Repreive 6&7 - "a PADD and a Black Box"

ON: <<Starbase 343, Lounge>>

Ryylar had just come back on duty after leaving Abriel's presence and he started wiping off the bar, trying to get it all ready for the morning regulars that would doubtlessly be in soon.

Alyson walked in the lounge, just after having bought her new fedora, and holding her old one in her free hand. She still had her bag slung on her shoulder, but since she had already been assigned quarters, she wasn't in much of a hurry to settle in yet. She glanced around for a moment, then went straight to the bar, her stilettos clicking on the floor.

He looked up, hearing the familiar sound of stiletto heels clicking on the floor as he had so many times previous. He saw Cooper walking into the bar and wondered just what she was here for.

She dug out a PADD and settled her bag on the floor beside her as she sat on a stool, tipped her hat and smirked. "Saw the sign at the front door, so I'm inquiring within," was all she said to the Caitian before her. Hmm. A bar run by a giant cat. That ought to be interesting.

"Rrrrreally?" He asked her, smiling as he walked towards her, taking the PADD from her to read it over.

"Well, I think we might be able to usssse ssssomeone like you. I would need a demonsssstration firssst though." he said, looking at her.

Alyson raised an eyebrow, wondering if he meant showcasing some shaker acrobatics, making a drink requiring super precision such as a Tiger shot or something as simple as a Cuba Libre. "Bring it on, then." She was ready for anything at this point.

"Verrrry well." he said, pressing a button as a section of the bar slid back so she could step behind the bar. He pulled out a PADD and punched in some things, making a list of ten totally different drinks.

"Make thesssse ten drrrrinkssss assss fasssst asss you can....." He said, looking at a clock as if he was ready to time her.

"Tell me when you'rrrre rrrready." He said.

Alyson carefully looked at the PADD, reading every single drink on it. The Alabama Slammer, a Caramilk, a Sex on The Beach, a Saronno, a Melon Ball, a Tom Collins, a White Russian, a Kir Royale, a Xixu, and a Quaalude. All of them pretty simple to mix, and some requiring a shaker.

She looked behind her, and found a whole collection of liquors, all of them high quality stuff, and all the brands she used to order when she worked on Obsidian Command and SB60. If she got this gig, she'd be happy. "Alrighty..." she mused as she took out five different coloured shakers, ten glasses matching the drinks she'd be mixing and a few other things.

"Ready when you are," she said finally, setting her hat on the counter, far away from the demo area.

Ryylar looked up at the clock.

"Go." He said, turning to look back and watch her work.

Alyson started with the shaken drinks, grabbing various bottles and pouring what seemed like random amounts into the different shakers, added ice where required, and started juggling them for about 10 second before catching them one by one and pouring the drinks in their respective glass. There, five drinks mixed in less than a minute.

The five remaining ones would be pretty easy, as they were mixed directly in the glass, requiring much of the same liquors, with only a few variations between them. The last one she made was indeed the White Russian, one of creamy favorites. A bit of vodka, a bit of Kahlua, cream, sugar and chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. "Voila."

He nodded, one minute and twenty nine seconds.

"Good time.... now the quessstion issss, arrrre you willing to help yourrrrr new bosssss drrrrink all of thessse now that you've made them?" He asked her with a grin to let her know she got the job.

Alyson nodded, placed her fedora back on her head, and reached for the White Russian, which had been made specifically for her tastes. "I don't usually drink on the job, but I'm willing to make an exception."

He smiled and nodded, waving her on back as he told another officer to watch the bar for a minute while he and Alyson went to the office behind the bar. He grabbed a couple of the drinks and went back.

Alyson slung her bag back on her shoulder, grabbed the remaining drinks and followed her new boss, realizing right then that she didn't even know his name yet. She made sure to ask when they would be able to talk in private.

After the door shut to the office and he set several of the drinks down on the desk, taking the Alabama Slammer in his hand, he sipped it a bit, smiling at her.

"Welcome to the barrrr." He said with a smile.

"Thank you. You like it?" she asked, nodding at the Alabama Slammer.

"Yeah, I do, drrrrink up." He said with a smile, looking her over and thinking that she was indeed quite attractive.

Alyson tipped her hat again, and sipped on her White Russian, which was indeed quite good, for something that was made in five seconds flat. "So, if I'm gonna be working for you, I should know your name, no?" she asked in between sips.

"Rrrryylar, and yourrrsss?" He said with a smile, raising his glass as he sipped the Alabama Slammer.

"They call me the Mad Hatter, but I usually go by Cooper. Only my mother calls me Alyson."

"Nicccce to meet you Cooperrrrr." He said with a purr.

"Likewise," she replied, licking the whipped cream from her lips as she finished her glass, and instinctively went for the Caramilk.

He smiled and nodded, drinking the last of the Slammer. Oh yes, this would definitely be a good partnering.

Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Lounge Manager "Springing more women than letter at a time."

Alyson Cooper Barwench Captain's Yeoman "So many hats, so little time!"