Pandora's Box #43 - 44 "Petrova's Report"


<Counselor's office, USS Pegasus>

She wandered down to the counselor's office after her visit to the holodeck with Caelen. She rolled her shoulders a bit and yawned and stretched some outside his door, already getting tired, but figuring that she could help the Counselor with her profile before heading to bed. So she rang his doorchime.

Andrew was startled at the doorchime. <Stupid thoughts, getting in the way of work and progress...> "Computer, music off. Enter" With a whoosh, the doors opened, revealing Kristiana on the other side. "Ah, Commander. Nice to see the sling off. Come in."

She'd give a nod, and indeed - after his invitation - come in. "Eh, what's up, doc ? Heard you were told to make psych profiles of all department heads and command crew. Thought I'd drop by to see if you need me for anything, concerning mine."

"Well, Commander LaBrie's was no problem to do, he's very...easy to read, if you know psychology. Some of the others on board, not so much. You just so happen to be one of them. So I'm requesting a psychological interview of sorts, so I can complete this profile. That is, if you have the time."

She'd shrug a bit and give a nod. "Sure, I have the time, if you have the drink." and moved to sit down on the psych cough.

He laughed, stood up and grabbed a bottle from behind a pile of PADDs on a shelf. "Keep this one quiet, it's a personal stash for multiple hours of work." He placed the bottle on the edge of his desk, in reach of Kristiana. "Okay, it'll be pretty basic at first. Just questions to get a basic idea of your qualifications, temperament, and such. Then I start delving deeper. If at any time you do not wish to continue on a topic, I shall stop, however it may appear as a blemish on your profile."

"Sure .. Start by threatening me with blemishes on my profile. And that before I've actually had my first drink." She gave him a smirk as she looked straight at him while saying that, then filling a small glass with drink and taking a sip.

Andrew smiled. "Well, perhaps you should drink faster?" He continued smiling, then looked serious. "Okay, here we go. First question: What do you think qualifies you as being a good XO?"

"Organisational talent. The desire and ability to Act and Get Things Done. Understanding of the ship's strengths and weaknesses." She'd lean back as she relaxed a bit, taking another sip. "Uhm .. Ability to function even under stress .. "

Andrew typed out his rendition of the psych profile as she talked. "Kristiana Petrova is an organized, determined individual. She understands the limitations of the ship, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of it. She manages to cope with high stress levels, performing her tasks." He looked at her after checking what he had written. "Okay, seems accurate based on reports. Now, what about all the other ships you've served on? What caused you to be removed from duty aboard them?"

A short laugh, almost a snort, really, as her bemused expression turned more sour, remembering not-so-pleasant partings from other ships, other crews. "I have a tendency to speak my mind, and not always showing the proper respect for commanding officers. This had led to several occasions where my relationship with my then-CO turned sour, and the only course of action was to transfer me to some other unlucky chap to make His life miserable."

Andrew grinned. OF course, he knew most of what he was asking from reports on Kristiana, but he was doing it to see if what was put in was what she was saying. He typed more. "However, Kristiana's knack of speaking her mind has caused issues with previous postings, forcing her from one ship to another. Occasional disrespect is also present." He looked back at Kristiana. "I see. Well now, obviously because you haven't been shipped off the Pegasus you've done something right. What do you think has helped you stay aboard here?"

"Caelen's openmindedness and his ability to see past the strict letter of the general code of conduct for command staff." she replied readily, before taking another sip of her drink. ".. Because I sure as hell haven't changed."

Andrew typed quickly. "Despite the transfers, Kristiana has not changed her attitude, showing perserverence." "Okay, now it gets a little more in depth. Before you were part of Starfleet, what were you doing, and what were future plans?"

".. I grew up on a farm. Training in the use of weapons .. Hunting - wolves mostly. To keep the animals safe. Father wanted me to take over the farm when he retired, but I went into Starfleet instead." She sighed softly - obviously, this was more personal, and less easy to talk about. She took another sip of her drink.

"Before Starfleet, Petrova worked on a farm, hunting to protect the farm. Defying her fathers wishes, she came into Starfleet, showing defiance and lack of respect to authorities." "I can tell this is personal, but the drink is still three quarters full. If it's not too hard, tell me about your relationship with your father."

".. I always had the better relationship with my mother instead. My father .. He always wanted a boy, not a girl. So that's what he tried to raise me as .. A son, instead of a daughter. Always frowning if I put on a dress, always taking me on hunting trips even when I was young." She took another sip of her drink. " .. Then a few years ago my mother died .. I couldn't make it to the funeral, because of my duties at the time .. And he never forgave me for that. He .. doesn't seem to understand that as a career officer I can't just put my job aside for every little family thing that comes up." Now getting a bit agitated.

"Relationship with father was rough at best, is probable cause of lack of respect to authorities. Could not attend mother's funeral due to duties in Starfleet, showing dedication." "And what about your mother? What was she like before she passed on?"

"She would treat me like a girl .. Like the daughter she'd always wanted to have. She would comfort me when I cried .. Be there for me when I needed someone to talk to. She would smile and applaud my little dances, and she would make me little dresses .. I adored her. Loved her .. Deeply." She sniffled a bit, just looking at her drink now. Seemed that there was some hurt there that she hadn't fully worked through yet.

"Relation with mother very high. Death of mother possibly shattering spirit, not being able to attend funeral would hurt emotions other than sadness and cynicism." "So, was she happy when you went into Starfleet? Or was she as dissappointed as your father?"

"She .. had mixed feelings. Part of her wanted me to inherit the farm when they retired, just like pa wanted, part of her wanted me to follow my own destiny and be proud of what I did .. I think that .. in the end .. she was proud of me. And would be even more proud if she had known that I'd made XO."

"Perserverence possibly brought on by mother being proud by Kristiana's entereing of Starfleet. Possibly continuing in Starfleet due to memories of her mother." "Okay, we're almost done here. Now, how do you feel about the rest of the crew? How do you feel you interact with each of them?"

"Oof - All of them ?" she'd frown a bit and finish her drink with a big swig, coughing a bit as it burned her throat. "Well .. I get along well with most of them, I think .. Takashi is a unique individual, I can't seem to understand him - it's like he suppresses everything that makes him a human being .. I consider Kathleen a good friend .. She could learn to trust herself a bit more, though .. and then there's Evans. I don't understand that guy - how can one person be so tactless and unlucky all in one package ? Atleast he does his job well enough, and that's what counts for me .. The rest .. Well, I get along reasonably well with them, nothing specific there .. "

"Feels she gets along well with other crewmembers. Lack of complaints confirm this feeling. Considers well done jobs to be as important as friendship. In conclusion, a well-suited person for the XO status, with the ability to handle stressful situations, make thought out ideas, and get along with the crew." "Okay, I think that'll be about it. Thank you Commander Petrova. You can take some more of that drink, if you wish." A smile as he saved the file and placed it on his PADD with Caelen's and his own.

"Nah, that's ok. I've got similar stuff in my own office." She'd say with a wink, before rising and stretching and yawning a bit again. "See you later, doc .." And she wandered out of his office, heading to her quarters for to rest.


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