"Reprieve" #31 - "Where am I, anyways?"


[Somewhere Else on Starbase 343]

Lt. j.g. Black opened the door to the conference room and strode inside with plenty of time to spare. She then froze in her tracks, looking around. She blushed. "This.. isn't... Conference Room 3, is it..." she ventured timidly. One of the Admirals shook his head kindly and pointed to the side of the room. "You want to go down and around that corner, take a left, go up the half flight of stairs, take two rights, and look for the third door on the left." "Thank you, sir..." she said, thoroughly embarrassed, and backtracked out of the room. It didn't help that she was certain she'd heard a slight snicker as the door closed.

"Can you tell me where Conference Room 3 is, please?" she asked a few minutes later. The friendly officer rose from the chess game with his friend to describe the route to her. "You want to go back That way, and down two levels. The first left off the turbolift, and the third right after that."

Kitty frowned as she checked the chronometer inside the Library. "Does this room MOVE every six minutes?" she muttered in exasperation. "Shh..." said the librarian impatiently.

Finally, she did what she should have done at the beginning. "Computer. Please light me a path to Conference Room Three." She followed the calm, pedantic drone of the Starbase computer until it indicated the door just ahead and informed her that she had arrived at her destination. "Thank you," she responded automatically, and was pleased to hear the computer respond with "You're welcome."

The door opened and Lt. Black hurried inside. "Am I late, am I late?" She paused, coming to a stop, glancing around at all of the people already inside.. and blushed again. She found a chair near the middle of the table, not too close to anyone or anything else, and dropped into it, resolving to remain absolutely silent for a while.


Hopelessly lost, but still posting:

Lt. j.g. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus