Pandora's Box #4&5 - "Walking, Vulcan Poetry and a game of Kal-toh"

-={On}=- [Conference Room 3, Starbase 343]

Everyone had been dismissed and after a short exchange of words with her husband Jennifer thought it time to get back to the ship and her daughter. She walked up to T'Rell, apparently he had been waiting for her "ready to go back Ensign?"

T'Rell was still seated at the large conference table in the middle of Conference Room 3. He waited for Jennifer to be ready, so that they both could walk back to B'Inca and Jennifer's daughter Alexandra. "Yes, I am" T'Rell answered. T'Rell stood up and followed the same path that most of his colleagues walked a few moments earlier.

"Well this is going to be an interesting mission for you..." Jennifer once more tried to start small talk with the Vulcan Chief Flight Control again.

T'Rell walked with Jennifer through the corridor, "It is going to be an interesting mission indeed, I will be working with our new Science Officer, Lieutenant Koso'." "Also the cargo has historical value, and that will be highly fascinating I reckon.”

"It's good to have some other interests then your job..." Jennifer smiled as they stepped into the turbo lift " there anything else you like apart from History and starships?"

"I make a little bit of music, and I like a wide variety of music as well. And my other interests include building and collecting starship models." T'Rell said, not looking at Jennifer, just looking ahead. "And your interests besides languages, if I may ask?" T'Rell returned the question.

Jennifer raised her shoulders slightly "my father has taught me how to fence..." she looked at T'Rell but found him still staring ahead "...I like doing that... but when I feel lazy and not like exiting my quarters I usually read..." she turned her head again looking ahead as well "I read poetry, fiction and even biographies..."

"If you are interested in Vulcan poetry, I have an interesting book, written by one of my ancestors." T'Rell now looked at Jennifer, to see her response, he was interested how Jennifer would react to that. "If you are interested, I can collect it from my quarters later this day."

Jennifer smiled "that would be great" she said, although poetry by a Vulcan... wouldn't be as emotional as some human poets, like Edgar Allen Poe "In return I'll give you a book of one of Earth most famous poets" she hoped that he would accept it, she always thought that Vulcans could use some more emotion, just like he had shown on the bridge.

T'Rell looked Jennifer who was smiling, "Terran poetry is somewhat different then Vulcan poetry, so it will be an interesting read." T'Rell accepted the offer, "I sometimes read before or after meditating." T'Rell said while the turbolift just arrived on the deck he specified.

Jennifer stepped out the turbo lift first, the ladies first tradition kind of stuck with everyone still. "Do you meditate often?" she wondered out loud, it was as random as any question could be.

T'Rell followed Jennifer out of the turbolift "Every day after my shift, I meditate at least 1 or 2 hours." he answered Jennifer her question. "Have you ever tried meditating?" T'Rell asked.

Jennifer simply shook her head "I never felt the need to..." she smiled a bit uneasily "...and then if I did I wouldn't know what to do..." she confessed.

"I understand" T'Rell replied, "If you ever feel the need for meditation, you can always come by and I will teach you some methods." he continued. The two were still walking through the corridor of Starbase 343, and were near the airlock door of the Pegasus. "I'll keep that in mind T'Rell, thanks" Jennifer was happy she could finally make some friends on the Pegasus, Alexandra, Caelen and her new job had held her busy, she had only talked to a few people in the mess hall. "Well here it is..." she said turning to her right into the airlock and proceeding into the Pegasus.

T'Rell followed Jennifer into the airlock and they walked in the turbolift close to the airlock of the Pegasus. "Deck 3" T'Rell said and the doors closed. A few moments later the turbolift arrived on deck 3 and Jennifer and T'Rell stepped out. "You have a very fascinating child" T'Rell hoped to sound a bit complimentary.

"We haven't been together that much, but with the tour around the ship, she seemed a very nice and always cheerful." T'Rell replied to Jennifer. "I am not very aware of the emotion of being happy, but it seems to be nice." T'Rell continued. The doors slid open when T'Rell pressed the button outside his quarters. There wasn't much light in the room, just a few candles were lit. B'Inca and Alexandra were both sitting on a pillow, and it looked like they were meditating. "Greetings" T'Rell said when he stepped inside.

Jennifer was pleasantly surprised by the sight, the two girls had gotten along very nicely. "Heya Alex" she said in joy of seeing her daughter back, while she had only been away for a short time.

T'Rell saw Alexandra 'waking up' and walking happy towards her mother. He walked over to the small bookshelf on his right and grabbed the book, which had a few Vulcan signs on it. The book stood next to a model of a Vulcan freighter. "Here is the poetry book" T'Rell said while extending his arm that was holding the book.

Jennifer accepted the book, it was not a PADD, just an old-fashioned book. She already liked this Vulcan couple. "Thanks..." she smiled again, "...I'll get the book I promised to you as soon as possible... unfortunately it's on a PADD but I hope that's ok..." after the Third World War much of the books had been destroyed, in collateral damage. If you wanted real books by famous writers or poets you would have to go to a library on Earth. She turned to Alex "Did B'Inca take good care of you?"

Alexandra nodded fiercely "She taught me how to meditate" she said smiling, she had a great time, first half they played a game and then B'Inca had taught her how to meditate. It had bee relaxing and she felt more energetic then ever before.

Jennifer then looked at B'Inca, "I hope she wasn't too much trouble..."

"A PADD will be fine," T'Rell said, "This book has been in our family for about three generations. A PADD is indeed much handier to handle, but a genuine book, gives it real historical value." T'Rell said with an interesting look on his face.

"She wasn't any trouble at all, you have a wonderful child" B'Inca said to Jennifer after T'Rell was done talking to her. "Alexandra showed a great deal of interest in the Vulcan game of Kal-toh. She is very talented and her spatial insight is truly remarkable." B'Inca continued.

Jennifer smiled, "That's a good thing" she placed her hand on Alex' shoulder "th'i-oxalra" she said showing off her linguistic skills before stepping back slightly out of the door, back into the corridor.

T’Rell stood next to B’Inca as they took a small bow, “It’s my pleasure” T’Rell added. “See you later” both T’Rell and B’Inca said.

Jennifer walked off, holding the hand of Alexandra. Back to their own quarters, she would have to get her hands on one of those Kal-Toh games for her and Alex. Perhaps it was good to have her develop some interest in more different cultures and such.

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