Reprieve #16, 17, 18 - That darned Cait!

ON: <<Starbase 343, Ryylar's quarters>>

Ryylar slept soundly on the floor, but then again, as with most felines, he could probably sleep soundly just about anywhere he could fit. His fur and uniform kept him warm, even if his uniform was slightly wrinkled.

Kristiana was still sleeping as well .. She stirred a bit, though, on the ferge of waking up, and rolled over, with a wince. Her eyes fluttered half open, and she stared out in front of her. Then brows furrow, she blinkyblinks again and startles, sitting up straight, growling in pain, grabbing her shoulder .. "Where The Bloody Hell Am I ?!"

Ryylar woke up, hearing the melodious shrill screech of the executive officer and he rolled over to look at her from the floor.

"Well the obvioussss ansssswerrrr issss in bed... The ansssswerrrr you'rrrre looking forrrr issss that the bed issss in my quarrrrterrrrssss." Ryylar said, looking up from the carpet, some five or six feet away.

Another blinkyblink as she looked at him. "Ryylar .. What .. how .. who .. Why .. am I in Your quarters ?! What happened here ?!" Confusion slowly being replaced by anger.

"You sssseemed ssssad and upssset that you werrrre going back to sssssickbay, sssso I thought that you might enjoy ssssleeping in a rrrreal bed, and not a bio bed being poked and prrrrodded by nurrrssssesss and doctorrrrssss." Ryylar said, trying to calm her down.

"But .. I .. .. " She blinked again and peered at him, now pulling the blanket up to cover herself. " .. What did you do to me ? Speak up ! Speak up, crewman !"

He frowned at her, she was basically accusing him of taking advantage of her.

"I carrrrried you back herrrre and then laid you in the bed. Of courrrrsssse I grrrrabbed a pillow forrrr mysssself ssssso I could ssssleep on the floorrrrr." He said, laying there on the floor with his elbow propped up on the pillow now.

"So .. You didn't .. .." She sighed a bit. She knew he didn't. But she woke up confused, and couldn't be sure. Now that she was waking up more and calming down, she knew that ofcourse he didn't. "Yeah .. Sorry. Ofcourse you didn't." Another sigh. "I just .. .. You had no right to bring me here, when I told you I wanted to go to sickbay. What if the doctors are looking for me ?"

"Then all they would have to do issss asssk the computerrr wherrrre you arrrre. Besssidesss, which issss betterrr forrrr yourrr health? Sssitting in sssickbay being uncomforrrtable? Orrrrr ssssleeping in a niccce warrrm bed?" He asked, cocking his head a bit.

"Yeah, well, don't do it again, alright ? I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, thank you." She winced as she slipped off the bed, rising to her feet. " ....... Can I .. use your shower ? .. While I'm here anyways ?"

"I don't believe that I everrrr sssaid you werrren't capable Krrrissstiana.... And of courrrrssse you can." He said, getting up and moving towards the bathroom to get everything set up for her so she wouldn't need his help.

She'd sit on the edge of the bed, waiting. Trying to figure out what the hell happened from yesterday, leading up to this moment, realising that somehow this feline managed to turn everything upside down. Seems that he had a knack for causing trouble. And he was going to be part of 'her' crew ? This thought troubled her. Greatly. As she waited for his word that she could go and have that shower.

He came back out a moment later and smiled at her.

"I've ssset it all up forrrr you Krrrrissstiana." He said, leaning down to help support her. She would be able to walk on her own two feet, but he would be there to catch her should she fall or lose her balance.

"Ech .. Don't touch me." in a grumpy voice as she pulled away from him and wandered into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Soon, he could hear the water running.

He sighed and let her go and do her own thing, not trying to stop her.

"Verrrry well." He said, backing off.

She'd remain in the showe a good half hour, losing herself in the gentle, comfortable warmth, letting herself get lose in the feeling of the warm water streaming down her naked body .. Eventually she'd stop the shower though, and dry herself off - this being quite a challenge when you can use only one hand.

Then putting her clothes on again - as much as a hospital gown and such count for clothing - and she'd step out of the shower, looking much better, much more awake. She looks at him a moment, not sure what to say.

He smiled gently at her and walked over to his set of drawers in the room, pulling out a uniform that would have stretched on him, but probably would have fit her perfectly.

"If you would like, you can wearrr thisss rrrratherrrr than that gown you'rrrre wearrrring." He said, proferring to her the red shirted uniform.

