Pandora's Box #52&53 - "Uninvited Visitor" V2

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-={On}=- [Romulan Shuttle Craft Kirnear]

A battered Romulan shuttle craft drops out of warp at the predetermined location. Drive plasma is leaking from it's left nacelle. "USS Pegasus this is the commandeered shuttle craft Kirnear, requesting permission to dock." The voice is cool and business-like, though a bit strained.

[Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

The Pegasus was still speeding at a relaxing warp four when the hail came. =/\= shuttlecraft Kirnear, power down your engines, shields and weapons and await confirmation =/\= the acting Commander replied to the hail of the unidentified docking request. After cutting the transmission "Drop out of warp and raise shields..." the officer turned around to the communications officer "...and get me Cmdr LaBrie"

The Communications officer nodded and hit the ships PA system "Commander to the bridge" she spoke over the open channel.

It didn't take more then five minutes for the Turbolift doors to open, Caelen walked out of the turbolift seemingly surprised. "What's going on?" he asked while he was still walking to his chair.

"A Romulan shuttlepod has requested permission to dock, the officer onboard the shuttle hasn't been identified but it seems like a woman's voice to me"

Caelen nodded and then looked at his Communications Officer "Open a channel Chief" he said to the Enlisted woman behind the console. She would nod in return to tell him the channel was open. =/\= Shuttlecraft, please Identify yourself and state your business =/\=

[Romulan Shuttle Craft Kirnear]

=/\= "Understood Pegasus. This is Telek Sulan. I am under orders to come aboard. I trust you've received word of my transfer? I have orders with me, if you would care for confirmation"=/\= The shuttle powers down propulsion and weapons. Sulan quickly wipes at the cut on her right cheek, and trys to straighten the ripped and bloody Romulan Sublieutenant's uniform she's wearing. She knows she's a sight to behold, but, that cannot be helped. She shoulders her modified phaser rifle but it's strap securing it. She double checks the data pad, making sure all it in order.

[Main Bridge]

=/\= I have not read anything about another Romulan joining my Ranks, Sulan =/\= Caelen responded as he couldn't remember any Telek Sulan to be brought aboard his ship. And how the hell did she get this deep into Federation Space without being picked up but another ship or at least a sensor?

[Romulan Shuttle Craft Kirnear]

The comm goes silent for a moment. =/\=I see. I was under the impression that orders were relayed to you informing of my coming. Do not be alarmed though, I will transmit the orders now.=/\= The orders are transmitted. A slight cough is hear over the comm channel. =/\= Forgive my haste Pegasus, but the environment here is quickly becoming more... unfriendly.=/\=

[Main Bridge]

=/\= Stand by for transport Miss Sulan =/\= Caelen said before he motioned the Communications officer to cut the transmition "Inform the transporter room that we have visitors, have a security detail meet me there" he walked back to the turbo lift and ordered it to the deck of the Transporterroom. Quickly pacing he walked into the room to see that the Security detail had already arrived. "Do you have a lock chief?" he asked the Transporter chief on duty, he nodded in return "good, make sure that she leaves her weapons on the shuttle" he ordered before walking closed to the transporter pad "Energize"

Sulan materializes in the transporter room, and quickly looks around taking stock of the situation. Several crew, armed. She's at least three paces from the first, and she knows if she wanted to, she could take his weapon. But the commander, LaBrie. was another manner. He was calm and watchful. She knew she'd never get to the transporter console before being cut down. She realizes how this must look to them. A scarred Vulcan is a Romulan uniform, who is covered in Romulan blood and shows signs of having done violence to others recently. She slowly raises her hand, making no sudden movements. "Greeting. I am Telek Sulan." She was very careful to keep her hands away from her sides and to seem non threatening.

Caelen raised an eyebrow <a Vulcan in a Romulan outfit...> "You had orders..." he said professionally, he never read about anyone else joining his ship, at least not until they would arrive on Earth.

She slowly pulls the data pad from her pouch and tosses it to him, to gauge his reflexes. As she expected, their quicker than most. She gives the Vulcan salute. "It seems you have a fine vessel, commander." She decides to test a little boldly stepping from the transporter platform to stand near him, but out of arm's reach.

"A Bit of rust here..." Caelen scrolled through the PADD "...but of lose bolts there..." he then looked up from the PADD "...Makes her more reliable then them crispy new Sovvies" he smiled a bit friendly, at first glance the Transfer seemed to be in order. He put out his hand to shake that of Telek "Commander Caelen LaBrie, Commanding Officer of this fine ship"

She extends her right hand. It is thick with burn scars and rough and unpleasant to the touch. She watches his reaction carefully. "It is an honor to make you acquaintance Commander LaBrie"

Shaking the hand with the scars he looked a bit worried "An honor? I'm a mere Commander of an outdated vessel..." he grinned a bit "'s not as if I'm Captain Jean-Luc Picard" he let go of the hand and motioned Telek to follow him. He led the way to the turbolift, two Security officers followed them into the lift. "Deck one" he ordered the lift when the doors finally closed "I need to know a thing of two about you before I can put you in the right uniform..."

She nods. "Very well." She eyes the slacking security guard. He's failed to secure his weapon properly, and has his finger off the trigger. The soldier part of her mind whispers how easy it would be to grab and twist it, spraying several of them with phaser fire. She cuts the thought off. "Ask you questions, commander."

