"Reprieve" #4 - 5 "Damn that Beach !"

ON: <<Starbase 343, medical deck>>

Ryylar hated doctors... well no, that wasn't it, he hated medical doctors, specifically veterinarians. There were plenty of good people with doctorate degress out there, but Ryylar was forced by duty to walk into the butcher shop.

Strolling into Sickbay, he smiled and waved a little parade wave with a smile.

"Hey therrre, Hi therrre, How arrre you therrre?" He asked with a grin to all the patients, some of whom smiled and grinned back.

" .. Oh great." Kristiana groaned quietly to herself. " .. A talking cat." She closed her eyes and half turned around - gasping and wincing with the pain in her shoulder. She hated sickbays, and wasn't too fond of cats, either. She pretended to be asleep, hoping that the feline wouldn't see the difference.

"So where is everyone from today?" He asked, walking about. Most of the crew members said the Pegasus, and one thumbed towards Petrova.

"Even the lady here is from the Pegasus." He said to Ryylar, drawing his attention to Petrova.

She muttered under her breath again. Why couldn't they just leave her alone ? Oh well, she would just brave this creature's presence and talk with him. Who knows, it might even prove distracting from the pain. Eyes opened again and she looked his way. "Yeah. I am."

"I sssee. And what'sss yourrr name?" He asked walking over to her.

"Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova .. Ship's XO." A wince as she shifted slightly to be better able to look at this fantastically friendly, furry feline. ".. And you are .. ?"

"Ryylar, and if you'rrrrre all from the Pegassssussss, then we betterrrr all get rrrrreal nicccce and cozy... I'm yourrrr new Morale Officccer, issssn't that GRRRREAT!?" He said with a grin, leaning his elbow on the head of the biobed as it was tilted slightly up to support Petrova's back.

"Hey hey Hey !" as she felt the bed move. "Watch it .. " kinda shooting him a look, then a sigh. " .. Sorry. am just bloody pissed off that they put me in here."

"Yeah, I know the feeling, I don't like being arrrrround doctorsssss eitherrrr... much too borrrring. Like a Caitian longpike is shoved in theirrrr.... yeah, but anywaysss at leassst the company isss good." He said with a smile, gesturing to himself and the other crew.

A smirk from Petrova. "If you say so. " .. I'd much rather be practising my bat'leth in the gym than be parked here and forgotten like so much garbage." Yes, if you get the impression that she's unhappy about being here, you'd be right.

"Oh I know... Though Bat'leth'ssss arrre ssssoooo borrring to ussse... You get much morrre fun prrracticccing with Caitian weaponssss." He said to her as a couple of doctors came in and started running scans on the rest of the crew.

"Eh, I wouldn't know. I don't know any Caitian weapons, only klingon, vulcan and earth blades. But if you can show me a caitian weapon that's better than an earth bastardsword or a klingon bat'leth, I'll believe you." A smirk from the russian XO, finally someone who knows weapons. Maybe he wasn't such a bad kitty after all.

"Ohhhh well let me jusssst get you alone on a holodeck Ma'am and we will have a LOT of fun..." He said with a smile. Several of the other crew snickered at how the connotation could be taken so horribly wrong from what he said.

... And Kristiana's small amount of enthousiasm quickly cooled again. Eyes narrowed slightly as she looked at this cheerful 'little' furball. " ... Riiiiight." A deep sigh and a soft wince "Well, you're all out of luck, our little boat doesn't have a holodeck, and I don't think I'll be fit to use the starbase's holodecks before we ship out again."

"I don't know about you missss, but I've got nine loooong livessss to sssspend being patient." He said with a smile.

"You assume that I'm a miss. That's a very risky assumption." she'd reply with a smirk, deciding to tease him right back. "Just got the one, myself. And if things keep happening like they have, this one ain't gonna last."

"Well I couldn't help noticccing that you'rrrrre not wearrrring a rrrring like most humansssss do when they'rrre attached." He said with a smile.

" .. Point to the Caitian." Kristiana would admit, with a sigh, turning her attention back to the ceiling again, counting tiles, like the furry fiend entered. " .. Tell me, what's your opinion of Romulans ?"

"Rrrromulansss? If I had to pissss off one rrrraccce in the univerrrrssse I'd rrratherrr it not be Rrrrromulansss. They have a LONG lifessspan and neverrrrr forrrgive anything." He said with a firm nod.

A nod as she'd sneer "Well, it was bloody romulans did this to me. All because they wanted to show who had the muscle in that little neutral zone of theirs .. Sheesh, seriously, a Valdore class against a Centaur class. Such bravery." with a snort.

"Yeah.... ssseeing as the Valdorrre classsss isssss about a fifty yearrrr newerrrr dessssign." Ryylar observed.

"And four times the length, width and mass of a Centaur." She'd sigh. "Oh well, that's all behind us .. So, you got assigned to our little boat, did you. Who did you piss off to earn this little assignment ?"

"The Caitian sssspeciessss." He said in all dead seriousness.

A slow blink from Kristiana as she turned to look at him again. "How'd you do That ? .. I'm trying to imagine how that's done, upsetting your whole race .. "

"I ussssed thessse." he says and flicks open his fingers, revealing retractable 2 inch claws.

"Of courrrrsse it wassss againssst sssseverrrral Brrreen, but that'ssss ssstill not allowed by Caitiansssss." He said sadly, flicking the claws slowly back into his paw.

" .. And they - all of them - blame you for doing that ?" Another blink from the female. "That sucks."

"It'ssss prrrohibited by Caitian honorrrrr law... The head of Cait himsssself couldn't usssse hisss clawsss, not even in sssself defensssse!" Ryylar said, expressing the gravity of the law.

A nod from the Lieutenant, as she'd reach out her good hand to rest on his furry paw for a moment. "I'm sorry." was her quiet response, brows furrowed. She couldn't begin to fathom what it's like to be cast out by your entire race.

He smiled a bit.

"No need to be sssorrrrry! I'm herrrre now.... Hmmmm... you rrrrreally don't want to be in herrrre do you?" He asked her.

"Is space dark ?" was her reply to his question. "No, I do Not want to be in here."

"Then let'ssss go." He said with a smile, offering to help her up.

A blink from Petrova "What ? We can't just .. up and out of here .. ! I mean, my shoulder .. I need to rest or I can't work." She just looks shocked.

"I didn't ssssay you couldn't get rrrresssst did I?" he asked.

"Well .. No .. " She sighed, then looked around. A smirk formed, and she'd sit up, then slip off the bed, wincing slightly. A firm nod. "Alright, let's go. Lead the way, Ryylar."

"But you can't just - " one of the wounded security staff piped up, but Kristiana flipped him the bird and stuck her tongue out at him. "I'm your bloody XO, that means that I get to do what I want. Understood, crewman ?" with a grin.

"Yes Ma'am." Came the reply, with a smirk.

He nodded and leaned down, slowly picking her up to help carry her. He knew it would look a lot better if he was carrying her than her walking along and wincing most of the way.

"Jusssst look like you'rrre enjoying yourrrself ma'am..." He said with a smile

"Waah !" She shrieked as he picked her up, a wince and a shiver tore through her as she gently tried to settle, putting her good arm around him. "Well, alright .. Where are we going ?"

"The holodeck.... I have ssssomething therrre that you might enjoy...." He said with a smile.

He took her into the holodeck and smiled, holding her as he read her off his access codes and which program to punch up. As she did the holodeck disappeared to reveal a gorgeous tropical beach on a sunny beautiful day.

A blink and a chuckle. " .. You charmer. You can set me down now." Glancing around, taking in the sights. She'd seen a beach only once or twice in her life, and never a tropical one. Except for movies, but never even on a holodeck.

"Charrrm hassss nothing to do with it... I just thought that you might like to warrrrm up afterrrr being in cold ssssspaccccce all the time... bessssidessss, the hot waterrr will do you good." He said with a smile, setting her down and walking towards the water.

"Well alright .. Though I .. never learned to swim. And don't have any swimwear. And couldn't swim with my shoulder anyways. So I'll just sit at the edge and I'll have a tequila. So, if you'd please .. " She'd tell him with a grin, as she motioned him towards the nearby bar, as she headed for a small pier.

