Pandora's Box #59-60 "Love in an elevator"


[Somewhere on the ship, 1600 hours]

Alyson made her way to the counselor's office, as ordered by Commander LaBrie earlier in the morning, and she wanted to make a first impression by getting everything right in an administrative job, especially on her first day.

She wasn't too sure what to expect, however. She hadn't met much of the crew yet, so she was still a bit overwhelmed by it all. After consulting yet another map, she found her bearings, and soon after, rang the office's chime.

"Enter", Andrew said when he heard the chime. He wasn't doing anything, just looking through some documents of patients he had back on Earth. The doors slid open, showing someone Andrew had never seen before. "May I help you? I see you are part of the crew, though as to what position, I am uncertain."

Alyson quietly entered the room, and offered her hand. "Alyson Cooper. I'm the captain's yeoman," she said, smiling. "Commander LaBrie asked me to pick up the psych evaluations."

Andrew returned the handshakes, and raised an eyebrow. "Interesting. I haven't been able to complete the full staff roster. However, if it is his orders, then I cannot refuse. However, there may be one more I could add. Yours." He looked at her to see her response. <tag>

"Oh really..." Alyson replied, quirking an eyebrow. "Might as well get it over and done with, right? May I?" she asked, gesturing to a seat.

"That would be optimal, yes. Please, take a seat. Looking through the manifest, I see you are a recent addition to the crew. Explains why I wouldn't know you. Now, tell me, what made you decide to join Starfleet as Captain's Yeoman?" Andrew sat, poised to make his report. <tag>

"Well, I applied as barmaid and waitress on Pegasus after I went out of business, until I found out they didn't accept civilians. So I basically made a compromise, and also applied as yeoman. For something different, I guess," Alyson stated after having sat down, shrugging.

Andrew began typing. "Compromised to continue working as barmaid after she went out of business. Such an act shows dedication to what she enjoys." "Okay, I understand that. Now, I can see your qualifications as a barmaid then, since you worked as one for a while. But what about the Captain's Yeoman? What makes you believe you can do that job?"

"Well, I have a few organizational skills, and since I've also been in business twice, so I also have some administrative skills. And I know how to get priorities straight, and I take notes so that I don't forget anything. It's kind of like bartending, it's just you have one customer instead of whole ship of them."

"Takes yeoman responsibility as a form of bartending. Has organizational skills, ensures she knows what to do before setting out to do it. Can prioritize successfully." "Now, what in your childhood inspired you to be a barmaid? I've certainly never heard of anyone who really wanted to be one..."

"Well, see, my mother owned a brewery back home, so I've been basically surrounded by alcohol in its many forms my whole life. It's just that...I didn't want to take over the family business after my mother retired. I wanted to do my own thing. Travel. Go into space without having to waste 4 years of my life just so I could do so. And since my rehab, I've been very social and outgoing, so I guess it's basically a combination of all those factors that made it so that I could be what I am today," Alyson replied truthfully. There wasn't any point of telling stupid stories, right? Tell the truth, and she'd be fine.

"Alyson is amiable and outgoing, making her well-suited for her position as barmaid." "Now, say someone's clearly having a bad day. They come in and virtually shout at you to get them a beer. What goes through your mind, and what do you do in response? Will you try to cheer them up, or will you just get the drink and let them be?"

"I'll try and cheer them up before getting the beer, really, since it's not really a good idea to get drunk when you're having a bad day. It just enhances the emotions you already having and blows them out of proportion. And when I'm convinced he's in a better mood, I'll get him the beer, but I'll make sure he doesn't get overly drunk."

"Tries to ensure safety of all other people in the bar by making sure a person is not overly angry before serving them. Goes out of her way to do so." "Alright, last question, and I think I'll have enough for this. Based on the crew members you've seen, who do you think you'd get along best with, and who do you think you'd have to go through lengths to tolerate?"

Alyson had to think about this one for a second, and shrugged. She didn't have a clue. "I quite frankly don't know yet, since I've only met Mr. Ryylar, the captain, and yourself since yesterday. And all the other people I've met were at the bar, getting drunk. So I'd have to get a glimpse at more of the crew to give you a more elaborate answer on that one."

"Very well, I shall not include that then. I think that what I have should be enough. Just give me a minute to conclude it, transfer it onto the PADD, and I'll give it to you to hand in." Andrew typed in his last statement. "In conclusion, Alyson is quite capable of managing both her posts as Captain's Yeoman, as well as barmaid. Her outgoing nature makes crewmen feel welcome in the lounge, and she knows what her priorities should be." Andrew saved it onto his computer, copied it onto the PADD with the other reports, and handed it to Alyson. "There you are, now you can go give that to Caelen. See you around Recruit." Andrew stood and extended his hand.

Alyson grabbed the PADD and shook the counselor's hand again. "If you want a drink, you know where to find me," she declared, winking, and quietly exited the room. Now off to see the Captain for the last time today.


Crewman Recruit Alyson Cooper Yeoman/Barwench USS Pegasus

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