" ..... No." came her reply after a moment's consideration. " .. I'll brave the halls in this." Her eyes narrowing everso slightly, as she continued to look at him, her half-long hair now clinging to her face and neck. "If you'd .. lend me a robe or something then bring me back to Sickbay, I'd appreciate it."

"Ccccertainly." He said with a smile, tossing the uniform carelessly onto his bed as he walked over to grab one of his bathrobes that was hanging up. He used one for exercise and one for relaxing around his quarters. He took the more comfortable one that he used to relax and gingerly put it around her shoulders.

She'd put her arms in the sleeves, with his help, then gives him a nod. "Yeah .. thanks." in a defeated voice. " .. You know, it's Very improper to kidnap your superior officer and simply dump her in your bed." eyes narrowed at him. "I could put your ass on report for that." a pause, then a sigh. " .. But I slept too well last night for that." before she'd turn and head for the door.

"You could have had me kicked out of Sssstarrrrrfleet if you wanted to..." He said, following her to the door, determined not to let her just walk out of his room as he had so many others.

"Then why did you do it ?" as she waited for him, outside his quarters. "Are you That anxious to make all of starfleet mad at you ? Is upsetting one race not enough ?"

"If I told you that you looked sssso peaccceful when I carrrried you lassst night, you'd likely not believe me. Bessssidesss. It'ssss my job asss morrrale officccerrr to make ssssurrrre everrryone is feeling betterrrr. Lassst night though.... well.... neverrrrmind." He said, shaking his head a bit.

She paused and looked at him. ".. No please, tell me." before continuing on her way again. "What about last night ?"

"Lassst night when I took you out of ssssickbay and brrrrought you to my quarrrterrrsss, it was morrrre than jusssst me doing my job. You have an intoxxxicating ssssmile." He said to her. If she could see through his fur, she would notice that he was blushing fiercely. It wasn't like him to admit that he had any emotional feelings for anyone, but Kristiana had proven to be different. Instead of him keeping the woman off balance, he couldn't find his balance with her.

A blink as she paused again .. Then would give him a smirk. "Charmer." .. She'd shake her head a bit and would continue on her way. Eyes narrowed everso slightly, brows furrowed in thought.

"I wish that I could ssssay yesss to that." He said, letting her know just how off balance she had him.

She remained quiet at that, at first .. Continuing on her way. Pausing as they got to the balcony overseeing the promenade deck of the starbase. People like ants scurrying to and fro about their business, below. Again, as before, she caught glances from people, wearing a bathrobe over a hospital gown, but she didn't seem to care.

".. I'm single, Ryylar. But, I'm single for a reason. I don't believe in any of that relationship crap. It's just .. Who needs it, hm ? Heartbreaks and worry, that's all it's good for. And I can do without."

"I've been all overrr this galaxxxxy with my lassst ship, the USsssSsss Rrrrhode Island, and I learrrned that it'ssss too big to go thrrrrough alone." Was all he said in response, reaching down to ever so softly take her hand in his as they walked to sickbay

She blinked a bit as he took her hand, and pulled it away from him, insisting on not making any more a fool of herself than she was already doing, walking along the promenade balcony, in bathrobe and hospital gown, with a 6 ft cat as companion. She just remained silent as she continued her way towards the sickbay.

He nodded a bit and put his hands behind his back, lifting his chin to walk her back towards sickbay

Caelen had walken into sickbay with his PADD and the black box. After asking the computer where Kristiana was and it had directed her to that place. But when he had looked around shortly there was nowhere he could find her. The resident medical officer had not released her from sickbay and her Combadge was on the table next to her bed. "Dammit Petrova" he cursed under his breath as he picked up the Combadge and headed out of the sickbay again, across the promenade to the Science lab, they could scan for her from there. When he was halfway there he spotted a familliar face on the balcony. One of his strong spots was his eyesight, he took in everything that happened around him and a familliar face would spring out like a pink shirt on a black tie gala. He rushed up some stairs and ended up slightly infront of Petrova still "Lieutenant" he sounded worried but he tried to be stern and professional.

A blink as Caelen suddenly appeared in front of her .. she stood in attention and saluted. "Goodmorning, Lieuten - " then noticing the pip on his collar. " .. Commander, Sir." trying to sound and look matter-of-factly, despite the oddness of the entire situation. <tag Ryylar>

Ryylar stood at attention and wondered who this was, thinking that by the way Petrova had reacted, this was no mere superior officer, this had to be both hers and his own commanding officer.

