Pandora's Box #28 - 29 "Oh noes - another kitty"


[Ready-room, Day 2, 0755 hours]

Alyson had just arrived in the ready-room and thankfully, the Captain wasn't there yet, waiting on his orange juice. Having just received her new uniform the day before, she had slipped it on this morning, but it would be a while before she got used to it. Layers upon layers of clothing, she almost got lost in all of it. But no matter.

Commander LaBrie had specifically mentioned that he wanted orange juice, so before getting to the ready-room, she had borrowed some from the cargo bay, from a crate where she kept the real stuff, not the disgusting replicated juice from concentrate.

"These captains, they should have a mini-fridge..." she told herself, wondering where she'd put the bottle, after she had poured the orange liquid in a tall glass.

Caelen walked into the Ready room absent mindedly and he didn't even notice Alyson initially. Once the doors closed he looked up from his PADD and saw his yeoman there, "Good morning Crewman," he said, surprised.

"Hi," she greeted. "I brought some orange juice from the cargo bay. Do you want me to keep it in the lounge for you, or is there somewhere in here you want to keep it?" she asked, after a moment.

He walked over to his chair and sat down before sliding his OJ closer. "If only I had some way to keep it cold..." he stated more to himself then to Alyson "...perhaps it's best to keep it at the bar," he said now directed at her. He slowly lifted the glass and brought it to his mouth taking a good long drink.

Alyson walked to the replicator and tapped in a few functions, the main one being that the orange juice be transported to the lounge. Anyone who was there would know how to dispose of, since they had a fridge. "Is it any good?" she asked as orange juice vanished into the blue flashy light.

The glass, now half empty, found its place back on the desk as Caelen looked at Alyson "delicious..." He then sat back in his chair and took a breath before continuing the talk. ", I have some orders for you..."

Alyson quirked an eyebrow. "Hrmm?" she kind of grunted as she dug out a PADD from her pocket.

"Our Chief Counselor is currently making Psychological profiles on the crew... I reckon he's a very busy man so I would like you to get the profiles from him at the end of his shift." He picked up the glass of Orange Juice. "Just put them on my desk, I'll find them when I need them," he smiled a bit before taking a sip from the drink.

"Psych profiles....check. Anything else?"

"Oh and I need to talk to Lieutenant Evans, Chief Operations, be sure to send him my way when you see him," Caelen finished his drink and placed it back on the table "you sure know how to make Orange Juice," he smirked a bit.

"Chief Ops...check. Heck, we can grow an orange tree in hydroponics. That is...if you have a hydroponics bay, of course," Alyson suggested as she wrote everything down, or she'd forget otherwise.

Caelen shook slightly "I don't think we have a hydroponics bay..." he then shook a bit more fiercely " I'm pretty sure we don't have one" he leaned back in his chair again thinking it over "But I think there are trees in the Recreational facilities... so technically you could rip out one of those and plant an Orange tree there"

Alyson giggled. "I'll go check after the shift, or on my way to the Counselor's office. It might take a while before you actually get a full grown orange tree, so in the meantime, there's more where that came from," Alyson remarked, nodding at the now empty orange juice glass.

Caelen stood up from his chair and picked up the glass "I hoped you would say that" He walked to the replicator and placed his glass in it "That'll be all Cooper" he nodded to his yeoman.

Alyson nodded, made for the door, then turned her head. "If there's anything from the lounge you need, like coffee or something, there's probably something I can do about, since there's a few things that are made fresh," she said before exiting. Being a yeoman didn't sound as complicated as the job description entailed.

"No I'm quite fine, thanks" Caelen gave a friendly smile, Coffee would generally not agree with him. This yeoman was taking her job very seriously, he liked that "I'll see you around Cooper."


Crewman Alyson Cooper Yeoman/Barwench USS Pegasus

Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus