Pandora's Box #19- "Caelen and Andrew's reports"

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Bellerophon's Den>>

Sitting behind the bar, Ryylar had managed to clean up at least that small area. the Operations officers had thankfully done a much better job cleaning up the rest of the lounge than he likely would have on his own.

Alyson had finally gotten everything she needed in her new quarters, including a new uniform, which had promptly been tailored to her petite size. She wasn't exactly required to wear it until the morning, so she had left it hanging in her closet until then. Thus, she put a black fedora on her head, to match her tailored suit, walked out and directed herself to the lounge.

Ryylar for about the hundredth time that day was trying to polish that bar top to an almost perfect sheen. He wanted it to damned well shine and bring out the nature olive wood color of the bar. Caelan had asked for entertainment, and if there was going to be entertainment, he'd certainly deliver.

Alyson walked in, humming, and noticed the big cat strenuously polishing the bar. "Shoe polish. Clear shoe polish," she suggested, as she has used it on many occasions, on many bar counters, and it usually worked very well.

"Ahhhh, good to sssssee you Alysssson." He said with a grin, stopping his labor. "I'm jusssst a bit anxxxioussss, ssssso I wasssss polishing thisssss barrrrr top." he said with a nod.

Alyson smiled, tipped her hat, and moved to the replicator, having failed to bring her own polish. "Shoe polish, clear, a teeny tiny bit melted" she said, and tossed the canister at Ryylar. "This should work."

Without looking and with reflexes typical of his feline race, he caught it without really even looking. Tossing it up, he bounced it off of his elbow and caught it in his opposite hand, setting it down on the bar as he opened the canister and dabbed some of the polish on the bar. "Thank you." he said with a smile and nod.

"Only a trick of the trade," Alyson mused as set her fedora and jacket on a nearby table, ordered some shoe polish of her own and helped her boss polish the counter. "I have a question. Will I have to wear that silly uniform during my shift here?"

"Uniforrrrm? You mean you'rrrre not drrrrressssed in uniforrrrm now?" he asked with a grin, letting her know that absolutely not. "I want my barrrrtenderrrr to have perrrrssssonality. It'sssss bad enough that I have to wearrrrr thisssss human ssssuit." He said.

"Here?" she asked. And not having to wear the uniform when working here was a good thing. Besides, who wanted a barwench in uniform when they could have one in a miniskirt and knee-high stilleto boots? And one who liked to wear them, at that?

He nodded. He had to wear his uniform, she had to report to him and follow his orders as well as the Commanders as his personal yeoman.

"Damn..." And he looked so much hotter without a uniform too..."But look at it this way. We still both have to wear a uniform at one point during the day." She squirmed and turned to the replicator again. "Denim pants, stone wash, boot cut, size 4, and a medium-sized white baby-tee, please."

He blinked and watched her order clothing from the replicator. He wanted to see what she was going to do with that.

Alyson unbuttoned her red shirt as she set the new clothing on the table, and slipped on the white t-shirt. She then slipped off her formal pants, folded them and tossed them on the chair with the jacket, and put on the jeans, bouncing a bit as she pulled them up to her waist. "There we go..." she mused. "Much better."

Ryylar blinked. Here in the lounge she had decided to change her clothes in front of her superior officer. "With a body like that, we could put a pole in and have you danccccce." He said with a shake of his head.

"Guess what I did for a living before I went into rehab," she remarked, slightly sticking out her toungue, before returning to work.

He blinked again. More surprises. "I'd love forrrrrr you to show me ssssometime." He quipped, winking at her as he polished the bar.

"Perhaps." Dancing for a Cait, hmm. But then, she hadn't danced 'professionally' for about 4 or 5 years, so she was more than likely a bit rusty. Plus, she had always danced whilst high on whatever she could buy that day...

He chuckled and grumbled after a moment. It was too dull. He walked over to the entertainment console computer behind the bar and selected his own playlist of music. An Elvis Presley song came on, Hound Dog blared over the speakers and he grinned, his pace on the polishing picking up with the tempo.

"See? I told you shoe polish worked," Alyson remarked before investigating the liquor cabinets, and gasped, finding them bare. "Don't tell you didn't order anything yet."

"I orderrrred it, but Opssss issss sssslow getting it herrrre." He said, grumbling at the inefficiency of Starfleet. "Don't they know we have to be in business tomorrow?" she asked, almost growling. She'd have to have a serious talk with the Operations guys, and maybe sleep with one of them to get things done a bit faster. She opened another cabinet, this one being a bit higher up. "At least the glasses made it here safely..."

"I think they werrrrre herrrrre frrrrom beforrrrre." He said, growling.

"Naw, they come from my personal collection from when I still owned the Mad Hatter on SB60 a few months ago," she replied, picking one from the first row, inspecting it. Yep, still pretty, all clean, and all in one piece. "I told Operations I wanted them there before I reported in."

"Well, at leasssst ssssomeone issss on top of thingsssss forrrr thisssss ship." He said with a satisfied nod to her, finishing with the counter.

"Alyson Jessica Cooper, barwench extraordinaire, at your service!" she quipped, flashing a bright smile. "So, anything else needing to be done?"

Ryylar smiled and shook his head.

"I think that'ssssss about it." He said with a grin to her, tossing his rag over his shoulder.

"Well, if we're done here, I think I'll go 'harrass' the quartermaster so he can get the liquor up here a bit faster," Alyson said, making quotation marks with her fingers.

"Jussssst don't do anything I wouldn't do... and if you do, name it afterrrrr me." He said with a snicker.

Alyson smiled and popped the inside of her cheek with her finger as a response. A moment later, she had picked up her discarded clothes and left the lounge, headed for the lounge. It was just a matter of convincing the quartermaster to make the liquor top priority.

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