Pandora's Box #59-60 "Love in an elevator"

(It looks like another epidemic is plaguing the Pegasus... The "Whoops, I forgot another paragraph"-itus one... Sorry...)


[USS Pegasus, Bridge, Slightly past noon]

Evans was at his station, just checking the power needs, reading through supply reports, and sneaking a game of Solitaire in between, on his console. He also heard some rumours about Ensign T'Rell, about him cataloguing those artefacts they were hauling, but also about him being hurt... He would check the sickbaylogs to find out, right after this game... He was about to win this one, Vegas rules and 3 card draw, and all...

Nalash walked on the bridge, still a bit on her toes. The doctor had ordered her to take some rest but she didn't feel like resting she needed something to do, something to keep her mind of T'Rell "I wonder if he's alright..." she whispered to herself walking to the science console "...and I should stop saying everything I think out loud..."she sighed heavily "...dammit" she hissed.

Caelen was sitting in the center of the bridge when he heard the Science officer mumble stuff to herself. She could probably take care of herself, his mind was occupied with this new Vulcan character, he didn't trust her and it would be a long time before he would. He then noticed something odd about Evans, he wasn't sitting fully comfortably in his chair. Caelen stood up and walked closer to Evans, he saw the game of Solitaire on his console "Red queen, top right, to black king on the far left"

"GNJ! Eh!" Evans stummered, "Eheh... Just killing some time, sir... I did all the checks..."

"I would still feel better if your mind was more occupied with plasma flows and less with card games, Lieutenant" Caelen smirked and walked back to his chair, "why isn't T'Rell on the bridge?" he suddenly noticed the absence of his Helm officer.

Nalash tried to hide herself but off course she couldn't keep quiet "what if he finds out? I'm gonna be in so much trouble..." she whispered just loud enough to be heard by Evans.

Evans glanced to the side, looked a bit odd, and whispered back:"Well, if you keep talking about it out loud, someone is going to find out eventually. Whatever it is..."

"Dammit!" Nalash almost shouted, she then immediatly stood up and walked to the center of the bridge. She saluted the Commander "May I have a word for you Commander?" she asked standing in full attention "and then throw myself out of an airlock" she added in a whisper, she looked at Caelen hoping somehow that he didn't hear anything.

"I am willing to talk... but do you know how cold it is in space this time of year?" Caelen answered joking a bit.

"It's not a joking matter, Commander, T'Rell is in Sickbay..." it was a great relieve to her "...and it's my fault" she looked with big puppy eyes begging forgiveness "please don't kill me..." she whispered "...ohw come on... that was hardly a thought... Dammit!"

"Eh, Sir? What's going on?" Evans asked, turning around, as a response to the sudden outburst of the 'Touret's Syndrome Sister'. "I didn't say anything to offend you, did I?" he asked to the Orion Petty Officer.

"I was about to find out Evans" Caelen reacted showing that he didn't really like his nosyness "now calm down" checked the rank "Petty Officer... back to the start... what happened?"

"There was this box..." Nalash ignored the chief Operations officer "...and we couldn't scan what was inside so to catalog it I opened it..." she shook her head "...I'm so stupid... I shouldn't have opened it"

Evans got the (not so subtle) hint, nodded a "Yes sir, sorry...", and returned to his console. He actually noticed that his game of Solitaire was still open, and he only had one move left... He quickly did so, and watched the cards bounce off the screen as they had done for hundreds of years, and decided to find out what happened for himself... He now knew for sure that T'Rell was NOT allright, so he pulled up sickbay...

"I immediatly called sickbay and Doctor Floyd beamed with T'Rell to Sickbay..." Nalash was on the edge of crying "...stupid girl..." she just sighed at herself for saying Everything she thought.

"It's ok..." Caelen rose from his chair and put a finger under her chin lifting it from her chest "'ll be alright, the Doctor is very capable" he smiled. He couldn't help but sense a cold shiver going down his spine. "Go to your quarters and have some rest Chief..." he gave her a friendly smile "keep your head up ok?"

"Yes sir..." she smirked back a bit "...and my name is Nalash..." eyes widened as she sprung to attention "I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to... I..."