"At ease" Caelen ignored the six foot cat next to his XO "You lost something..." he handed the Combadge to her "...and you're headed back to sickbay I presume?" he almost ordered her. She was wearing a bathrobe and her hair was still abit wet, he ignored the dressing style of his XO and now turned his attention to the cat "and you are?"

A sigh from Kristiana as she stood at ease and took the commbadge from Caelen, attaching it to her chest.

"Warrrrrant Officcccerrr Rrryylarrr, Morrrale Officcccerrr of the USsssSsss Pegasssusss." he said with a nod, standing at attention.

Caelen reached out his hand to the Cat, "I am your new CO, Commander Caelen LaBrie..." he said profesionally shaking the Cat's hand, "But I'll deal with you later" he shook his head to the XO "I don't know what happened and why you're walking across a starbase bearfooted and I don't want to know... what I do know is that you're going to go back to Sickbay Right Now and not leave again untill you are released by the resident Chief Medical Officer, understood Lieutenant?"

"That isss my fault sssirrr. I felt that she could betterrrr rrrrecoverrr if she wasss not ssssubjected to the consssstant prrrrobing of medical officccerrrsss in Sssickbay, ssssso, I took herrrr out of Sssssickbay and let herrr ssssleep in my quarrrrterrrrsss while I made sssurrrre she was all rrright." He said, taking the blame, not wanting Kristiana to get in trouble on his behalf.

She was just about to open her mouth to reply to Caelen when Ryylar interrupted her .. A blink from Kristiana as she let the feline finish, then waiting for Caelen's response.

"No excuse, Warrant Officer" Caelen responded "I asked if you understood Lieutenant?" he looked at Kristiana again, he didn't want to be harsh, he didn't want to run his ship and his crew with a iron fist but it seemed that Kristiana wouldn't listen to the nice Caelen.

A snort, then a sigh, eyes narrowed as she'd salute Caelen again. "Understood, Commander." She almost spat out. Oh how she LOATHED that sickbay, and she was in no way pleased to be ordered back to it. Oh how she would take her revenge if Caelen was ever injured.

Ryylar could honestly have cared a little less about the reprimand if he tried, but his attitude about Starfleet and service like this in general was so abysmally depressing that he didn't care enough to try and care less. He just mutely stood there, waiting for Caelan to let them by. He felt sorry for Kristiana and honestly didn't understand why Starfleet doctors couldn't come to her.

Caelen handed the PADD with mission orders to Kristiana "this is to keep you from getting bored and walking off again" he felt the hostility then he put out the little black box he still had from his encounter with the Admiral, in it his old hollow pip "and this to help you get some more respect and responsibility for yourself and your position" she probably knew what was inside, what she didn't know is that it used to be on his neck, he wouldn't tell her either, she would probably replicate a new one if she knew.

She'd blink at the padd, then headtilt a bit at the black box. Yes, she knew what was inside, she was just puzzled to why he didn't wait till after she'd given her report .. Or maybe was in uniform .. Or maybe not so in public, on the balcony overseeing the promenade. She'd sigh and decide not to make any mention of any of this though, almost as if she took the pip and the comment literally that it didn't have anything to do with her performance - since after all, what did Caelen know about her performance, she'd never given him her report yet - but just so she would have some self respect. If there was Anything she wasn't lacking, it was confidence in herself. So she accepted the padd and the box, not saying a word about them.

Intead she stood in attention to Caelen. "Will there be anything else, Sir ?" with a bit of a sneer, towards the CO who apparently thought that this situation was the proper one to offer promotions in.

"Always the gratefull one I see" Caelen had expected another reaction from his XO "well that'll be all..." he said stepping aside, allowing them free pass. He had been worried when she had disappeared, angry that she had left without permission and now disappointment that the promotion wasn't the thing that cheered her up in a hard and boring time recovering. In stead Caelen was now the party crasher, he walked away from the two and looked over all the people walking the promenade, leaning on the railing looking over them as he sighed.

Ryylar looked to Kristiana and smiled the best he could under the circumstances.

"I'll come to vissssit you in Ssssickbay if you want me to Krrrrissstiana..." He said, trying to make her a little happy.

" .. Yes Sir." A sigh as she looked after him and shook her head a bit. "Thank you, Sir." matter-of-factly, before turning back to Ryylar. "If you'd show me to Sickbay from here, please .. I don't know the way."

He nodded and led her to Sickbay, letting her check herself back in.


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