Repreive #32&33 - "Taking a Walk"

-={On}=- [Sickbay, Deck 6 USS Pegasus]

T'Rell was with his fiancée B'Inca in sickbay when he got the message to report to Conference Room 3. =/\= Acknowledged sir, I will be there as soon as possible. I'm with B'Inca only a few minutes more.=/\= T'Rell replied. "Maybe you should get to our quarters and rest or meditate some," T'Rell said to his fiancée. The two talked for a few minutes more, "Well I'm going to conference room 3 on the Starbase, I will see you later today," T'Rell said. He walked off when he had said goodbye and the doors slid open as he approached them.

Jennifer had walked to sickbay with Alexandra, out of habit. Once she arrived she realized that Russell was a Senior officer as well, a junior medical officer was in command of the sickbay. Jennifer was about to take Alex with her to the conference room when she saw T'Rell and B'Inca, with a friendly smile she approached the two Vulcans "Good morning, Ensigns"

"Good morning" both the Vulcans replied. "I was just on my way to the conference room, care to join me walking there?" T'Rell said to Jennifer. He looked Jennifer and then looked at Alexandra, "Hi there" T'Rell said to Alexandra, who reacted with a broad smile.

"Sure I'll walk with you..." she said to T'Rell before turning to B'Inca "...I do have a small problem though..." she put her hand on Alexandra's shoulder "...would you be so kind to look after her while I'm in the staff meeting?" she asked the female Vulcan.

"Sure" B'Inca said, "I'm very fond of kids, I would love to look after Alexandra for a while" B'Inca continued. She looked at Alexandra, "would you like to be with me for a while?" she asked Alexandra, while bending over a bit. T'Rell stood next to B'Inca and was waiting for Jennifer to be ready.

Jennifer smiled "thank you so much" she was relieved, now she could get to the Conference with relieve. B'Inca would take good care of Alex, she didn't doubt that at all. "Ok I'm ready... let's go" she looked at T'Rell motioning him to lead the way.

B'Inca gave a small nod and placed her hand on Alexandra her shoulder.

T'Rell walked out of the sickbay with Jennifer and into the turbolift down the corridor. "Airlock," T'Rell said and the computer bleeped confirming. The turbolift came in motion and the two stepped out of the turbolift on the deck they were sent to.

"So B'Inca is all fixed up again?" Jennifer asked trying to make some conversation, although this could prove hard with a Vulcan.

"Yes, she is alright again, B'Inca doesn't feel any pain anymore and there is nothing to see." T'Rell answered Jennifer's question. "The recovery went well, since there was a small chance of infection, due to the reptiloid's hands and claws.

"That's good to know" Jennifer replied with a friendly tone, this is why making conversation with Vulcans was so hard, they never asked you anything. "Do you have any idea where Conference room Three is?" they were walking and T'Rell led the way but she had no idea if they were headed to the right direction.

T'Rell walked through the airlock to the Starbase, with Jennifer by his side. He knew where to go, he had done some sort of research on the Starbase. T'Rell knew a few of the important spots on the Starbase. "Conference Room 3 is three decks lower, and the turbolift is at the end of this hallway," T'Rell said to Jennifer, who had a bit of a questioning face.

Jennifer followed T'Rell into the turbo lift and waited for him to call out the deck, after the lift got in motion she wondered what this briefing would be all about. Debriefing and Briefing. She would probably be bored out of her skull. "So when do you plan to get married with your Fiancée?"

"We haven't discussed any date yet, though it will be when we are on shore leave. And the wedding will take place on Vulcan, a traditional Vulcan wedding." T'Rell said to the curious woman. "How long have you and the captain been married?" T'Rell asked, trying to make a real conversation, with T'Rell asking Jennifer something instead.

Jennifer sighed a bit thinking about this "about nine years... give or take a few months" she knew the exact date off course but she couldn't bothered with calculating the exact time "You won't be disappointed T'Rell" she then said with a friendly smile. They stepped out of the lift and walked to wherever T'Rell thought conference room 3 was.

They walked through the corridor, "It's to the right here, and then the third door on the right." As the two approached the doors of Conference Room 3, they slid open and several of the crewmembers were already there. "Good morning" T'Rell said when he entered the room.

-={Off}=- A walking post by:

Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control Officer USS Pegasus


Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (NPC) (Acting) Chief Communications USS Pegasus (played by Cmdr Caelen LaBrie)

Also starring: Ensign B'Inca Nurse (NPC played by T'Rell)