Pandora's Box #41 - 42 "Why did they name music after rocks ?"


<Lounge, USS Pegasus>

Kristiana wandered into the lounge, looking for a drink to relax, when she saw Caelen sitting there. She went to get her drink then joined him at his table. "Mind if I join you, Sir ?"

After the talk with Kathleen he had lingered around the lounge for a bit longer. Hang out with his crew, see what lived amongst them "By all means, sit down" he replied to his XO.

A smile. "Don't mind if I do." and, well, she did. Taking a sip of her drink. "How's things ? I suggest we forget about the debacle of the previous excursion and consider This our first mission." She said, tilting her head a bit, looking only half serious.

"Doc took care of the shoulder?" Caelen casually remarked noting the absence of a sling. He sighed a bit taking a sip from his drink. "Last mission wasn't that bad was it?" Caelen grinned, all in all it was a succesfull mission that got him and some of his crew a promotion. Although the loss of crew still weighed heavily as they reminded him always of Alexander. But he had to get over that, he was the Commander.

"No ? Well, ofcourse, you were on the bridge, where things were a lot calmer than down in engineering .. And you didn't have a whole warbird to fight off .. Not that I did any good of a job at that, but anyways, as I said, let's forget that whole debacle." She smirked softly, then took another sip of her drink. "Change of subject. I've noticed that of the entire crew you've logged most hours on the holodeck. You've logged more hours than thirty percent of the crew put together." She snickered a bit.

Caelen smirked a bit innocently "It's all in my spare time, Commander" he justified himself a bit "But yeah I've spend some time in the holodeck... unwinding..."

She nods "Oh it's not my place to tell you you've been overusing it. I was just curious, what program do you find so appealing that you spend so much time in it ?" Just out of curiosity.

Caelen shook his head a bit "it's a custom program... not much about it..." he sighed a bit "...normally the room I'm in is dark..." he looked at Kristiana to see if she was truly interested or was just making conversation.

A blink "A dark room ? Sounds Very intruiging. Dare I ask what goes on in that room ?" Teasing him a bit. So many 'wrong' remarks she could make now, but she managed to control herself. Just barely.

"The dark is just so that I don't get distracted by anything that is around me..." another sip from his beverage " I can fully concentrate on my music"

"Music !" She would give an approving nod. "Now we're getting somewhere. What instrument do you play ? What kind of music do you play ?"

Caelen smiled as his XOs enthousiasm "I normally play Rock music..." he turned to fully face Kristiana now "...but I'm sure you could tell..." he added a wink before finishing his drink and placing the cup back on the table "...I usually play the Electric guitar but I've also tried bass a bit, I'm not very good at that though..."

"Well, care to let an old russian bat have a listen, some time ?" She smirked softly. "I've got the time if you have the mood."

"I always have the mood" Caelen grinned as he stood up from his chair, motioning his arm towards the door "after you"

Quickly finishing the rest of her drink, she rose and headed outside, towards the holodeck. "So, tell me a bit more about this 'rock' music ?"

Caelen frowned a bit "What do you want to know?" he sounded suprised, confused even.

"Well, what's it like ? Where is it played ? Or when ?" She sounded genuinely interested. But clueless.

Caelen stopped in his tracks "you can't tell me you've never heard of rock Music before Commander..."

She gave him a flat look in return. "Sir .. I grew up on a farm .. In agricultural Russia .. On the outskirts of a village with not enough inhabitants to supply the Pegasus with a full crew."

Caelen resumed his walk towards the turbolift "The Rock genre started somewhere in the 1960s or 70s... it's usually loud music played by a live band. A band generally concists of a Lead Guitarist, a Bass guitarist, a Drummer and a vocalist although some bands are known to have more guitars or even a keyboard" he thought a bit more what he should tell her about rock "I usually play Progressive Rock... it's a bit milder then the more commonly known variations of rock... and I am of opinion that the lyrics have a bit more meaning then the general Hard Rock songs" he stepped into the lift and awaited Kristiana to step in "Rock lived on even past the Third World War and to this day still largely symbolizes the rebellious teenagers"

"Sounds interesting." She'd follow him into the lift. "So, you're a rebellious teenager ?"

"Deck Five..." Caelen said before turning to Kristiana " tell me..."

"You're only as old as you feel, Caelen. I'm thirtyseven now, but sometimes I feel eighteen. If you like music that's generally associated with rebellious teenagers, then that's just fine, and your prerogative." <tag>

Caelen folded his hands behind his back and looked slightly upward as the turbolift made way to deck five "Sometimes I feel one hundred and fourty rather then fourty... but when I play I feel like a rebellious teenager" he looked at Kristiana and smirked.

She'd snicker a bit. "I'm sure that'll be quite the sight. So, do you play alone ? Or are there other crewmembers who play an instrument ? Well, besides Black I mean - she plays the Cello, but I doubt that that has much of a place in Rock music, from your description."

"Evans seemed to remember some Keyboard tunes from his youth" Caelen grinned "but other then that I haven't a clue..." the lift stopped and Caelen motioned Kristiana to step out first "ladies first"

She stepped out. "Evans ? Keyboard ? I wouldn't have thought that of him. Well, some people never cease to surprise, hm ?" She started walking towards the holodeck. Wasn't that far.

"Not I..." Caelen replied to Kristiana's rethorical question. He followed Kristiana although he could blindly find the holodeck by now... It was his ship after all.

She headed to the holodeck, activating it, opening the door and stepping inside, then turning around to Caelen, letting him select the program.

"Computer..." Caelen stated while walking towards the middle "...Activate program: Caelen one-seven Alpha" he forgot to mention the lighting levels and the room went completely dark, he sighed a bit "one hundred percent lighting" he ordered. The computer beeped and immediatly followed with the request "Choose your Weapon" he turned to Kristiana "Indiana IS-100-BK `Power Series" and a black and while guitar appeared near to him. He slung it around his neck and plugged it in "do you play any instruments Commander?"

"Uhm .. Computer, drums." She then headed towards the drum-kit. Looking around a bit, then sat down on the stool, and took the drumsticks. "I think I can manage this. I hope." Giving Caelen a nod to show him that she was ready to begin.

"You know that is the most standard drum kit you can get... don't you?" Caelen only half asked. But he decided not to pay any more attention to it, she was probably just gonna hit some of the drums that would appear to be the most fun to hit at that moment. Caelen struck a chord to get the feel in his fingers a bit. "Rock music it is..." he smiled "Computer, play Heaven Can Wait by Iron Maiden, filter out the lead gituars and Drums"

"Oh yes, I know .. " She gave him a sly grin, then started drumming .. No, she didn't know the song, but she seemed to have a knack for quickly catching a rhythm and maintaining it - and beat on the drums like a posessed person, someone who's never done anything else in her whole life - showing skill and feeling that could only have come from years and years of practise. And making it look easy, while she was at it.

Computer... stop music..." Caelen raised an eyebrow and walked closer to Kristiana "tell me Commander, would you like a more professional drumset?" obviously she had been pulling his leg when she had him explain what Rock music was and this Drumset was not as good as she could play.

She snickered a bit as she rose to her feet and gave Caelen a nod. "Sure. Computer, full set of Pearl drums, Black, double bass with Attack heads, Balbex sticks. Epica configuration." The basic kit vanished with a shimmer, being replaced by a much more elaborate set appeared. She smiled, pleased, as she looked the kit over, then smiled apologetically at Caelen. "Sorry for fooling you like that, Caelen - but the look on your face just now made it more than worth it."

"Just don't let it happen again Commander..." Caelen shook his head, he was pleasantly suprised. With Kristiana he only needed a bass guitarist and maybe another guitarist to complete a band. Now that would be cool... a band right there on the Pegasus. "Computer resume playback from start... put vocals on twenty five percent volume" whatever was left of the music started playing and Caelen started hitting his guitar again.

Kristiana proved immediately that she was as capable on this much more elaborate set as she was on the basic one - making full use of the various cymbals, toms and hi-hats, adding blast-beats where they would fit and never missing a beat ..

It was as if Caelen wanted to prove he was better on the Guitars then she was on the Drums, he played his guitar fiercely and tried to sing at it. Letting himself totally go on the Solos. Allowing Kristiana to do a Drum solo here and there as well.

This holodeck program would not tell anyone who was better at their chosen weapons - as both Caelen and Kris approached virsuoso levels. Her drumming was fierce, but never missing a beat, and Caelen's playing was up to par - to say the least.


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