Pandora's Box #50 & 51 - "I think therefore I speak"

<Old> Nalash slammed her combadge =/\= Nalash to Sickbay! Medical Emergency in Cargo Bay One! =/\= she shouted over the comsystem before closing the channel again. </Old>



[Sickbay, Deck Six, USS Pegasus]

The medical emergency call from the cargo bay caught Russell a bit off guard. <What the ...?> he thought as he tapped his combadge. =/ \= On my way. Floyd out! =/\= he quickly answered. He grabbed an all round medical kit to be prepared for anything and headed for the Turbolift.

As he entered the elevator he asked the computer "Computer, location of Cargo Bay One?"

"Cargo Bay One is located on deck 12." the computer responded in a calm manner.

"Deck 12, hurry!" Russell commanded and the lift rushed towards its destination, all be it not any faster than usual.

[Cargo Bay One, Deck 12, USS Pegasus]

Russell rushed into the Cargo Bay expecting anything. He saw ensign T'Rell lying on the ground, motionless. There was an Orion female Petty Officer next to him, Russell didn't know her, except her name, but he figured it wasn't the time for introductions. He got his Tricorder and started scanning the Vulcan for injuries. "What happened?" he asked.

"I don't know… we were cataloging all the stuff and then he collapsed" Nalash forgot the mention the box, not because she wanted to lie but because in all the panic she forgot to tell the Doctor "he Is going to be alright isn't he?"

"I don't know yet." he answered truthfully, but not the answer to hope for. "Scans show neurological damage. I've never seen this kind happen in an instant." he said and got an analeptic hypospray to counteract whatever caused the damage. "Tell me exactly what happened?"

"We were cataloging all these things when..." Nalash suddenly glazed to the box "...that box, it opened up... I opened it and he fell to his knees" she tried to think exactly what happened "I am such a fool I should've listened to him..." she seemed to whisper to herself "...did I just say that out loud?" she added.

"Yes, you did." Russell softly added to the apparent misery of the Petty Officer. "But it happened so we have to deal with it." he tried to put her at ease so she would remember clearly what had occurred. Another scan of the tricorder showed that the damage wasn't progressing, so T'Rell's situation was stable but still alarming. "What box are you talking about? What was in it?"

"There was nothing in it" Nalash thought back to the event "but the second it opened T'Rell started begging me to close it... it wouldn't lock closed before I opened it a bit and slammed it close..." she was still quite shocked " least there wasn't a mini Klingon inside..." she whispered again, as if thinking to herself but out loud "...What the hell?" she looked around in disbelieve "I am saying this out loud aren't I?"

"Mini Klingon?" Russell asked with a questioning look on his face. "I'm certain this could not have been caused by a mini Klingon, or any Klingon for that matter." Russell took a look at the historical box that apparently caused the emergency. "Looks like you opened Pandora's Box." he said holding the box in his hand, looking at all sides of it but making sure it stayed closed shut.

"Pandora?" Nalash questioningly looked at Russell "What does he think I am? a Human? You would think the green color would give that away..." again in the whispering manner she then looked up in shock "...I'm sorry! I didn't mean to... I don't know... I'm sorry sir..." she looked down and shook her head "what is happening to me?"

Russell couldn't find anything that would provide him with a clue of what could be, or worse... , could have been inside. He carefully put the box back on the ground. The Orion petty officer seemed to be in a talkative mood. He didn't know if this was normal, but to tell from her reaction she seemed confused.

"What do you mean?" Russell asked her and picked up his tricorder again. "Are you feeling ill?"

"No... I don't... but somehow I can't think without saying it out loud" Nalash looked at Russell "this is going to get me in so much trouble..." she whispered again "...dammit!"

"Just to make sure..." Russell said as he started scanning the Orion female for... anything really. "Pandora was an Earth mythical figure who was a bit too curious for her own good." he said, trying to explain his comment on the box.

"I think that description fits me..." Nalash was a bit ashamed that she was indeed the one who opened the box.

The tricorder beeped, but it didn't show anything. He had a hunch she wasn't acting her normal self, but that could just be stress. And he didn't need to be a detective either to suspect it had to do with opening the box. To make sure he decided to ask her again. "You didn't see or feel anything coming from the box?"

"...I just slammed the box close as soon as I could... but I didn't see anything get out... but T'Rell seemed to choke on something..." Nalash shook her head heavily "...I'm such an idiot!" she then looked around "Melina!" she suddenly shouted, "did you see a Caitian when you got here?"

"I only saw you both here when I got in." Russell said. "Was there another one here when the box was opened? Where did she go?" he asked hoping to contain a possible breakout of... whatever.

Nalash shook her head "I have no idea where she went... it was Melina... something... she was a Science officer... Caitian..." she looked at Russell "...I'm sorry..."

"No problem. I'll make sure she reports to sickbay." he said, looking at Nalash. "Petty officer... Nalash, wasn't it? I relieve you from duty to get some rest. Report to sickbay at the first sign of trouble, anything."

He turned towards the still unconscious T'Rell and sat next to him. =/\= Dr. Floyd to Transporter Chief, two for site to site transport to sickbay please. Medical emergency. =/\=

The transporter chief acknowledged and beamed Russell straight to Sickbay with T'Rell, leaving Petty Officer Nalash in Cargo Bay One in a somewhat bewildered state.


Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Nalash Scientist's Mate (NPC played by Caelen LaBrie)


Lieutenant (j.g.) Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer

USS Pegasus