Repreive #24&25 - "Senior Staff Meeting"

ON: <<Starbase 343, Ryylar's quarters>>

When Caelan called, he was the last person that he figured that the Commanding Officer meant when he said "Senior Staff", but apparently a lot had changed in Starfleet since the Rhode Island. There he was just the guy that made everyone happy by mixing their favorite drinks and making sure that the band played on, even taking up an instrument himself from time to time.

Ordinarily he would have sat there in his quarters and relaxed, but as the natural curiosity in him rose, he decided that the worst that would happen is that he'd get there and the senior staff would sneer and snarl at him that he was just a luxury officer, not really senior staff. It wasn't really that bad compared to oh, say, the entire Caitian race disowning you for gutting a few Breen terrorists. He shrugged as he thought this over and decided that he only had nine lives to live, might as well take a few chances.

Stepping out of his quarters, he made his way to the starbase Conference rooms and entered conference room three, seeing that most of the true senior staff hadn't arrived. He took a seat at the far end of the conference table, just about as far from Caelan as he could manage without sitting at the opposite head of the table.


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