Pandora's Box #34 - 35 "The morning after .. "


Melina sighed softly and blew air through her nose, the white fured Caitian looked up and stretched slightly. She slipped the two long straight blades away into there case. She suspected Security would not like the small amory she had in her quaters. Each blade was special one or two given as gifts or parting presents. Most of the weapons were of Eaerth Qo'Nos or even Caitian in origin.

Her fur was slightly slick with the heat and she closed the long contaier and locked the blades away. She stood and padded away towards the showers, in privecy she stripped oof the soaked gi she had been wearing and mewed softly as she run the hot water over herself. After a little while she stepped out and turned on a large convetion dryer and finally toweld out any remaining moisture before she dressed in her duty uniform.

Stepping from the gym she looked around and made her way back to her quaters once there she slipped the long black box contining the swords back into the place with the others and locked the large cabinet.

She walked along the coridoor and nodded to a few crewmen she spotted and made her way to the turbolift, she waited and as soonas it came stepped inside.

"Main Bridge" she annouced.

As the turbolift stopped on the main bridge she stepped out as soon as possible and looked around. It was much smaller than she was use to. She made her way over to the science station.

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Ensign Melina Bradbury Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Pegasus