Pandora's Box #34 - 35 "The morning after .. "


<USS Pegasus, Kristiana Petrova's quarters>

Ryylar sat in the chair he had pulled over beside Kris' bed, she was still cuddling up to his arm as he laid there sleeping. The feeling had long since left his arm as the two of them slept.

Kristiana eventually stirred a bit .. mm'd softly, snuggling a bit closer to the arm. Then eyes opened, a confused look formed .. She blinked at the furry arm, instantly letting it go, as if in a mild panic, and sitting bolt upright, before groaning and holding her head, silently cursing her hangover.

With the loss of pressure on his arm, Ryylar awoke. He shook his head and yawned, revealing his fangs as his arm hung limply as the bloodflow resumed normally. "Good morrrrrning Krrrrrrisssstiana." He said with a nod to her in a soft voice.

She opened her eyes and looked at him .. Just looked at him for a moment or two, trying to get things to add up in her suffering mind. ".. Ryylar ? .. What .. How .. " Frowning, trying to remember. ".. The .. southern comfort .. .. But .. how did you get here ? .. How did I get here ?"

"I carrrrrried you herrrre afterrrrr you sssssslipped and hit yourrrrr head afterrrrr getting drrrrrunk..." He said, reminding her.

"When I trrrrrried to leave ssssso you could ssssssleep you told me not to leave and grrrrrabbed my arrrrrm." He said with a slow nod.

"... Yeah." She'd sigh and nod, shoulders slumping a bit. ".. I get all clingy when I'm drunk." With a soft smirk, then gently rising to her feet, stretching a bit, and sitting back down on the edge of the bed. ".. So .. How badly did I make a total fool of myself ?"

"Well... thingssss werrrrre ssssaid, but you don't need to conccccerrrrn yourrrrrssssself, assss I'm the only one who hearrrrrd what you sssssaid." He told her, still feeling hurt by what she had told him about him not being her ideal because he wasn't some gallant knight in shining armor.

She frowned and gave a slight nod. " Well .. " Smirked slightly " .. You experienced me, drunk, and you didn't run away, screaming .. You brought me here .. And .. .. Stayed, when in my silly drunkiness I .. asked you to. 's that about it ?"

"Add the fact that thisss issss the sssssecond opporrrrrtunity I've had to crrrrrrawl into bed with you, and thisssss time prrrrrobably would have gotten a lot furrrrrtherrrrr with you than jusssst ssssleeping due to yourrrrr alcohol, and you've got it rrrrrright." He said with a nod.

".. Yeah, but you didn't, because you knew that I'd make dog feed out of you when I found out, right ?" She gave him a look, then rose again and headed towards her bathroom, with that slow hangover waddle that people have.

"No... I did it becaussse lasssst night you told me that I wassssn't yourrrrr type becausssse I didn't rrrrride up on a white horrrrrsssse and ssssweep you off yourrrrr feet. I may be jussssst sssssome lowly morrrrale officcccerrrr Krrrisss, but I do carrrre about you a lot... Even if I'm not yourrrrr idea of a perrrrrfect guy." He said to her as he stood, straightening his uniform.

She halted at that, frowning .. Then closed her eyes and leaned against the wall for a moment. "... I .. need a shower .. Wait for me." Then with a slight wince she pushed herself off of the wall again and headed into the bathroom.

He sighed and nodded, sitting down in the chair he had slept in, waiting for her to finish. He half expected her to chew him out more for staying like he had last night when she was finished. Though the alcohol had made her tell the truth of what she thought about him. He was still coming to grips with that and finding it difficult.

Kristiana spent a good 20 minutes under the shower .. And another five drying off and finishing that waking-up thing. She'd come back out, wearing a bathrobe, tied snugly around her waist. Her hair was still damp, she'd tied it back into a ponytail, just to get it out of the way while it dried. Actually giving him a bit of a smile as she came back. ".. you actually waited .."

"You asssssked me to..." He said as if that was reason enough for him to do just about anything.

".. Actually, I Told you to." She'd sigh softly as she sat down on the edge of the bed, near him. ".. I .. have had a bad history with men. Who'd .. just .. up and leave on me. Without saying a word. They'd treat me as just a letter, and then forget all about me."

"I ussssed to do that... but I can't anymorrrrre.... not with you." He said quietly.

"Why not ?" She asked him, only mildly accusingly. ".. What makes me so different ?"

"I don't know yet... But I rrrrefussse to trrrry and find out by hurrrrrting you." He said firmly as if that was a resolution he had made.

".. And you .. spent time, talking with me .. Despite the fact that I told you things that hurt you. You carried me home .. You stayed with me .. Didn't take advantage of me .. And you waited for me .. " She smiled softly at him.

"Yeah... I did..." He said as if that still didn't make him some honorable knight on a white horse.

".. Despite the fact that I've done nothing but be a pain to you .. " She frowned, then reached out to gently take his hand in hers, frowning a bit, almost like she doesn't know what to say, or what to do with his hand now that she has it.

He nodded slowly, affirming what she was saying as he stood up. "That'sssss what happenssss when you carrrrre forrrrr sssssomeone." He told her quietly.

".. I guess that .. " As she stood up as well, looking at him with furrowed brows. ".. that all I saw in you was the same thing I've seen in those other men .. The same thing you've basically admitted .. I don't know, I .. " She'd give another sigh, then stepped forward and gave him a hug.

He held her close and embraced her, his hands gently pulling her to him, careful not to hurt her injury, running his fingers through her hair gently as they moved close to one another. Ever so gently he brought his fingertip down to lift her chin so she could look up into his eyes and he kissed her lips sweetly.

She blinked a bit at that, and kissed back, slightly .. When the kiss had ended she'd just rest his head against his shoulder, closing her eyes. ".. This .. doesn't mean a thing yet, Ryylar. I still don't .. I just .. need some time .."

"I know Krrrrisss... I've got nine livessss to wait forrrr you, and it'ssss worrrrth everrrry second of all nine." He said with a smile.

She nodded at that and - breaking the embrace - stepped back, still looking a bit .. defeated. "Charmer." A slight smirk. "Well .. I uhm .. better get dressed. Thank you .. for .. well, for opening my eyes."

"Any time Krrrrrissss." He said, turning and walking towards her door to give her some privacy and leave her to her thoughts. "You know wherrrrre to find me if you need anything." He said over his shoulder.

".. Yeah .. I know." she gave a sigh, and after he left, just collapsed onto the bed, closing her eyes. "... Great. Way to go, Kris. Can't even handle a kitty's crush, can you."


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "Life is what happens when you're making other plans."


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Lounge Manager "I've waited all this life for the perfect woman, I can wait a little more."