Pandora's Box #47to49 - "Listen to Logic!"

-={On}=- [Cargobay One, Deck 12, USS Pegasus]

How could it get any duller, there she was cataloging the 'rewards' of an archeological excavation they didn't even conduct themselves. "Why can't Operations just do this? it's their cargobay and it's not like we can touch anything..." she remarked in general, but off course she didn't account for the Vulcan who was also there, what the heck was a Helm Officer doing on the job of a science team doing something that should be done by Ops? <Wow that's confusing...> she thought as she resumed examining boxes and trying to guess what was inside them.

Melina had made her way down to cargo bay 1 from the bride, she'd read over the duty schedule from the science console. Entering the bay she looked around. The bay was full of containers and such. She guessed it was all the artifacts but she was still not very sure why the ship was carrying them instead of a cargo hauler. "Hello anyone here?" she called.

"Well it is logical that science officers do this sort of work, since it is of great historical value." T'Rell said. "Or people who recognize the historical value of things, like me. I'm very interested in history" T'Rell added. T'Rell looked around the Cargo Bay looking at various containers, which almost certain contained all sorts of interesting artifacts.

Melina looked around her ears twitched slightly as she focused in on where the voices were coming from she padded around the containers and looked about. She sighed softly and stood still. "Hello?"

Nalash ignored the Vulcan and looked around the containers, "Yes we're over here" she said in a rather loud voice to get the attention of whoever just walked in. She walked to the Half-breed feline and introduced herself "Petty Officer Nalash, Scientist's Mate" with a smile. Nobody knew why she was in the science department, she was an Orion she would be much better in place in a bar or some musky backroom. Her slender elegant body slipped easily through the more tightly stacked containers "what did you do to deserve this assignment?"

Melina smiled "Hi I'm Melina or Mel to my friends as for what I did not much I was on the top of the roster, I guess I shouldn't have asked for that now. Not the best of jobs looking over crates of old musty stuff if you ask me"

"Ensign `Pointy ears' over there disagrees... I bet he finds all this 'fascinating'" Nalash grinned as she motioned Melina to follow her back to the center of the bay.

"I can hear much more with these 'pointy ears' than you think" T'Rell said, "Luckily I'm not easily offended" he resumed. "You are indeed correct, everything in here is extremely fascinating" He said while picking up a small statue which was in a small container next to T'Rell. He looked at the engravings on the back and noticed also a small corner of the statue being chipped off.

Melina grinned softly "Hmm Vulcan's go figure". she bent down and started sweeping a hand held scanner over the boxes near to her. "What dig are these from anyway, they smell a bit funky". Most of the boxes seemed to be sealed but for the one's near T'Rell. She sighed and scanned a few more. "Boring jobs why us?" Melina questioned.

"He volunteered for the job..." Nalash pointed at T'Rell "I got ordered... as for you... well you just explained..." Nalash absentmindedly walked closer to a shimmering stone. "I think this came from Draken Prime... but I'm not sure..." she scanned the small box with the stone embedded on it which seemed to be glowing faintly, tilting her head a bit trying to figure out just what it was.

"Does the scanner give any results?" T'Rell asked "Since we are not allowed to open any boxes, we better scan everything through" he said, not waiting for an answer.

Nalash shook her head slowly "according to this there is nothing inside..." she sighed "... what do you make of it Ensign?" she looked over her shoulder to see T'Rell frighteningly close, she stumbled a bit to the side.

Melina looked up from the box she was scanning. "Seems to be mostly broken pots and statues to me. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about one or two boxes I can't scan for some reason" Melina answered. She stood up and chuckled as T'Rell come a little closer and she went back to work. "So why the Pegasus?" she asked softly.

"It's a small box with a glowing stone, perhaps a gem of some sort embedded in the upper lid." T'Rell answered the question. "I apologize if my answer is too obvious." T'Rell said.

"Can't argue with the truth..." Nalash took a closer look "...maybe we should open it and see what's inside..." she touched the stone a bit, already trying to find a way to open it up.

"Lets just be careful alright?" asked Melina, she really wasn't wanting to open anything but she doubted opening a small box would cause much trouble. "Once we've opened it we close it again agreed?"

"I would advise against it Nalash, think of perhaps a new radio- active element. I wouldn't be safe." T'Rell said at a very serious tone. "We have very specific orders not to touch anything."

"Meh Spoil Sport..." Nalash said walking away from the box a bit "...anyways Mel, why the Pegasus? I didn't really get that" she resumed scanning all the boring objects in the rest of the cargo bay but the box remained in the back of her head.

Melina smiled "I mean there's so many ships out there, what made you want the Pegasus?" she asked softly and made her way to the next few boxes.

"There was nothing 'wanting' about it... I was stationed here by the admiralty trying to fill gaps. They thought I'd be happy with the promotion but they ripped me of a Galaxy class to put me on this..." she looked shortly at T'Rell, he seemed to like this vessel "...thing" she tried to keep it civil. "What about you T'Rell? What did you do wrong?"

"Doing wrong?" T'Rell said with his eyebrow raised, giving a very questioning look. "I'm a Chief Fligh Control Officer and I applied for this ship, because they were looking for one, and this seemed like an interesting vessel, it being a ship of an older generation." T'Rell explained. "I'm a big fan of ships, and certain classes." He added.

"I thought Vulcan's were not suppose to have favorites?" asked Melina.

"You are correct, but you have to agree with me that some ships have more esthetic value. Not all Vulcans are exactly the same" T'Rell explained, while turning away to a big rock in the corner which seemed to have a big fossil on it. He was now turned away to the rock, not paying much attention to the two female standing on the other side of the Cargo Bay.

Nalash smirked "more Esthetic Value? who uses that?!" she whispered to Melina. She turned around and noticed that she had ended up right where she left off, at the box with the intriguing stone. "Tell me T'Rell, who of us two has more 'esthetic value'?" she asked teasingly trying to get the box of her mind. It was like bad dream that wouldn't go away, or a song that was stuck in your head the entire day.

Melina laughed softly "I'm not sure a Caitian/Vulcan hybrid has ever been born so far Nalash" she spoke softly. She continued her work and stood up. "This is interesting some sort of fossilized bird"

"Well I'm sure you can seduce all men, except for me, since I have a fiancée and I'm not interested in other women." T'Rell said still facing the rock, waiting for an answer.

"Is that a challenge, sir?" Nalesh slowly turned around with a broad smile, facing the little box again "did either of you two catalog this box yet?"

"No, and I'm pretty sure Vulcans are bonded when young so I doubt they would chose a Caitian anyway. Isn't that right T'Rell?"

"You are correct, only exceptions do occur, the same with me and my fiancée, we weren't bonded at early age. We met each other at the Academy and our parents both agreed to a future marriage" T'Rell answered Melina's question. T'Rell looked over to Nalash, who was standing very near the small box we had discussed over earlier. "No that box hasn't been catalogued yet, but not much can be said about it."

"You Vulcans are no fun..." Nalash reacted to the whole bonding from young age thing "...what should I catalog this Box as? 'box of unknown origin with weird stone embedded'?" she sighed "we can do better then that if we only open the box slightly... shortly... nothing bad can happen by opening a small box like this... it's not as if there is a rabid mini Klingon inside" she picked up the box from its resting place in the container.

"Hmm box of unknown origin with weird stone embedded in the lid would fit fine if you ask me" replied Melina with a grin. "Hmm sure it's not from ships stores, there could be something odd inside they did that on my last ship" Melina teased.

"We are only here to catalogue, not to set free rabid mini Klingons, or whatever could be inside" T'Rell said. "It's just not safe, and not our assignment." T'Rell added.

"And whoever said that Vulcans don't have a sense of humor" Nalash broadly smiled, she touched the stone again. A soft click was heard as the little box unlocked itself "...oops..." she didn't at all sound sorry that she unlocked the box "...well I might as well take a peek now it's open and all..."

Melina finished with the large pile of boxes and heard the click "Umm you sure you wanna look inside there could be just about anything in there. What if there's a vial of something nasty in that box?" asked Melina. The Caitian looked to Nalash and blushed softly as she thought of a few things.

T'Rell's breathing choked a few seconds after the box unlocked. "Close it ... Ple... ease...." T'Rell said as he fell down on his knees, with his hands holding his head, and a look on his face, which looked like there was someone hammering him on his head. T'Rell had smelled something, that instantly attacked his neurological pathways. That made him fall down on his knees.

Nalash quickly pushed the lid but she didn't hear a closing click "It's not locking!" she seemed to panic a bit "Maybe if I..." she quickly fully opened the box and slammed it closed. But it was to late, whatever was inside the box had escaped, but the box closed now with a click. Nalash ran towards T'Rell, "Sir!" it was all her fault; she shouldn't have opened the box. She slammed her combadge =/ \= Nalash to Sickbay! Medical Emergency in Cargo Bay One! =/\= she shouted over the comsystem before closing the channel again.

Melina shook her head she felt like she was underwater, it seemed whatever was in the air, she was having an averse effect from it. She managed to get out of the cargo bay before collapsing.


Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Nalash Scientist's Mate (NPC played by Caelen LaBrie)

Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control


Ensign Melina Bradbury Science Officer

USS Pegasus