"All in good time..." Caelen thought a bit as to what rank to call her by "...Sublieutenant" he decided that the current rank pip on her neck would be good enough for now. The lift stopped and Caelen led the way to the Ready room, ordering the security officers to stand guard outside. Just before walking in he turned to the officer he left in command "Get the shuttle safely in our shuttlebay and then resume previous speed and heading" with a confirming nod of the officer Caelen stepped into the ready room and sat down behind his desk, motioning Sulan to sit down in the other chair.

She sits, eyeing the various things on his desk. She looks at a photograph there. "Is that you family?" she asks.

Caelen picked up the photograph and placed it in the drawer, she had only seen the backside. "It could be..." he didn't sound as friendly and trusting as back in the transporter room "...let me set something straight, Sublieutenant, I have no reason to trust you... therefore you will be the one answering the questions until I do get a reason to trust you..." he leaned on his elbows and looked deep into the eyes of the Vulcan "...until such time you will be under constant guard and you are not to come close to vital systems, is that understood?"

She nods. "In fact, I thank you for your graciousness. Were I in your position, I would have reacted far more harshly. I would have-" She stops there. "I look forward to gaining your trust, Commander. I have recently been assigned to a long mission, and look forward to a slower paced position." Looking at him, she sees that challenge that lies before her, a challenging opponent in the times ahead, possibly.

"You would've what?" Caelen didn't simply disregard this slip of the tongue; he needed to get into this woman's head.

"Ah, it is of no consequence. More importantly, I am concerned that you do not believe the orders I have received from Starfleet to be true. Otherwise, why would you need to take such measures against a fellow Starfleet officer?" She watches his reaction again Her brown eyes unwavering.

"Like I said... I do not have any reason to trust you" Caelen simply stated, this was a Vulcan she could handle the truth "Would you trust a blood covered Vulcan in Romulan clothing in a ship she claimed to have commandeered?" he arched an eyebrow as most Vulcans seemed to do when being puzzled by something. Softly he could hear the Warp Core start actively humming again, not long after the stars behind him turned into the constant rainbow stripe they always were while traveling at warp.

She gets up and moves toward the window, turning her back toward him, and clasping her hand behind her back military style. "A simple medical test will confirm my race. though I find the lack of comradely on this vessel somewhat unsettling." She pauses. "What would you consider satisfactory to earn your trust, Commander?"

"You could start by telling me what you are doing in a Romulan uniform" Caelen turned around in his chair, not bothering to get up, he figured she would be walking around a bit more when she got bored with the stars, he wasn't about to follow her through the entire ready room.

"This uniform belonged to the pilot of the shuttle. I relived him of it, as well as his life. I was..." she pauses for a moment. "Stationed at a Romulan facility, under deep cover. When my orders came to report here, I could not leave undetected, so I was forced to cover my tracks so my replacement could be sent in." She picks up a model starship off of the window sill and examines it

"So you're asking me to take onboard an Officer who doesn't hesitate to kill for her own benefit..." Caelen sighed "'ve got to do better then this, for who were you working on the Facility?"

"Not for my benefit, but Starfleet's." She puts the model down carefully. "You should know better than anyone that a soldier than cannot kill is useless." She moves to the wall examining pictures there. "The facility's commander is irrelevant now, because he is dead as well. As for my superior's regarding that mission itself, you'll have to have the appropriate clearance for that information." She move back to the chair sitting once again.

"So you leave me back at square one..." Caelen raised his shoulders a bit "...give me one reason why I should trust you"

"Because we have a mutual goal, commander. Both you and I, wish to protect Starfleet and it's citizens. We're headed to earth, are we not? Right now, there are children sleeping in their beds, on earth. They can sleep peacefully because people such as you and I are there to protect them from enemies. We're all of the same family, Commander, the family of Starfleet."

"Words like that don't say much to me from a bruised and battered Vulcan in a Romulan Uniform..." Caelen said before rising from his chair "...Here is what we'll do... you are to report to Sickbay and have yourself patched up... I am sure our good doctor could something about the cuts and bruises, he might even be able to fix the seemingly older scars" he walked to the door of the Ready Room and motioned her to walk outside "after a shower and in a clean uniform you will then visit the counselor for a psychological evaluation" he allowed her to pass by him unhindered "and we will see where we come from there"

"Understood, though the scars are a lost cause. As for my words, it is what is said that's important, not the uniform of the speaker. She calms herself, mentally preparing to fool the psychological testing. Her mental training coming back in a rush. She controls her heart beat, and posture as she heads toward sick bay.

"Wait a minute Sublieutenant" he forced her to stop "Seventy Percent of the communication is body language... twenty-five percent is the tone you speak in..." he stepped a bit closer to the Vulcan "...that means that of everything you say only five percent is coming from your mouth..." he smiled a bit again "... So you see why I have trouble trusting you?"

She nods. "The majority of your opinion is based on the emotions which you use to judge reality. As a Vulcan, I am unhindered by such things. So, as such, I cannot understand your mistrust of another officer. But then again, humans have quite a way to go before they reach the Vulcan mindset." She turns and resumes her course toward sick bay.

Caelen sighed "just what we needed..." he whispered to himself, not dealing with the 'what' he talked about. He walked to the center of the bridge and sat down in the chair, why in Gods name had he taken this Command Job?


Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


(Sublieutenant) Telek Sulan The Uninvited Guest

USS Pegasus