Reprieve #12-15, "The Tequilla Trio, the Tellarite and a Vulcan"


[Starbase 343, the most uncozy bar of the station, 2 hours past docking]

The events of the last mission were some of the most traumatic things that Ronald had ever experienced, so he figured, he deserved to get pissed like a goat... He just exited the airlock, took a gamble, and went right, and ended up in a bar, 10 meters left of the airlock the Peggy was docked at...

It looked nice from the outside, but the inside was as seedy and rancid as Ronald's mood. He figured it wouldn't matter anyway, and slammed his 5th tequilla down the hatch, after which he winked the bartender to fill him up again...

"Want me to leave the bottle, or do you insist on me walking to and fro like I have no customers but you?" the short and a little overweight Tellarite bartender asked...

"juzt leaf te bottel..."Evans slurred, followed by a softer "zmartass", as the bartender was walking away from him after slamming the bottle on his table...

Caelen walked into the closest bar that was to the Pegasus, although it proved to be a wrong decission. The bar was run by a Tellarite and it smelled musky in the dim lit bar. He looked around slightly and spotted two of his officers, probably making the same short walk from the airlock as him... or maybe taking a right turn in stead of the short left one. He decided to walk to Evans at the table in a back corner, he looked more in need of company then Russell did. "Good evening Ensign" he said before Evans had spotted him and he had seen the bottle on his table.

A loud "GAAAH!" was heard, as Ronald Evans jumped up, hearing the voice of his CO behind him... He accidentally bumped the table and saw his precious bottle of tequilla topple over! He tried to catch the bottle, and failed miserably, only succeeding in knocking it completely off the table... "Oh damn, eh, i meansorryzir..." Ronald muttered as he tried to come to attention, almost falling over...

Russell sat with his back to the door and hadn't seen his CO come in. He was alarmed by breaking glass and a sudden shriek from a voice he knew all too well... It was his roommate Evans sitting in the utmost dark corner of this pretty grubby bar. He hadn't noticed him when he came in and judging from Evans' way of speaking he had been sitting in that dark corner for a while too.

"Hey you, with the ex-bottle! If you expect me to clean that up, you got another thing coming!" the Tellarite barkeep shouted across the room.

"As you were, Ensign, we're off duty" Caelen smiled a bit at Evans'state, but he decided not to tell him anything about it "it seems that you broke your bottle" he kicked aside the shards a bit as he sat down on the chair across from his table. He spotted Russell again as he looked at the bar "Hey, Doc! we need a new bottle of..." he looked down at the label "...tequilla" Not knowing what it was or how much Alcohol was in there, he added:"and two more glasses!"

Evans looked a bit glazy at his captain, decided to let it all roll over him and just sat down...

Russell understood the gesture from his CO and tried to get the attention from the Tellarite barkeep. "Hello Sir? A bottle of Tequilla and two glasses, please." he asked with a friendly face, unaware of the nature of Tellarites.

The barkeep did look up, but went on with his business with an annoyed face, like any Tellarite.

Now Russell remembered the special nature from the barkeep's race, they hate politeness. "Hey barkeep, get me my drinks. Can you be any slower? Hurry, we're getting thirsty!"

He finally got the Tellarite's attention. The bartender walked over, behind the bar and put up a new bottle and two glasses from under it. "Here are your drinks, begone!"

"Finally!" Russell replied, acting annoyed. He picked up his order and walked over to his shipmates. "Refill?" he asked Evans as he put the glasses on the table and poured in the liquid.

"Yeshpleaze..." Evans slurred, paying more attention to the beverage that was being poured into his glass, than who was doing the pouring, and slammed it back, the moment it was filled. Tears popped in his eyes from the alcohol burning his throat...

"I'll take one of those as well, Doc" Caelen picked up a glass and putting it closer to him, making sure that Evans wouldn't grab and drink it the moment Russell had filled it.

"Zgood stuff!... Drinkup... Zgood stuff..." Evans suggested to his CO...

Russell smiled at the sudden move by his roommate and sat down next to his CO. He filled the two glasses in a way they were somewhat out of reach of Evans.

"Don't mind if I do." he reacted to Evans. It was clear that Evans had tasted a few more to come to that conclusion. "No synthehol in this bar, right?" Russell said smiling. It had been a while since he had a real drink, but he remembered vividly what it had done to him the next morning...

He filled Evans' glass again and put the bottle on the table. He picked up his glass, raised it and said "Bottoms up!"

"Cheers!" Caelen said raising his glass also before pouring it down the hatch and slamming it back on the table. The liquid kind of burned his throat before coming to rest in his stomach. Sending a shiver up his spine and making him twitch in his neck "ahhhhhhhhhh" he exclaimed reaching out to pour himself another drink, and others off course if they wanted or could stay concious long enough to drink it. ...Whichever came first...

