Reprieve #10 & 11, "Duty reporting, Captain-Sir!"


[Captain's Ready Room, Deck one, USS Pegasus, approx one hour after docking]

Caelen was reading through the reports from the different Department heads, it was getting rather dull but it did give him a good impression of what had happened on the Engineering Decks.

Koso made his way to the doors of the Ready Room, grinning at everyone he passed.  Approaching the door, he pressed the control and shifted colour to bright red.

The door chime rang giving Caelen a welcome distraction "Enter" he placed the PADD back on the table and looked at the door, curious who might want to talk to him.
The Science Officer entered the Ready Room, grinning at the Captain.  "Captain-sir greetings.  Koso, Lieutenant reporting." he said in his sing-song dialect.

A bright red creature stepped into his ready room. He looked a lot like who he said he was but on the picture Koso had appeared purple "Good evening Lieutenant, please have a seat."

The Sulamid's head bobbed as he sat.  "Appreciation," he said pleasantly, his speech just barely beneath the level of singing.  His skin shifted slightly in colour as he spoke, settling back to a muted purple.

Caelen slightly raised his eyebrow "So you're my new Chief Science officer?" he asked the obvious questions to get it out of the way.

Koso's head bobbed vigourously.  "Affirmative. Kosoandrisellapethio'andiello'drinar, Science Chief.  Captain-sir." he said, cocking his head to one side and clicking softly.

Weird creature this was but according to his files highly skilled.  "So tell me something about your species? I'm not sure I've seen any..." He glanced at the PADD with the details, "Sulamid before."

"Ooooh," the science officer sang softly, wondering how to describe his race to the Captain in a way that would make sense.  "Sulamid travel not.  BIG family unit.  Koso, Starfleet.  First Sulamid," he said with pride.

"Starfleet's first Sulamid aye" Caelen smiled at the Science officer, he was obviously proud of his achievements. "Only 73 and already a Lieutenant," he scanned the Sulamid's service record again.  "Well you're lucky, your first mission on this vessel will be a scientific one."

Koso grinned even wider.  "Captain-sir, excellent," he said quietly.  He started to look around the room, as if committing every detail to memory.  The large grin never left his face.

"Well I expect you to be at the briefing tomorrow.  I'll send you the details on a later time."  Caelen followed his gaze around the Ready room.  "Well I hope you'll get settled in and feel at home here," he stood up and reached out his hand to Koso.  "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant."  He didn't even dare start at the unpronouncable name.

"I... uhh... will be... there.  Uhh... Sir." he said haltingly and then grinned again with pride.  He stared at the hand blankly for a moment, and then seemed to understand, shaking it vigourously.  The Sulamid stood and bowed at the waist.  "Koso honoured.  Appreciation," he said.

"I assure you Koso, the honour was all mine," Caelen said before sitting down again, a smile decorating his face. He liked this race and hoped that he would prove to be as good as the files had said.  "Dismissed Lieutenant."  He picked up a PADD and continued reading one of the reports again.
The Pegasus' new Chief Science Officer nodded once and left the Ready Room, quietly singing to himself as he did so.  He was going to like it here.

A JP by:
Commander Caelen LaBrie
Commanding Officer
USS Pegasus
Lieutenant Kosoandrisellapethio'andiello'drinar (Koso)
Chief Science Officer
USS Pegasus