Pandora's Box #45/46 - "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me"

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Corridor outside of Kristiana's Quarters>>

Ryylar was wearing his dress uniform. He had decided if she wanted a man to truly sweep her off her feet, he would at least dress the part. One hand held a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon 2213 from the liquor stores, and the other a half dozen longstem purple roses.

Kristiana yaaAAAaaawned as she shed her uniform and put on the black satin nightgown that she normally wore to bed. Screw showering - she was tired and wanted to sleep - she'd shower in the morning, before duty. So she climbed into her bed, and after one call of "computer, lights" her quarters went pitch dark.

He tapped her door chime and waited pensively, hoping he hadn't caught her at a bad time.

"...Ofcourse" She muttered. "Computer, lights !" before rising and heading towards the door, yawning and stretching a bit. "Who is it ?!" Folding her arms over eachother, defiantly. ~ This had better be good .. ~ she thought to herself. ~ Or whoever that is will find themselves taking a long walk off a short pier. ~

"Uh .." She'd blink a bit. Then smirked softly, tilting her head a bit. "Did you bring me something that will make me forgive you for interrupting my sleep ?" Attempt at sleep, really - but still.

"Open the doorrrrrr and ssssssee forrrrrrr yourrrrrrssssself Krrrrrrisssss." He said with a teasing tone.

She'd have the door open, still standing there in her form-hugging black satin nightgown, arms folded over eachother. She blinked and slowly formed a smile, her expression softening, as she saw him standing there in dress uniform, with the roses and the Dom. "Uh .. C-come in, come in .. Sheesh, do I ever feel underdressed for the occasion .. Though .. I doubt you much mind."

"Trrrrruerrrrrr worrrrrdsssss werrrrrre neverrrrrrr sssspoken Krrrrrrrisssss." He said with a smile, moving in as he handed her the bouquet and leaned forward to softly place a kiss upon her cheek.

She leaned into the kiss, softly, then brought the flowers up to smell them, closing her eyes for a moment. She didn't really know how to respond to something like this - nobody ever thought her special enough to treat her this way .. But she wasn't complaining ! ".. They're beautiful .. " She'd eventually manage to say, then quickly heading into her small kitchen area to put them into a vase, returning a few moments later with two wine glasses for the Dom. "Uhm .. Have a seat .. " She'd nod and motion to a couch and two chairs, smiling softly, sitting down on the couch, herself.

"Not asssss beautiful assssss the company I'm sharrrrring." He said with a smile, taking her direction and popping the cork on the Dom, sitting beside her on the couch.

"Heh .. Charmer." Her favorite word for him, eversince she first met him. She'd offer him her glass, to fill. "So, to what do I owe the occasion ? With you all dressed up, like that ? I was just trying to sleep, so I won't be going anywhere with you right now." <tag>

"No ssssspecial occasssssion... But when we talked in the lounge lasssssst, you sssssaid that you wanted a man to trrrrrrreat you rrrrrrright and sssssweep you off of yourrrrrrr feet." He said, explaining his attire and everything he was doing.

She'd nod at that, furrowing her brows a bit. Taking a small, cautious sip of the Dom, smiling softly, liking it's taste. "I .. you .. Really took that hard, didn't you. What I said to you when I was drunk."

"Well, I've neverrrrrr rrrrrreally been noble Krrrrrrissss, and when you sssssaid that it wasssss almossssst like sssssaying you could neverrrrrr be attrrrrracted to me." He admitted, looking down a bit.

".. But you're willing to change .. For me." She'd smile softly, and reach over with a hand to gently lift his chin up. "I think that's very sweet, and noble." Taking another sip of her drink, leaning back, on the couch, relaxing.

He smiled and if the room hadn't been as dark as it was, and his fur as dark as it was, she would have seen him blush. It was evident that he was feeling a bit bashful from his eyes though, and he sipped the Dom Perignon in his own glass.

"I'd be willing to do a lot morrrrrre than change forrrrrr you Krrrrrrissss." He said, leaving it open ended.

She'd nodnod a bit and look ahead of her, shoulders slumping ever so slightly. ".. I don't know what I want, Ryylar. I .. you .. I thought you were a player, and I hate players. I thought you didn't have a serious bone in your body, but you do. And, it's true, I am an old fashioned girl, I need a hero to sweep me off my feet and conquer my heart with romance and love .. But .. I ..

But .. I .. also don't want you to behave like something you're not. I don't know if I can give you what you want from me, Ryylar. But I want you to try .. And be yourself. Don't be something you're not. If .. that makes any sense at all."

"What I am, issss a dissssgrrrrraccced Caitian who can no longerrrrr sssset foot on hisssss own home planet, who'sssss own parrrrrentssss have dissssowned him along with hisssss rrrrrace forrrrrr one incccident aboarrrrrd a Federrrrration vesssssel. Now I find mysssssself falling forrrrrrr you Krrrrrissss... Thisssss issss who I am." He said simply.

".. Why did they disgrace you ?" She knew, ofcourse, but she figured out a point that she wanted to make to him, and she needed him to explain this to her now, for her to make it.

"Becaussssse I fought with claw and fang aboarrrrrrd the old ssssship I wassssss on." He said simply.

"But why did you fight ?" She continued to probe. If they were going to have a relationship, they were going to need to be able to talk about anything.

"The Rrrrrhode Island wassss conducting peacccce talksssss. Ssssome Brrrrreen terrrrrorrrrrissstssss invaded the ssssship. The Captain orrrrrderrrred all of the ccccivilianssss to the lounge with me. When the Brrrrreen came in therrrre to kill ussss all, I attacked them and gutted them with my own clawsssss." He said, revealing the details of what happened, and his own savage nature.

She nodded slowly, taking another sip of her Dom, pondering for a moment. "So .. You fought with claw and fang - despite knowing what would happen to you - to protect a bunch of civilians? .. Sounds heroic to me .." She smiled softly and shifted position a bit, to lean against him.

"That'sssssss why the Captain gave me the medal of disssstinction." He said, tapping a small medal on his chest. It looked rather lonely there, but it was accented even more by being the only one.

She would nod slowly .. Then reaches over to gently trace a finger over the medal, before looking at him again. And he could see the change, in her eyes. ".. I'm sorry .. " She'd quietly speak. ".. for anything I might have said .. That might have hurt you."

"Neverrrrrr be sssssorrrry Krrrrrissss. Pleassssse neverrrrrr be sssssorrrrry about anything you ssssssay to me." He said, reaching up to softly caress her cheek with his hand. The touch he gave her spoke of the warmth and tenderness that now encaptured his heart in a prison of love from which he desired no release.

She smirked a bit at that. ".. Charmer." and smiled warmly at him. ".. Will you .. protect me and keep me safe, like you did those civilians ? .. Will you sacrifice everything .. For me ?"

"If I had the choiccccce of laying down my life to ensssssurrrrre yourrrrr happinessss and sssssafety, orrrrrr take the chancccccce that you might be hurrrrrrt orrrrr killed. I would not hesssssitate to die forrrrrr you Krrrrrrissss." He said honestly, his eyes locking onto hers.

She'd nod slowly, still looking into his eyes. ".. Will you .. hold me when I'm sad ? Will you let me have my moments of need, and will you be there for me ?"

"I can't prrrrromissssse you that I will be therrrrrre forrrrrr you forrrrrr the rrrrrressssst of yourrrrr life, but I will be forrrrr the rrrrrresssst of mine." He said, promising her what he could.

She'd nod slowly, and lean up to give him a kiss on his cheek .. Smiling warmly, before closing her eyes and snuggling against him, clinging to his arm. " .. Then .. you Are a hero .. I'll just have to imagine that shining armor." with a soft giggle.

"Assss long asssss I can be yourrrrrr herrrrrro." He said quietly, wrapping his arms around her and holding her in his arms.

".. I still want to take it slow, Ryylar .. " She'd speak quietly as she snuggled, being held by the soft, warm kitty. ".. I've been hurt enough in the past .. "

"At yourrrrrr pacccce Krrrrrissss. You'rrrrrre worrrrth waiting my nine livessssss forrrrrr." He said to her.

At that she'd lean up to kiss him, softly, but full on the lips, pulling him close to her.

He kissed her in return, holding her gently in his arms. He held her close to him and gently pressed his lips back against hers.

After a few more moments she'd break the kiss again and smile softly and tenderly at him. ".. I really need to sleep now. We'll .. see eachother again tomorrow, alright ?"

"I'll be sssssseeing you sssssoonerrrrr... when I fall asssssleep and drrrrrream." He said, gently kissing her lips once more for a brief moment before standing and smiling gently at her.

She'd chuckle a bit at that. "Charmer .. Don't go overboard with the compliments or they won't feel special anymore." Rising to her feet as well, yawning and stretching a bit, then finishing her glass of Dom Perignon. ".. Keep the bottle, we'll finish it later." Giving him a nod.

"All rrrrrright." He said with a smile, picking up and recorking the bottle as he smiled and moved to leave her quarters.

She'd give him another peck on his cheek before he left, then closed the door behind him .. Smiled softly as she headed back to her bed .. Snuggling in under the blankets. "Computer, lights." and drifting off into a deep, warm sleep.


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