Caelen gave her a shoulder pat and "I said it's ok... now get some rest" a friendly and reassuring smile as he made way to Evans, if he knew Evans a bit he would probably be in the Sickbay's computer checking on T'Rell "What can you tell me?" he peered over his shoulder.

"Whoa, look at that..." Evans blurted out, "If these reports are correct, and I see no reason why they shouldn't be, Russell beamed with T'Rell to sickbay in an emergencytransport just about 15 minutes ago... Let's see what else I can find out... There is this Doctor Patient confidentiality thingy I have to work around, of course... Hmmm, looks like a vile of ane.. anny... analeptic spray has been used... What's that used for?"

Caelen arched and eyebrow "I'm a Commander... not a doctor..." he shook his head "...and it troubles me that you can do this Lieutenant..." he sighed, somehow he felt a bit drowzy. A Yawn, he couldn't hold it back, that must've been the first yawn since finals at the Academy.

Evans pulled up another screen "Lemme see what this stuff is used for... What?! Neural stimulation? Braindamage?"

Caelen shook his head "most unlikely..." he spoke softly "...Vulcans have very sensitive Neural Pathways, Neural stimulation is needed almost every time one of them is sick" he joked a bit, "and they still think they are superior" he added in a soft whisper, he frowned a bit "did I just say that out loud?" and eyebrow raised " this is awkward..."

"Eh, yes you did, sir... Y'know, I'm not too fond of their cocky attitudes myself, but I usually try to keep that to myself..." Evans responded

"That would be a first..." Caelen remarked, he then shook his head "...whatever happened to that Orion girl is happening to me as well..." he looked at Evans very seriously "...find me that girl Lieutenant" he ordered.

"Yes, sir! But ehm, why not contact her with the com, or ask the computer where she is?" Evans remarked, as he got up to go after Nalash...

"Because I ordered you to go find her and I don't like to be second guessed... something may be very wrong with her and telling her that over the com seems a bit harsh doesn't it Lieutenant?" Caelen waited for Evans to walk off the bridge before he walked towards his Ready Room "There is something fishy about this..." he sighed " would be a lot easier not to hear me speak my own thoughts" he hissed to himself.

Evans ran off the bridge and into the elevator. He then thought for a second, and managed to follow his own advice. "Computer, where is Petty Officer Nalash?"

"Chief Petty Officer Second Class Nalash is on Deck Seven, Section Omega, Room 142" the Computer bleeped happily in return not at all understanding the rush Evans had.

"Well, what are you waiting for?..." Evans stated, as he kind of expected the turbolift to understand what to do. He sighed, and finally said:"Deck 7, section Omega, please..."

The turbolift closed it's doors and wooshed away to the designated area, carrying Ronald with it.

He rushed towards the right room, and hit the doorchime. "Officer Nalash? You there?"

"Who could that be?" Nalash wondered, out loud off course. She was getting ready to step under the shower, already in her underwear she couldn't stop the word "Enter" from Exiting her mouth "ohw Shit!" she jumped to the uniform as the doors swooshed open, pressing it to cover her green body as Evans stepped in.

"Ehm, hello..." Evans let slip, even though he wasn't infected yet... He shook his head, and quickly cleared his head:"Commander LaBrie wants you... eh... back in his readyroom, I suppose..." Evans wasn't quite sure what Caelen wanted Ronald to do with Nalash, after he found her. He decided to find out, and tapped his combadge. =/\=Evans to Commander Labrie, I found her, what do you actually want me to do now?=/\=

Nalash slowly picked up her pants making sure Evans didn't see it "Good..." she mumbled "he didn't see a thing..." she closed her eyes slightly "...This is really getting Annoying!"

=/\= Bring her here off course... =/\= Caelen sounded a bit aggrevated =/\= ... do I have to think of everythi- ... Caelen Out =/\= the comlink was cut by the Commander.

"Well, that was interresting..." Evans stated... He turned to Nalash again, gulped, and immediately turned around again... "Sorry... I'll just stand here so you can put something on... Yeah, let's do that..." he said, flushing redder than a tomato, and looking up into the area just above the door.

Nalash quickly jumped up in attempt to slip into her pants in one smooth motion, it worked so many times in those movies and holodeck novels... but not this time. She couldn't manage to pull the pants up fully and slipped on the piece of cloth that was still under her foot. She fell to the ground face first, trying to easy the impact with her arms, "YELP!" she shouted right before she landed with a dull thud on the ground "This is so not my day" The pants right above her knees and a tank top covering her upper body but not hiding her slim figure.

Evans turned around at the cry for help, and rushed to help her up. "You OK?" he asked, taking her by the arm to help her up. <Did the airco just kick in?> he asked himself, as he felt a shiver go through his arms.

Nalash blushed a bit, even through her green skin you could see a redish glow. She fully pulled up her pants and buttoned it "thanks..." she said a bit shy. She walked to the bed where she had thrown the top of her Uniform "...he's cute..." she softly whispered, she decided to act as if she said nothing in stead of shouting Dammit, which only seemed to make more clear what she was supposed to think.

"Eh, thank you... You're quite pretty yourself... Now, might I suggest we go to the readyroom? Our CO is in kind of a huUUOOOAAAHHhhurry..." Ronald yawned. <Man, I need to go to bed earlier...> He walked out of the room, making sure Nalash was following him...

Nalash followed him to the corridor "thanks... that's very nice of you..." they stepped into the turbo lift "...nice a- ... hair, do you cut it yourself?" she saved herself from total humiliation.

"Huh? Well, I just go and visit the local barber when I get the chance... Or did you actually mean my assstronomical cranium... WHAT THE HELL?!" Ronald shouted out.

"Welcome to my world..." Nalash sighed "...while we're being honest and all, wanna go out some day?" rather blunt but then again the situation asked for it "what if he says no?" eyes widened as she looked at Evans "I'm sorry sir... I haven't been myself lately"

"Oooh, I would love to take you out and then somWELL! What about the weather... Raining cats and dogs, isn't it?! Plasma equations! Plasma equations! 1046 degrees Kelvin, the coldest form of plasma..." Evans recovered himself rather poorly... "Deck one please! Hurry!" he added....

Nalash couldn't help laughing a bit, she knew she shouldn't but she just had to "so you think I'm pretty?" she asked stepping a bit closer, he would surely tell her all about it now "I'm so evil..." she whispered to herself "...if only I could keep my mouth shut"

"Yes you're pretty... Love the boobs... BAD Evans! BAD! Down boy! Yes, you need to keep your mouth shut, so do I! How much longer is this elevator gonna take, with this foxy hot lady right next to me... I would really RRROWL!" Evans said, just as the turbolift doors opened. "Thank god!" he yelled, as he practically ran out of the elevator to the briefing room...

"Coming through! Captain! Open up!" he yelled, as he practically smashed the chime in...

"There we have Evans now..." Caelen sighed, he seemed a bit depressed "...Enter" he allowed the Lieutenant free passage, and hopefully the Petty Officer as well.

Nalash blushed again, although she had provoked him and loved his reaction, she pranced to the ready room with a broad smile "I'm pretty..." she simply stated, "You wanted to see me Commander" she saluted LaBrie.

"I like to see you any... way... I need more details on that box, it seems to affect more of us" Caelen almost saved himself if it wasn't for the "...nice save..." he added.

"Nice save my ass... Oh, ffffffudge! Sorry sir... I'm screwed... Shutting up any minute now..." Evans blurted out.

"Aren't you a bit to old for me?" Nalash added to the confusion, bluntness and awkwardness of the conversation "ohw the box... I... opened it... and I closed it again... and... what do you want to know?"

"Evans... I would like to talk to the Petty Officer alone please..." Caelen gave his Chief Ops a stern look.

"I bet you would... I would... GOING ONCE, TWICE, GONE ALREADY! Don't mind me!" Evans said, as he started to run again, this time out of the briefingroom...

Evans didn't stop at his station, instead, he made a beeline to the elevator, and asked it to hurry to the 6th deck, the infirmary... He was sure his captain would understand...


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Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer

Lieutenant JG Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer "Grrrowl, foxy..."


Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Nalash Scientist's Mate (NPC Played by Caelen LaBrie)