"Repreive" #2 & 3 - "Make me beautiful... again"


[Sickbay, deck 6, USS Pegasus]

"Well then, now that he's gone..." Russell smiled as he turned to his XO. "Let's see what that EMH has been up too." He picked up a tricorder and started scanning for the status of Petrova's wounds. "First and second degree burns from some exploding console and ... ouch, something we used to call a shoulder." he said with a painful look on his face. "The EMH managed to stop the bleeding and gave you a few doses of analgesic against the pain. Now it's time to repair the damage."

She'd give a quiet nod. Sighed softly and just prepared for all kinds of doctor-y stuff to be done on her now. "Do your worst, doc .. " she'd say, tiredly.

Russell saw his patient bracing for the worst. "I'll need another scan to see how to repair the bone structure in your shoulder. It's pretty banged up." he said as he got a mobile scanning unit next to the biobed. The disruptor blast shattered the bones in the shoulder to pieces, making it very difficult for an osteopathic stimulator to fix it. "This isn't your standard broken arm." he said to Petrova. "It will take some time to heal. How are you holding up mentally, ma'am?"

A deep sigh. "Trying to figure out why and how .. Keeping my mind off of the injury." Though now finding herself forced to face it, by Russell's questions. " ... I want to use my arm again, Doc. I want to be able to use it completely again. I want to be able to use my bat'leth, and my broadsword, and I want to fence again .. But I don't know if I can ever do those things again." she added quietly. Obviously this was very important to her.

"I'll do everything in my power to make that possible." he tried to reassure her with a serious look on his face. The scans did not look very promising. He saw that several bone fragments were so much out of place that his stimulator in sickbay would have little effect. He would have to let the medical staff of Starbase 343 piece her shoulder together. "I'm afraid I can't do much about your shoulder with my equipment. The specialists on the Starbase will have to heal that for you, I'm sorry."

She sighed softly and gave a nod. "Alright .. Just .. do what you can, doc." She was tired. Tired of being in sickbay. Tired of being in pain.

"Affirmative, ma'am." Russell said with a decisive voice. "Your burns shouldn't be that much of a problem." he said as he got a dermal regenerator from a nearby cabinet. He activated the device and applied the apparatus just above the burns on her face. The healing effect from the regenerator slowly became visible. "At least from the outside you will look like you used to." he tried to cheer her mood a bit.

A bit of a smile from Kristiana. "So, I'll be drop dead gorgeous again, doc ?" with a soft smirk, curious to his reaction. At least she was coherent enough to tease him a bit.

Glad to see a smile on her face again, he said "Absolutely." Laughing a bit. He had to admit that his XO was an attractive woman, but a very tough one too.

"Charmer." She'd smirk again, then just closing her eyes and trying to relax, while Russell worked on regenerating her burns and bruises.

Russell smiled and continued the treatment. After a few minutes all of her dermal injuries were healed. He put down the dermal regenerator and said "There you are, handsome as ever. I'll have you transferred to the medical facility on the starbase as soon as possible to get your shoulder fixed as well."

"Handsome ?!" She'd blink and peer at him. "Old women are 'handsome' when you don't want to insult them. So, what am I ?"

"Stunning looking as ever!" Russell said smiling correcting his 'mistake'. "Absolutely no insult intended, ma'am." he added.

A smirk then a grin from her. She nods and rests her hand on his for a moment. "Thanks doc .. " A sigh then as she glanced around again. "... What happens to me next ?"

"I'll contact Starfleet Medical to have you transferred to the medical facility on the starbase." he answered Petrova's question. "I'm sure they have you wielding your bat'leth in no time again." " Yeah .. We'll see." She said with a soft sigh. She was already bored, sick and tired of being in any sort of sickbay, forced to stay still and not move too much, and being in constant pain.

"Come on, Lieutenant, it'll be alright." Russell tried to encourage her. "I believe a former classmate of mine is practicing surgery on this base. His name is Dr. Harris, he's a bone specialist. Especially T-bones." he said laughing, referring to the culinary taste of his colleague.

She just shoots the doctor a look at that and groans, resting her good hand on her face, shaking her head a bit. She wasn't in a laughing mood, and things weren't really improving in a hurry, either.

In the meantime Russell walked over to the nearest terminal. Too bad he couldn't cheer her up a bit. Laughing was very healthy and often worked better than a regular medicine could. He contacted the medical staff on the Starbase. A friendly medical officer appeared on the viewscreen.

"Starfleet Medical, what can we do for you?" the officer asked.

"I'm doctor Floyd from the USS Pegasus docked here. I would like to have a few patients of mine transferred for recovery. I'll send you the details." Russell said as he put in a few commands on his control panel. The computer chirped affirmative that the message had been sent.

"OK." the officer replied "Our medical team will prepare the beds so we can beam them over shortly."

"That'll be great. I'll await your message. Floyd out." he said and ended the transmission after the final greeting from the medical officer. He walked over to Petrova again and said "Starfleet Medical will soon be ready to get you and a few others. You'll be taken good care of."

A tired nod from Petrova. "Yeah sure thing, doc." and a deep sigh. If there was ever an unhappy Russian in sick bay, this was her.

Just before Russell could say something the reply from Starfleet Medical came. =/\= Starfleet Medical to Dr. Floyd, we are ready to recieve your patients. =/\=

"Ah, speak of the devil." he said before he tapped his combadge. =/ \= Dr. Floyd here. Stand by as I give you the coordinates. =/\= He walked over to the control panel again and transferred the data to Starfleet Medical. The computer confirmed the transmission. Russell walked over to Petrova. The other two patients to be transferred were not conscious. "Get well soon." he said to her. =/\= Starfleet Medical, three to beam over. =/\=


A recovery post by

Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova Executive officer USS Pegasus


Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus