Pandora's Box #17&18 - "On our way"


<Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus>

Caelen stepped out of the turbo lift, all the orders were given and he was all ready to get this ship on the road again. "Commander, situation report" he asked as he walked into the pit and relieved Kristiana of Bridge duty.

"Ship's repaired, sir. All systems operational. Photon torpedo stored have been replenished. Ready to go, just waiting for the word." She'd tell him. Yes the CO was there and she could go again, but she wasn't gonna. He'd robbed her of ordering the ship out, last time, and she wasn't about to let him get away with that again. So she remained right where she was.

" You're in my chair, Commander" Caelen was only half joking, he knew what this was about, sometimes an XO would feel well useless on the bridge. Caelen however didn't feel the need to be giving the orders to set course for earth, he just wanted to sit in his chair when the course was set.

"I'm well aware, captain." She'd reply, with a bit of a grin. Still wearing her sling. "Just keeping it warm for you. Shall I take her out and set a course, then ?"

Caelen raised an eyebrow "If you would allow me to sit down you would've already have given the order" he simply stated. Although Kristiana was a good XO it were things like this that probably got her kicked out of every other job she was in before the Pegasus. Caelen however knew that he would need someone like Kristiana to balance the Command team out, a command team should never agree on everything that crosses their path, it would make them blind to other insights.

With a deep sigh she'd rise and let him take his seat. Wondering idly if she was just that lucky to get a CO that didn't have a sense of humor, or simply didn't understand her unique style of jokes. "Bridge is all yours, Sir." suddenly with a purely professional tone to her voice.

Sitting down Caelen wondered what was going on in the mind of Petrova, but then again Ensign Kennedy would answer that question for him rather soon. "Well Commander, I've seen these stars quite long enough... think we're ready to go?"

She'd give a nod, remaining standing, turning towards the front of the bridge. "Helm, ease us out, one quarter impulse please." She'd watch as the helmsman on duty went through the motions, and the ship slowly emerged from the starbase. "We're clear, ma'am." he'd tell her. She smiled a bit and gave a nod. "Very good. Set a course for earth, warp 4. Engage when ready."

Caelen sat back in his chair, they were headed back home, although his home was the Moon, it was close enough. He just hoped that this mission would go as planned, go to Earth, drop the cargo, get back to the 9th fleet patrol zone. Not much room for error was there? Off course that's what they thought about the previous mission "We're going home Commander" he said with a smile to Petrova.

"Yeah .. Home." as she watched the viewscreen, the starfield in front of them shifting as the ship turned, then shot into warp. She had mixed feelings about going home. She hadn't been there since before her mother died and hadn't actually spoken to her father face to face since.

Caelen heard the change of tone in her voice "What's the matter Commander?" he didn't expect an honest answer, if he would get one at all.

Eh .. It's nothing Sir." as she sat down in her own chair, the XO's chair. "Just .. memories. Things I need to do but have been putting off." Quietly she'd watch the viewscreen, stars shooting by. ".. Personal, family matters." "

Well at least she was telling him the truth "in other words, none of my business" Caelen said with a smile. "I have my own demons as well Commander, you're not alone..."

"In other words - Sir - things I'd rather not be confronted with. Not now that I've got enough stuff on my mind to keep me occupied well into next month, Sir." which probably came out a little bit more venomous than she intended.

Caelen knew why she was this defensive, whatever it was it made her seem weak. <just like a vulcan> he thought reading through the status reports coming in through the arm console on his chair "I'm glad to be going back... although my home is in orbit of yours..." he smiled "...I hope I have time to visit my old house..." he knew that being a CO would probably mean not that much of free time, even when in R&R but then again that's what he chose for.

".. Then I hope for your sake that you can find the time off, Sir. It's a rare opportunity to visit Earth - most of the time we're on the other end of federation space, or even outside it." She sighed softly. Her father never much approved of her heading into space, though he was proud that she made XO of a ship, he'd still much rather have seen her take over the farm.


Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding officer


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Brooding XO

USS Pegasus