Reprieve #28 - Finally Making it

-={On}=- [Starbase 343, A small murky bar]

=/\= You have thirty minutes to report in ladies and gentlemen, LaBrie out =/\=

Lee was sitting in a small bar on the lower levels of the starbase. A dull murky place where some of his men recommended, Lee was a man who wouldnt shy away from his men and went to this murky place.

O'Bria looked at the Pint of Cider infront of him staring at his colourful hue and froth that had just started to wind its way back into the murky depths of the liquid below.

'Sir? Did you hear that?' Cassandra asked.

'Yes' he replied flatly. He knew what the meeting would be about, how the old mission went, casualties etc. Then there was the new mission perhaps it would be exciting maybe a chance to get his marines on the ground and finally get some decent tactical fighting.

'Sir, shall we get going then?' His CO asked, she knew that when her CO started drinking he would only stop when his money ran out or if he passed out.

'Lead the way Cassandra, im sure you know where it is. I personally dont have a clue. SO lead on.' Pushing some money down on the bar and slowly getting up. Though swaying a bit he managed to give a nod to some of his marines that were smoking in a corner and generally giving the barmen some hassel.

With Cassandra supporting him he made his way from the Bar to upto the conference room and after 10 frantic minutes of consulting the computer they finally made it. As they entered the conference room, Lee walked over to the replicator and ordered a Strong Cofee, some people said he had it like treacle but he knew he would need it to get through this meeting.

Looking at the three figures in the room he notice his CO, XO and a man he thought was called Andrew, he gave a nod in his direction but i wasnt noticed. Lee slowly walked back to his seat at the back of the room with his XO


2nd Lt. Lee O'Bria CO Chiron Raiders

USS Pegasus