Russell also slammed back his drink and in the same manner slammed the glass back on the table. He felt it go all the way down and said with a somewhat hoarse voice "Indeed, good stuff."

He moved his glass towards Caelen for a refill. "Aren't these glasses supposed to be half-full? Ah never mind! Throw me another." he said...

Caelen poured the glass full, he had no idea how much they had to put in there but it seemed that if you got a glass you would have to fill it up. "There you go Doc" he picked up his glass and raised it to the other officers from his ship "The difficult we do immediatly..." he eyed both the officers "...the impossible..."

"Zzkol!.." Evans blurted out, raising his glass also, and spilling almost half out of it, all over his uniform... He couldn't care less. though, as he drank his seventh shot of tequilla, also slamming the glass on the table... "Ze difficult iz impossible, it might take a while..." Evans slurred, in an attempt to finish the ship's motto.

"Hey, keep it down there, in the corner! I can't even hear myself think!" the keeper yelled from behind the bar

"I didn't know Tellarites thought!" Caelen shouted back before he to slammed back his second, Full, glass of Tequilla "...takes a little while longer" he corrected Evans before slamming the glass on the table. Another twitch as he thought over if he should take another glass.

"Ah, bite me!" was the Tellarite's only response...

T'Rell didn't immediatly go off the ship, he checked on his fiancée B'Inca first. After he left the airlock, he heard some commotion coming out of a door down the hall. The sound of glasses slamming on a table, and he thought he heard a familiar voice. T'Rell walked towards the door and entered, and he saw his CO together with Ensign Evans and Dr. Floyd. The three men were shouting at the Tellarite barkeeper who was getting annoyed, but then Tellarites usually are annoyed. The Vulcan walked over to them, and said calm "Good evening gentlemen, enjoying your beverage?"

Evans looked up to the newcomer with glassy eyes, and managed to convey the following message: "Verry nize thangyou... Heay trelll ol'buddyollpall", before parking his face on the table, and passing out like... well... Ensign Ronald Evans after eight shots of tequilla...

"Is he going to be allright?" T'Rell asked somewhat worried. "Or is this an awkward Terran ritual?" T'Rell sat down next to the now completely hammered Evans.

"This is indeed a part of an old Earth ritual called 'Hangover'. He's especially gonna enjoy this in the morning when the aftermath of the ritual takes place." Russell reacted jokingly to T'Rell's question.

Caelen laughed at Russell's joke "He might beg to differ on that one, Doc" he slapped the Doc on his shoulder in humour. He then turned to T'Rell "Vulcans don't drink alcohol do they?"

"You are correct, sir, although, we drink Vulcan Brandy on ceremonial occasions." T'Rell said replying on Caelen's question.

The Tellarite bartender walked over to the bunch, and started talking to T'Rell:"Huh, you're gonna order something yerself, or are you going to ask me for another glass, and leech off of your friends and deprive me of ANY income?"

"Look at his ears fattie, he's a Vulcan... they don't do Alcohol" Caelen made it perfectly clear that his precense was not required and not welcome either.He then stood up and sought his balance a bit as he placed a hand on T'Rell's shoulder "how about that game of Pool you owe me" he grinned at the Vulcan, when he walked into the bar he had seen a pooltable, at least the bar had something useful in it.

"Cues are back there, next to the balls... Get them yourself, or use your own. That way they are used for something, at least..." the barkeep sneered back, enjoying every moment of it... He sold them two whole bottles of expensive Terran tequilla, and finally he had some customers who knew a thing or two about a good conversation!...

T'Rell looked at his captain, as he stood up he said "A great idea sir." He walked with his CO towards the pooltable that stood a few meters from the table they had been sitting at. T'Rell didn't react to the rude remark made by the Tellarite barkeep, as he was looking towards a good game of pool. "Who will break the game captain?" T'Rell asked as he was placing the balls on the table.

"Commander's perogative I'd say" Caelen smirked, as he grabbed the two cues from the wall, they were a bit dusty and he wondered if they even could manage to make it through a game of pool. He handed one of the cues to T'Rell and chalked his cue a bit.

He leaned over the table and took the shot, he broke the triangle but no balls ended in the pockets "So how is your fiancée?" he asked as he stepped back allowing T'Rell to take a shot.

T'Rell pocketed the full green ball in the bottom right corner. "She will be fine, I spoke to her in sickbay just before I came in here, she is resting now. B'Inca will be fine to go with us on our next mission." T'Rell anwsered calmly, lining up for his next shot, the full yellow ball for the upper middle pocket.

Russell also stood up from his chair to watch the game of pool. He had no doubt who would win the game, but still there could be the element of surprise. The table could be misaligned or the cues could be crooked. He looked at Evans again who was now out could with his face ont the table in a slightly uncomfortable position.

He walked over to the pool table. "How's it going?" he asked the players.

T'Rell pocketed the yellow ball. Lining up for the full purple ball, T'Rell missed this one. "It appears my cue hasn't been chalked sufficiently" he said while stepping back, to let Caelen pocket one of the balls.

Caelen tried to pocket a ball of his owm, but he missed the pocket he aimed for "As you can see, not as good as I wanted it to" he said stepping back again "that's good to hear T'Rell" he then looked at Russell "How are you holding up in sickbay?"

"It's been eventful to say the least. I've seen more action in this past few days than in the last ten years of my practice in San Diego." Russell replied.

"Well that's good to hear..." Caelen looked at the table. He threw back his hair over his shoulders again, it had slid over when he tried to make his shot "...unless you long back to your practice"

"Not at all. This is much more... exciting." Russell said as he chose his words carefully. He had moments he had doubted his decision to come aboard a starship, but overall he was pleased with his assignment.

Then he noticed the three gold pips on the collar of his CO. "I see your command has been rewarding too, Commander?"

Caelen smiled broadly "Indeed Doctor" he then looked at the table and noticed that there were four of T'Rell's balls missing "have you been cheating me Ensign?" he walked closer to the table and looked how T'Rell took another shot, as he did so Caelen bumped the table slightly, throwing the aim of T'Rell's shot off a bit... well more then a bit.

T'Rell missed the ball he was aiming for completely due to Caelen's bump against the table. "Cheat? I'm a Vulcan captain, and Vulcans don't cheat. Unlike humans however," T'Rell reacted to Caelen's way of distracting. "Your turn, sir"

"*Cough* Cheater *Cough*" was heard behind the bar, as the bartender was adding his two cents...

"Nobody asked your opinion!" Caelen shouted back to the Tellarite "and I wasn't cheating, I was merely using some unorthodox tactics" he stepped up to the table and tried to pocket some of the Half balls that were still on the table. He made quite a good comeback. But now he was aiming for the half red ball, he took the shot and missed by a mile, through some bounces with the bands of the table it ended up hitting the black 8-ball. It was shot across the table and into the lower left pocket, he stood up and looked suprised at what just happened.

Russell saw Caelen's attempt of potting the half red ball failing miserably and he couldn't resist. "That also qualifies as a very unorthodox tactic, sir." he said with a smile on his face looking at Caelen.

"just unlucky I guess, Petty Officer" Caelen joked back at the Doctor as he put the cue back on the wall "I think we've had enough 'fun' for one evening, Wouldn't You Agree Evans?" he yelled at the, still unconcious, Chief Ops.

Evans responded in the only way he was capable of, right now, with a loud snore...

"It seems logic prevails sir, those who use, as you call it, unorthodox tactics never or rarely win" T'Rell said to his captain while putting his cue back on the rack.

"I'd better get Evans back to his quarters to let him sleep off his hangover." Russell said as he walked over to Evans to try and wake him up. "Come On, Evans. On your feet!" he said with a loud voice while grabbing Evans' upper arm.

"You're leaving already? Come on! I knew Feddies were a bunch of sissies, but this is rediculous!" the barkeeper said a bit disappointed that all of his customers were leaving

Caelen walked towards Evans and grabbed him by his other arm "I'll give you a hand with that" as they were towing Evans out Caelen turned his attention to the barkeep "We just gave you a Month's wage, so shove it!"

He then nodded back to T'Rell "He'll take care of the bill..." he winked at the Tellarite.

"But sir, that is illogical" said T'Rell just after he raised his eyebrow. "I haven't had anything to drink and ensign Evans initiated the consumption of your weird alcoholic beverages. So to come to a conclusion, it would be logical if Ensign Evans paid for the drinks."

"Yeah, go ahead, and shove it on the dead guy!" the barkeep said, coming to the defense of his new friends

"To the victor the Spoils Ensign!" Caelen said in a jolly tone as they exited the bar and walked towards the Airlock where the Pegasus docked, to get Evans back to his quarters.

"Well, come back some time, you hear? If I catch you going to another bar, I'll personally summon Chuck Norris and sick him on ya!" the bartender said as a friendly goodbye, at least for a Tellarite...

As they were walking out with Evans between them hanging like a bag of potatoes, Russell looked questioningly at Caelen. "How the hell does he know Chuck Norris?

"Who the hell IS Chuck Norris?" Caelen questioned both the Tellarite and Russell.


Passing out plastered while posting:

Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer

Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer

Ensign Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer

Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control

USS Pegasus


One friendly Tellarite Barkeeper (Played by Ronald Evans)