Repreive 6&7 - "a PADD and a Black Box"

-={On}=- [Docking Ring, Starbase 343]

Admiral James Cash strode through the docking extension that connected to the USS Victoria, his galaxy class flagship vessel. Walking through the base to one of the conference rooms, he stepped in. He needed to debrief Caelan LaBrie regarding his contact with the Romulans now that the Pegasus was back at dock.

=/\= This is Admiral James Cash, would Lieutenant Commander Caelan LaBrie please report to Conference Room Three? =/\= Cash said, using the base's announcement system to ensure that LaBrie would come to the conference room straightaway.

At the announcement of his name Caelen stopped in his tracks and hit his combadge =/\= On my way Admiral =/\= he responded before closing the channel again and kissing his wife and daughter goodbye, he was happy that the Admiral called him away. This way he could avoid the long and dull shopping spree of his wife without upsetting her too much.

Admiral Cash looked over the PADD before him with LaBrie's official report of the incidents, but he was never a man to go by reports.

Caelen walked into the big empty conference room and saw the Admiral already in the Conference room seated at the head of the table "Reporting in as ordered, Sir" he stood in attention saluting the Admiral.

"At ease, come in and sit down Lieutenant Commander LaBrie..." He said, gesturing to a seat nearby.

Caelen sat down and awaited the Admiral to start speaking.

"I see from your official report that you seem to have handled your ship and your staff admirably... So tell me, what did you think of the Romulans?" He asked.

"The Colonel that I have encountered was an honorable man but from what I've heard from my Security officers his first Officer was a bit more..." Caelen tried to pick his words carefully "...hostile"

"I think that they all seem to pair their officers up like that. One good cop, one bad cop... Almost like they don't trust one of the two officers..." He said, musing on that.

"Anyways... how did the Pegasus serve you Caelan?" He asked him.

"With an old vessel like that I am glad to have a rather fresh crew..." Caelen was a bit absentminded as he tried to think of a good answer for the question "...don't get me wrong they are both excellent and I am glad to serve one her and with them" He looked at the Admiral "It's not a Galaxy class but it did a formidable job"

He nodded and smiled.

"Well then I guess that means I won't have to mothball your ship." He said with a wink.

"Now on to more serious issues Commander LaBrie..." He said, looking at the PADD and sliding a small black box towards him across the table without looking up.

"No sir I kinda like her" Caelen smiled back before having the box pushed to him. His smile turned into a frown, a black box and everyone knew what was inside of such a box, Promotion. He popped open the box and saw a full pip shining in it, he smiled again although he didn't feel like he deserved it, he changed his hollow pip with the full one. "Thank you Admiral..."

"Don't thank me Caelan, you earned it. I also have something else for you. Your new orders." He said, slowly pushing a PADD over to Caelan.

That was faster then expected, but then again Caelen didn't like sitting still for to long either "Thank you sir" he said quickly scanning the PADD for its contents, at first glance it looked like a simple cargo mission. "Cargo sir?" Caelen wondered and frowned a bit, hardly a high end mission for the Pegasus. There was a Freighter underway to get artifacts from Draken Prime to SB343. Upon arrival the artifacts would be transported to the Pegasus and they were ordered to get it to Starfleet Science back on Earth, a long journey in friendly space to make sure all the repairs were working and give the Crew some rest after the mission in the RNZ.

"The freighter that's carrying those artifacts is going to arrive tomorrow. They'll be transported to the Pegasus and you'll be leaving first thing the day after tomorrow." He said with a firm nod.

"Understood sir" Caelen responded to Admiral Cash, he stood up and saluted the Admiral. He was ready to walk out at the moment this man said 'at ease' with the orders still in hand and his new pip on his neck. Back in the black box he had put his hollow one, to go wherever it was those things went.

Cash stood and saluted, telling him to stand at ease as he dismissed him.

"Good luck Caelan. It might be a freighter run to you, but those orders are important. Oh and Commander... don't open any of those boxes." He said, almost as a warning.

"Roger that Admiral... and I won't" Caelen dismissed the warning as some kind of joke. He nodded and grabbed the black box from the table, "Come to think of it I might have a use for this pip after all" he smiled as he turned around and walked out of the Conference room with the new orders and the black box in his hand. He was happy with his new rank, hoping that he could live up to it. "Now for some fun..." he whispered to himself.


Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus "The Difficult we do Immediately… the Impossible … takes a little while longer"


Admiral James Cash Commanding Officer USS Victoria