Pandora's Box #28 - 29 "Oh noes - another kitty"


Ok, this is a backpost, to introduce a new char. This post happened right before the Pegi left the starbase for it's current mission.


<Starbase 373, just before the Pegasus' departure>

Melina looked around the access hatch to the Pegasus, the Caitioan hybrid wathed the two security officer and padded to them, hading over her ID she watched while they scanned it. Showing it was clear she steped onto the Centaur class staship. She smiled softly finally somewhere to call home.

She was met by a human woman, late thirties, with auburn hair and her left arm in a sling. She wore the rank pips of a Lieutenant Commander. A smile, as she offered her right hand in greet. "You must be the new ACSO. I'm Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova, ship's XO. Welcome aboard, Ensign."

Melina looked the woman over "Ensign Melina Bradbury, permission to come aboard sir" she said softly. Humans she knew of after all her father was human, after the divorce Melina had lost touch with him. She wondered if there was a slight touch of russian in the womans voice.

"Permission granted .. And I'd prefer to be called Ma'am, Ensign." she'd reply with a soft smile, motioning Meline further onboard. There was a definate hint of russian in her voice, unmistakably so.

Melina smiled softly "Thank you Ma'am, when will we be leaving starbase?" she asked softly. Melina did wonder about what mission the ship would be given. "Do we have any orders yet Ma'am?"

"We're leaving in a few minutes actually - we were waiting for you to come onboard before disembarking." She'd nod, leading Melina to a turbolift. "We're on our way to Earth, with some cargo, recent findings in an archeological dig."

"Archeological pardon me but should't a federation frieghter be carrying that?" Melina asked. It seemed to her starships did not haul what was classed as civilion cargo. She knew a little about such digs.

"Freighters don't offer the same kind of security as Starships do." Kristiana would explain as they rode the turbo-lift. "Apparently there's something about this cargo that makes it special. But I'm not a science officer and don't know much about it. Maybe your chief will be able to tell you more about it when you meet him."

"Perhaps so Ma'am...there was that story about the stone of Gol..but that was a story right?" she asks softly as she starts to pad towards her quaters

"Stone of Gol ?" She asked the half-caitian curiously. She had heard it mention somewhere once or twice but never bothered to learn more about this ancient weapon of the Vulcans.

"Umm a physonic weapon if the stories are true from the Vulcan dark times" Melina thinks a little she's not sure of all the details but much of the history of the stone of gol seems to have been cleared up or outright denyied by starfleet.

"Well, the thing is, we have no idea what it is what we're transporting. But it seems important enough to call in a starship instead of a freighter." Kristiana explained as they walked through the corridor. "But that's all just fine by me. Honestly - after our last mission, I welcome the change of pace."

"Romulans wasn't it, I thought they had calmed down alot after Shinzon" she replies softly. She licks her lips "I mean with no senate and all and them needing Federation help I would hav thought something like the peace accords we have with the Klingons would have happened by now"

"Yeah well it was a little bit more involved than that, but yes, in the end it was romulans that nearly blew our ship to kingdom come." Kristiana remembered with a sigh. " .. as well as ripped my shoulder to shreds."

"Ooh.. um you healed well Lt Commander" she replies softly as she looks at a diagrame of the layout of the ship "Deck six"

"All due to the good care of our CMO, Russell Floyd." The russian woman would nod, turning into another corridor and heading towards a specific door. "Alright, these are your quarters. We're a small ship, so you'll have to share them with another ensign, I hope you don't mind .. "

"They said to expect that when I was given the post Ma'am thank you for seing me so far, perhaps I'll see you again?" Melina asks softly.

A nod from Petrova "I'm sure we will. After all, it's a small ship." She'd smile. "I suggest you get some rest, then try and find your chief, Lieutenant Kosoandrisel .. la .. pa .. thingy .. " She'd blink a bit, then make a dismissive gesture. "Koso. You'll be reporting to him." she'd add with a smile.

Laughs softly "Thank you Ma'am again" Melina replied softly.

"You're welcome, Ensign. Welcome aboard." Kristiana smiled, then turned to head towards the bridge.


More with the kitty and the onboard the Pegi

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


Ensign Melina Bradbury Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Pegasus