Pandora's Box #67 - 69 "I can't believe I said that!"


[Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus, just after Telek Sulan left]

Russell looked at the results of the neural scanner on a viewscreen. The image showed some kind of infection in T'Rell's neural system. The Vulcan was still unconscious, but according to his vital signs it was not immidiatly life threatning. "Computer, enhance section 4 and analyze. What is that?" The computer chirped as it was thinking for a moment until a female voice replied a simple "Unknown."

"Unknown? Unknown??" Russell blurted out. "What is it made of? What is it's origin? Specify please." he said acting a bit agitated.

"Composition unknown, elements unknown, origin unknown. Unable to specify further." the computer answered.

At that moment the sickbay doors opened and Russell's roommate walked in.

"Doc, you got to help me!... Hm, never thought i would ever say that to Mr. Floyd here... There I go again! Shut up, you idiot! No not you, Doc! Yeah, well usually, but not now... I did NOT say that! Yes I did! I sound like a schitzofrenic! Ok, I give up... I think the problem seems clear..." Evans said, not being able to stop...

Russell looked with amazement at the outburst of Evans. "Very clear, you just keep getting weirder and weirder..." Russell mumbled, but just at a tone of voice that Evans could hear him. "Why did I say that?" he added saying to himself looking down and away from Evans.

Evans started rambling again... "I don't know!... It happened to me when Caelen ordered me to get Petty officer Nalat... Na... Whatever! Very nice lady anyways... I'd really like to NOT what we were discussing! Since then I can't seem to keep my thoughts to myself! Boy, what a body... You should really see her in lingerie... DAMMIT!..." Something clicked in Evans' mind after that last word "She was having the same problem! She kept whispering her thoughts, and yelling 'damnit' after she did!"

Russell heard the name of the officer. "Petty Officer Nalash?" he asked Evans. "Damn good looking Orion female" he mumbled, shaking his head at the thought. "I told her to go to her quarters to get some rest. She was with T'Rell in the Cargo Bay when he collapsed." explaining how he knew the name. "Probably stunned by looking at her." he added softly. "Damn... I see your problem, Evans. Very annoying!"

"Thank you! Finally we agree on something..." Evans mumbled in response to that. After which he just groaned...

The Sickbay doors opened as Lt. j.g. Black chose this particular moment to come walking in, holding a bloodstained rag tightly around her left hand. She glanced around, spotting the doctor. "Um, I was finishing the repairs on my console, and the tool slipped.. and.." She paused, spotting Evans as well. "Uhm... oh hi!" Remembering any and all of her recent conversations with her captain, she fell silent, turning a bit shy.

"Lieutenant Black? Hi..." Evans said, adding :"There's another cute girl... What happened to her hand?... And why don't I just start counting to a million, dammit!"

Russell laughed at the honest outburst of Evans and got a medical kit. "Don't mind clumsy Evans here." he said but it was not what he meant to say. "I mean... let me see that wound, Lieutenant." he said a he walked towards Lt. Black.

"I'm not saying anything... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Not a peep... Darn geriatric... AAARGH!!!" Evans said.

"Uhm..." The 'cute girl' remark threw her. She didn't know what to make of Russell, having never actually met him before. For all she knew, he was always like that. "Oh. Here.." She unwrapped the rag. There was a pretty nasty-looking gash across the palm of her hand. It was still bleeding a bit. She held out her hand.. and glanced over at Evans at that odd outburst.

Russell took a hold of Kitty's hand, forgetting all about the sudden chain of events that led to these sudden outbursts of thoughts. "Let me see..." he said "Ah, that's all?" adding that at a softer tone. Realizing he was blabbering again. "Sorry... I mean, that's a nasty gash you got there. Let me get some disinfectant and a dermal stimulator." blushing a bit from his thoughts he blurted out.

Kitty relaxed a bit and smiled. "No, it's alright, Doctor... I'm.. well.. not as nervous if I know it's not bad." She shivered slightly, frowned slightly at the feeling, and then shrugged it off, almost noticeably. "I haven't caught myself like that for over a year. I've seen people lose fingers..."

Before Russell applied the disinfectant to Kitty's hand he noticed she shivered a bit. "Scared for a little sting?" he said.

"No, just a bit cold... and.." She yawned slightly. "Sorry. Tireder than I thought. I'm ok, go ahead." But she frowned a bit at his words and there was a faint flush on her cheeks. She didn't seem to like his 'bedside manner' much.

Russell frowned as he saw her yawning. "Feeling sleepy, Lieutenant? Wait a minute... I felt a shiver and was yawning when treating T'Rell, now you are having the same. Whatever infection he has, it must be spreading." While slapping his forehead he added "And by treating your wound, I've infected you as well with who knows what! Damn, I'm stupid!"

"Still saying nothing... Yup, you are.. NO YOU AREN'T! You are my roommate, and you took care of my arm! You're not as incompetent as those nincowpoops that let my father die... Not by a long stretch... And that was something that was none of anyone's business too... This is getting really old, really fast! Do something about it, doc!" Evans yelled, whispered and said in response...

Kitty was still looking sleepy.. she shook her head a little, to clear it, and then blinked, listening to Russell's announcement and Evans' sudden tirade. "...infected?" Her voice very quickly turned from sleepy to alarmed. "With what!? What's going on?"

Russell tried to explain what he found out so far. "Apparently the science team found something 'fascinating' in the Cargo Bay and opened a box of some sort. Whatever was in it got to them. It left ensign pointy ea-- erhm... T'Rell with neural damage and everybody who was near him or that box with some sort of blabbermouth disease." he explained. "Like Evans clearly demonstrates." he added. He shook his head. "Apparently I have it too, this is NOT like I behave normally. The damn computer can't figure out what got to T'Rell, it keeps yelling 'Unknown' at me." he said, slightly frustrated, waving the dermal regenerator over Kitty's hand. "It seems rather harmless so far for any other than Vulcans, but I have to find a cure."

"Could you hurry it up doc? I managed to completely making a fool of myself, openly drooling at that Orion sex-kitten in front of the whole bridge crew..." Evans added his two cents "And apparently, I'm not finished doing that yet..."

"Oh, is that all?" The list of symptoms didn't seem to worry Kitty much. "I end up saying what's on my mind all the time. This couldn't be that much different." Her head was beginning to clear, and she was starting to relax. Evans' 'sex kitten' comment seemed to bother her, though. There was a faint flush on her cheeks again, and she glanced away from Evans. "I can go back to Engineering, right? As long as I don't... is it airborne, or transmitted by touch?"

"I assume it's transmitted by touch." Russell said, "Right, Evans?" he added by looking at Ronald. "But the assumption is the mother of all screw ups. Everybody should be locked in his quarters until I find out what's going on!" He startled himself by this bold statement and quickly stated "I mean, I'll talk to Cmdr. LaBrie about a quarantine or this will get out of hand."

"Uh..." Kitty was somewhat at a loss, trying to follow this particular rant. Finally she seemed to resolve something in her mind and simply smiled, quietly amused. Then she looked back at the doctor. "Does that mean I need to stay here until the quarantine is over? Or can I go back to my quarters and play my cello? I've been wanting to try out this new piece, it looks like it's beautiful. Well, I mean, from what little I read it looks beautiful. Uh... yeah. Ok, I can see how this could get... annoying."

Russell got his medical tricorder and started scanning Kitty, Ronald and himself. "OK, vital signs still seem normal with all of us, and it shows nothing of an infection of some sort, but something is. T'Rell must've sniffed it all up with that big Vulcan... ehrm... he probably got the largest dose of whatever was inside that box." he said. "This is REALLY annoying. I suggest you go to your rooms until I find out what got into us."

Kitty nodded. "Well, okay. I might as well go straight back to mine without saying another word, because I'm definitely not going to get up the courage today to tell Evans that I think he's really cute." Her eyes widened in shock and she instantly clapped her hand over her mouth, then put both hands over her face, horribly embarrassed!

Evans glowed red hot at that one... "Eh, Okaaay... That was unexpected... Not unwelcome, mind you, as you're exactly the type of woman I'm attracted to..."

If it were possible, Evans would blush even more. "Yes, I said that out loud... No point denying..." he said, as he just gave up, and just sat down on the floor.

Russell saw and heard the reactions of both of them and said "And that's why I keep my mouth shut, too much hassle." while he hoped he was merely thinking that. "Oh man, I REALLY need to get a remedy for this. But then again, it's fun!" he added with a smile. "Ehm, I didn't mean that, but I actually did... Ah whatever!" he said throwing his arms in the air, slightly agitated and turned around.

Kitty looked as if she really didn't entirely expect either reaction. "A-attracted to? I.. well, I didn't expect that, no. I didn't think you'd possibly be attracted to anyone like me. I'm the 'geek girl'... people don't notice me. I sure never thought you'd noticed me at all. I mean, noticed... yes.. as a member of the crew. ...I can't believe I'm saying all of this. I wish I hadn't. No, that's not true. I'm GLAD I did. Maybe you think I'm a nutcase, but at least you know." Then she heard Russell's reaction and actually raised her voice, snapping back at him. "You think this is fun? You think this is all nice and comfortable for me? YOU try it!"

He heard the snapping remark thrown at him and turned around towards Kitty. "I said I didn't mean it, didn't I?" he said in a similar snapping way. Realizing that they were getting in an argument, he tried to avoid that but speaking his thoughts instantly was complicating matters. "We should stop this right now, or I'll have more wounds to treat after this is over. I can't help it you don't have a sense of humor. Aargh!! I mean, let's all calm down."

Evans had just the way: "Yes, let's all do that... I'll be sitting here on the ground, wondering why, after finding out that the girl I like actually likes me too, I still feel miserable... Don't mind me..."

Kitty took a deep breath and sat herself down on the floor as well. She pulled up her legs and wrapped her arms around her legs, so that she occupied as little space as possible. "I'm just horribly embarrassed, that's all. I'll live." She gave a short, slight chuckle. "One day I'm going to look back on this and laugh. At least, I hope so." She glanced at Evans. "Yeah... I do like you. I have since the first mission. I think you're fun, and smarter than you let on... and I like your ears and the way your mouth turns." Kitty sighed in resignation. "Looks like I'm going for broke, today."

"Heh, will you marry me? Nah, I guess that's pushing it a bit, isn't it?" Evans said, not minding what he was saying, as there was no way he could control it anyway...

"OK, that's it. You're all physically fit, but not here in my sickbay! I mean... you'd better get to your quarters, or hers for that matter..." Russell hit his forehead repeatedly as he actually said that. He decided to 'throw them out' against his better judgment. "Aargh, what am I saying!! Get out of my sickbay to let me think in peace. And Don't Touch Anybody Else, OK?"

"Fine... Mind if I touch Kathleen? I mean to help her up! Oh man..." Evans added. He got up, and helped Kitty to her feet. "However, I think it's best if we go to our own quarters... Let this sink in for a while..."

"Okay." Kitty accepted the hand up and merely smiled at all the unintended parts. She could get used to this. "But if you want to come hear me play cello later, that's fine with me. Uh, oops." She chuckled a little, nervously. "Uh, the offer stands. If you feel like it."


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