Pandora's Box #19- "Caelen and Andrew's reports"

-={On}=- [Deck Six, Counselor's Office, USS Pegasus]

Andrew felt the ship begin it's leave from the Starbase, en route to Earth. He promised himself, internally, that he'd have the reports done by the time they reached Earth. That meant calling everyone in when they were all off duty. <Won't be easy> he thought to himself. <The last thing they'd want to do after a shift is have their brain prodded by my questionning...> Andrew leaned back in his chair, thinking of how to start Caelen's report. "Computer, access Caelen's previous psychological report, his profile, and play track 15 of playlist 1." The files popped up, and music began playing softly in the background. Andrew began reading.

"Hmm... Caelen seems preoccupied by a thought, or many thoughts. It seems he lost a very close friend. That seems to be what the previous report focuses on, at least. Though I think there's something more." He began typing out his report.

"Caelen LaBrie is adept at thinking on the fly, as well as thinking ahead, at what his first actions will cause. Those thoughts give him an edge in strategy, always being one step ahead. His thoughts, however, seem to be distracted by the haunting memory of the loss of his closest friend, Alex. As well, the recurring realization of the fact both his wife and daughter are on the ship cause him to be cautious, lowering the effectiveness of the previously stated thinking skill. He has a hard time relaying his most personal thoughts and feelings, rather changing the topic to something more comfortable for him." Without Andrew noticing, the song in the background changed to the next on the playlist he had concocted. "Hiding his concern and thoughts of the past behind a smile, most crew members wouldn't realize something is wrong with him. Only by speaking ill of his daughter will they realize he wasn't in such a good mood. This may cause some difficulty on the bridge, as a new recruit could utter something, and Caelen would lose focus on commanding the ship. Be that as it may, I feel that Andrew Kennedy is capable of controlling his emotions on the bridge, and can focus on commandeering the ship. His long record of helm positions shows that he can maintain discipline, even with the memory of his lost friend." Andrew paused. Was this good enough for the Commander? He saved a copy onto his computer, and thought for a moment.

<Well, if there's something I missed, I can always come back to it later, I guess... Now for my report on myself. This should prove quite interesting, to say the least.> Andrew let out a short laugh at the thought of picking at his own brain.

"Andrew Kennedy has only been in the service for some time, but his knowledge of psychology extends back to his childhood, giving him extensive coverage of all facets of psychology. Growing up virtually ignored by parents, Andrew read about many psychologists of the past, and later aggravated his friends by 'reading their minds'. This skill at a young age gave him an edge when applying for University, and later for applying into the Starfleet with the top marks from University. Andrew thinks things through, making him adept at strategy games like chess and pool, though for him psychology comes first. Able to read body language as good as written English, Andrew senses something wrong with a person long before they start showing the verbal signs of sadness or anger. He is able to calm a person down by making them think the issue through logically, though this occasionally backfires on him, causing the person to forget their original reason for being angry, instead focussing on him." Andrew smirked as he typed this out. <Gotta love second year... losing my girlfriend because I pissed her off with my brain picking.> Again, the song changed as the time ran out on it, switching to the next one. He continued, with a smile on his face. "Despite being in the Starfleet for a very short time, Andrew proved he was, and still is, capable of handling all common, and most advanced, issues starfleet personnel can show." Andrew saved this section of his report as well. With that done, Andrew saved it again, just in case, then backed up the two completed reports on a PADD, which he would deliver to Caelen once the other reports were complete.

<Now...who to start off with? I'll just go with the flow, trying to find whoever's available to come down to my office...> Andrew leaned back in his seat, thinking and listening to the music playing softly in the background.


Two reports done by:

Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus