Pandora's Box 6&7 - "The Museum Pegasus"

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Alyson had decided to introduce herself to the Captain after Ryylar had returned from the meeting, since the lounge would be in good hands and it was the end of her shift anyway. She grabbed the PADD with her orders inscribed on it, slipped on her tailored suit, since no uniform had been assigned to her yet, and made her way to the docking ring.

"Computer, please locate Commander La Brie," she asked, unfamiliar with computer commands. She was delighted with a prompt answer. "Commander La Brie is currently in the lounge." "Thank you!" she said, and walked to the designated area after consulting the map on one of the bulkheads.

Caelen had walked with Ryylar to the Lounge, so he could get it ready as he saw fit before turning back to the corridor and wanting to head for the new holodeck. When he started to walk off he noticed a girl which seemed to be a civillian, he didn't knew her and knowing the size of the ship and the Crew compliment that was odd "I'm sorry, Miss, Civillians are not allowed on this vessel" he tried to be as civil and professional as possible.

Alyson glanced at the officer's pips before speaking. "Well, that's only because Starfleet hasn't assigned me uniform yet," she replied politely, handing him the PADD. "I'm the new Captain's yeoman, Alyson Cooper." She would have tipped her hat, but she wasn't wearing one, thinking it would have been a bit too much.

"Ah, Crewman Cooper" Caelen smiled, he hadn't seen the biography for his new Yeoman yet. "Welcome aboard, miss Cooper" he said with a small nod "I'm sorry I was a bit blunt but we've had some problems with civilians treating this girl like a museum piece" He resumed walking to the turbo lift "walk with me..." he semi-ordered.

Alyson followed the captain, relieved that her new boss didn't snub her for not wearing a uniform. She had also made sure not to wear stilletos, opting instead for short platforms, as to not make any clicking sounds in her wake. "So..."

"Indeed..." Caelen reacted scrolling through the PADD as he stepped into the lift, he waited for Cooper to enter "Crewman Alyson Cooper... I'll make sure there is a uniform for you when you're to report on duty tomorrow" he scrolled down further "ah... you're also bartender on the dull shift I see" while Graveyard shift was the dull one on the bridge in the lounge it was exactly the opposite. Alpha shift was dull, it was in the morning. The only people you got were aggrevated Gamma shift people and Beta shift men and woman that got up to early.

"Yeah, I know, I've already met with Mr. Ryylar, so I basically know what to expect. Besides, the graveyard shift is my favorite, so no worries there," she replied, smiling.

"Deck Five..." Caelen first said before turning to Alyson "So did I..." he said with a wink. The lift only had to go up one deck, he stepped out of the lift and headed to the recreational facilities. "I expect you to be there when I get my Orange Juice tomorrow" he turned around and handed the PADD back to Alyson, "I hope you find this vessel a formidable home..."

"OJ, right, tomorrow morning at 8, I can do that," Alyson mused, walking to her future quarters, which just so happened to also be on Deck 5, if she checked the map right. "So, I'll move in as soon as possible, if you don't mind sir."

"you do that miss Cooper" Caelen said stepping into the facilities starting to look for the new Holodecks, he needed to unwind.

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Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus


Crewman Alyson Cooper Yeoman/Barwench USS Pegasus

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