"Computerrrr, sssswimssssuit fit forrrr Lieutenant Krrrrisssstiana Petrrrrrova." He said and the computer beeped, a swimsuit appeared on the beach beside her a moment later as he walked along the beach towards the bar.

"Hey !" She'd blink at that, and next thing, the swimsuit hit Ryylar in the back of the head. "I am NOT going to change into swimgear." She'd tell him, as she - with a wince - sat down on the edge of the pier, dangling her bare feet in the water.

He returned with her tequila, holding the swimsuit in his hand.

"Well you didn't have to change in the open. Therrre isss a changing rrrroom nearrrby. It'll feel good to have the ssssun on yourrrr sssskin." Ryylar tried to reason.

"Not today. I mean, I can't use my left arm. How would I change ? Or would you gallantly offer to help me get rid of my clothes and slip into a skin-tight swimsuit ?" She'd reach up to take the glass of tequila and took a sip, smiling at the taste.

"Well I wasssn't going to ssssay anything, but if that'ssss what you'd ssssuggesssst..." he said, smiling at her.

"Down, boy." She'd tell him, looking out into the distance. A sailboat passed by on the horizon, lazily making it's way towards wherever it was going. A sigh as she furrowed her brows and, pulling one leg up, rested her good arm on her knee, and her chin on her arm.

"Down? Ok." He said, leaping up and diving down into the water, slightly splashing her as he entered the warm salty seawater at the end of the pier.

"Ack !" She got splashed with water, lost her balance and fell flat on her back on the deck of the pier - a wince and a whimper as she hit and hurt her shoulder, her tequila falling over the edge of the pier.

He surfaced and didn't see her sitting up any more. Growing concerned, he flicked his claws out and sunk them into the wood of the pier, climbing up effortlessly as he put his claws back, clambering up onto the pier.

"Krrrrissssstiana! Arrrre you ok?" He asked her, obviously concerned.

A string of curses from her as she sat up again, wincing, growling at her shoulder. "No, I'm bloody Not ok !" She spat at him, then sighed, shaking her head a bit. ".. Look, I appreciate the attempt at cheering me up .. But I just wanna go back now, ok ?" as her shoulder obviously bothered her.

"Ssssickbay?" he asked her, almost mournfully, hoping she just meant to her quarters or something.

"Yeah, Sickbay." as she pitifully reached her good hand out to him for him to help her up to her feet again.

He didn't take it, instead leaning down to pick her ever so gently up once more, this time being ten times more careful about her shoulder, walking slowly along the pier and beach a bit. The sun was setting some now, and seagulls cawed as the waves rode up on the shore. Ryylar took one last look at it all.

"Arrrch." He said and the arch appeared. He carried her through it and into the starbase.

Another wince and a sigh as she just let him pick her up. Once again, the good arm wrapped around his shoulder as she settles in his arms, letting herself get carried away ..

He decided to take the long way to Sickbay. Through several different and completely opposite directions. Just long enough to spend time with her, not long enough to piss her off though.

She'd look around, remaining quiet as he carried her around. Many looks cast their way, but she didn't seem to care, or barely even noticed them. Eventually she'd just close her eyes and rest against him. A somewhat sad look on her face, as she did.

He stopped, noticing she was almost asleep and turned away from sickbay, heading towards his quarters. When he opened the doors, he walked over to his bed and laid her ever so gently down in it, grabbing a pillow from the other side of the bed, tossing it on the floor. He didn't have officer's quarters, so there was no couch or anything.

Sure enough, she had fallen asleep by the time he placed her down onto his bed. She didn't seem to mind it, not in the least - snuggling into the warm, comfortable, soft mattress, instinctively pulling the blanket half over her. Her sad expression softened slightly as she seemed at peace. The calm before the storm - as there would be HELL to pay when she eventually wakes up.

Ryylar smiled a bit, moving to cover her up completely and make sure she was more comfortable. He walked over to a spot some distance away on the floor where his pillow was and curled up, falling asleep. He knew she'd be pissed he didn't listen to her, but she could not claim being happier in sickbay than she was now. The calm expression on her face was proof of that.


Strange-but-sweet introductionary RP by:

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