eyebrow. "And you know of proper security how?"

"It was one of the fields that I specialised in at the academy." She says, prefering to use the truth instead of a lie. Her face remained unreadable. If only her father had allowed her to be around more humans as a child, reading him would not be so difficult.

"Alright, makes sense then. But what did you do to get yourself battered and in Romulan blood, in a Romulan uniform?" Andrew asked, still with the eyebrow raised.

"At my previous post I was assigned there as a spy." She says evenly "went word came that I was to transfer here, I had to leave immediately, and thus, was forced to use less genteel measures to obtain transport." She reajusts her hands, folding the scarred one on top of the unscarred one.

"Thus, you killed Romulans, took a uniform, and got yourself here? We're already on shaky grounds with them, this could cause somethign to occur if they realize you're part of the Federation." He stated evenly, looking into her eyes.

"They will not." She says simply. "I took liberties to protect the fedarations intrests in this matter. When I left, I caused a feedback loop in the reactors, flooding the area with high levels of anti-matter radiation. Anything left, is far from able to think, much less speak."

Andrew stood, thinking. <This is NOT good. I don't trust her at this point. If she can decimate a reactor that efficiently, she's been trained not as a spy, but more like an assassin... We'll see what happens though.> "Okay, you've been trained in security and on being a spy. How could you manage to feedback a reactor? Any other training you haven't told me about?"

"No," she lies, "The only reason I was able to destroy the reactor complex is because of the intense reading I've don it the past on technical matters. I was a hobby that fortunately saved my life." She wipes st the blood on her cheek again, trying to find and excuse to end the interogation.

"So far you've told me you've been trained in two semi connected disciplines, and have had enough time to do intense reading, along with living a functional life. Seems kind of weird to me. I'll be blunt. I don't trust you just yet. But it's something that has to be proven. I'll leave it to the Commander to determine what to do about you. The interrogation is over, unless there is something else you wish to tell me about."

"A pity really. Once again, humans fail to understand the Vulcan mindset. To humans, what the Vulcan mind is capable of may seem daunting, but to us, it is normal a function." She says, hoping to anger him, and cloud his memory.

<Provokation, eh? We'll see about that.> "Well, however you feel about our species is up to you, but trying to get me to retaliate and lose my focus on what has been said here can only hurt you in the end. So, until next time, unless you wish to continue your mind games with me. Up to you, really." He shrugged, going over the entire interrogation in his mind.

"I don't understand... I was simply realating a statement of fact, sir." She stands extending her scarred had. "It was agreeable to meet you, Counselor."

Andrew watched her face as he returned the handshake. Nothing changed, he felt a little more secure. A change in the face would have meant a possible attack. "I'll write up a report and hand it in to the Captain. Until then, I'd have some of those scars checked out by Doctor Floyd. Though the fact he hasn't shown up to greet either of us means he's busy elsewhere. Just don't go wandering off to destroy our engines, please." With that, Andrew turned and began walking out of Sickbay.

"Understood, sir." She sits and resumes waiting for the doctor.


A chilling interrogation performed by:

Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus

Sublieutenant Telek Sulan USS Pegasus