Pandora's Box #2&3 - "of Cats and Commanders..."

-={On}=- [Starbase 343, Ryylar's quarters]

Having finished packing his things, he sighed and took one last look about. Going from a modern Starbase to a rustbucket aged design Starship that was all but obsolete was sure going to be a shock. He'd probably have to bunk with someone. Grabbing his case he walked out the door, heading towards the USS Pegasus.

Caelen had dismissed everyone on the meeting but the one he had been wanting to talk with had disappeared quicker then he could stop him for a talk. He had finally caught up with Ryylar when he saw him heading for the airlock, bag slung around his shoulder "Ryylar" he called for the 6 foot tall cat.

"Hmmmm?" He stopped and turned with an inquisitive look, standing at attention when he saw his new commanding officer.

"Yessss ssssirrrrr? What can I do forrrrr you?" He asked.

"Accompany me to the Airlock would be a start" Caelen came to a halt about two meters in front of him. He needed to have a talk with this Caitian about a lot of things but he decided that it would stay more casual, people tended to be more open when it was a casual conversation.

"Ccccerrrrtainly sssssirrrr." He said with a nod, wondering what the commander wanted with him, the lowly warrant officer. He waited for the Commander to catch up to him before turning and beginning his walk to the ship once more with the Commanding Officer by his side.

"First things first..." Caelen started, thinking of a politically correct way to say this "...what were you thinking when you took the XO from Sickbay without the doctors permission?" he still didn't understand what was going on in the head of this cat that he thought he had the authority to overrule Doctor's orders.

"I wasssss thinking that she wasssss misssserrrrable and that it wasssss my duty asssss morrrrrale officerrrrr to cheerrrrr herrrr up. I'm surrrre that you arrrrre up to date on all of the medical ssssstudiesssss. Even back into the 20th and 21sssst ccccenturrrrriessss, it wassss prrrroven that injurrrrred and ssssick people rrrrrecoverrrred fassssterrrr when they werrrrre happy." He noted.

"Off course I am up to date on medical studies... and it was proven since... god knows how long that following Doctor's Orders were healthy" Caelen reacted, he seemed to become a bit pissed of at this creature, not only had he kidnapped his XO he also thought he was doing the right thing "...pull a stunt like that again and you will have to find yourself a new job, is that clear?" he came to a standstill awaiting acknowledgement of his order.

Ryylar's reaction was a mere shrug of the shoulders.

"I neverrrr assked to be rrrreactivated in the firrrrsssst placccce. Though ssssome Admirrrrral sssssomewherrrre thought it would be a good idea to forrrrrcccce me back into ssssserrrrvicccce." He replied, making it perfectly clear that Starfleet could do just about anything to him and it wouldn't affect him much.

Caelen looked a bit surprised "I expect a bit more morale from my Chief Morale Officer..." he simply stated "...if you think you don't belong in the service then you are free to leave..." he started to walk again "...and if you don't care about your service in Starfleet then I am advising you to go back to whatever you did care about"

"I wasssss therrrre, and wasssss disssshonorrrred by my entirrrrre rrrraccce Commanderrrrr. When yourrrrr entirrrrre rrrrrace dissssownssss you, you find verrrry quickly that therrrrre issss no point in becoming too attached to thingsssss." He stated flatly. He didn't like talking about it, and this stuffed shirt Commanding Officer was quickly getting on his nerves.

"As long as you're on my vessel as my Chief Morale I expect you to care about the people who are on it..." Caelen stopped again turning to Ryylar "...I've read your history and I am sorry about what happened to you but giving up on life and everything it has to offer is not the way to go..." he looked into the Cat's slitted eyes, he could not make sense out of them, normally the eyes would tell you everything you needed to know but not with Caitians. "Now... about the Noodle incident..." he suddenly changed subjects and started to smile a bit "...well done..."

"I neverrrr ssssaid I didn't carrrre about the people on thissss ship Commanderrrr. I jusssst don't carrrre much of what happenssss to me." He said and listened to Caelen congratulate him on the noodle incident.

"Thank you sssssirrrr, I'm glad you enjoyed the rrrrreporrrrt." He said. It was one of his finer practical jokes, and he was rather proud of his accomplishment.

They had arrived in front of the Airlock, but before walking in Caelen looked to Ryylar again "and now for your first assignment..." he started on an official tone " you've heard we're going on a cargo mission... this will bore a lot of people out of their skulls..." he grinned at his own joke "...I need entertainment and I was hoping you can provide it"

He nodded.

"I rrrrread the brrrriefing. I think I can whip sssssomething up." He said confidently. He'd show this Pegasus crew just how to party.

Caelen nodded "good" before he stepped into the airlock, back on his ship... it still felt great, even after the first mission... it still felt Great.

-={Off}=- Getting your Duties straight by:

Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus "Do or Do Not… there is no Try…"


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Lounge Manager USS Pegasus "Springing more women than Kirk, one letter at a time."