"Mount up" #13 - 14 "What the hay ?!"

<USS Pegasus, main engineering>


Kristiana Petrova made her way towards main engineering, the morning after Kathleen Black arrived and took over the engine room. She'd smile pleasantly as she wandered over to Kathleen and told her at ease. "Enjoying your new post ? Getting used to being the chief ? Settling in nicely ?"

Lt. Black was in uniform this time. She did all of the proper salute-and-at-ease protocol, then settled down, looking comfortable. "It was easier than I'd thought it would be," she replied. "I just started asking people to do things and they just... did. We've got the engine efficiency up about seven percent, but I don't think I'll make much more improvement than that before we are due to depart." She lowered her voice a little, so that whoever else was in Engineering was unlikely to be listening in. "It's amazing, really. 'Chief Engineer' sounds so big. I didn't think I could do it, even though I know what a Chief does and I can do everything that one is supposed to do. But my grandfather was right... all I had to do was just start... doing... and everything has started to fall into place."

She smiled, then blushed a little, looking as if she feared she must have said too much, been too open and plain in her reply. So many people ask "how are you doing" in politeness, but so few ever really hear the reply... "How is the rest of the ship? I think I heard that more people have been coming aboard. I haven't really left Engineering yet except to go to my quarters..."

"Oh the rest of the ship is alright. Some minor repairs and tests still to be done, and some crew yet to arrive, but then everything's settled and we just need to await launch clearance." She'd smile as well, as she folds her arms over eachother, watching Kathleen sit down and relax, before speaking again. "Well, now that you're all settled, I have just one question, really. Why In The Blue Blazes Are The Engines Online, Lieutenant ? Protocol states that while docked inside a starbase, engines are to remain shut down except for brief testing. This is to prevent accidents and .. well, theft. Yes, people have been known to make off with starships."

Kitty was completely thrown off her stride by the first officer's sudden switch in topic, or so it seemed to her. "Blue blazes? But I.. Oh..!" She blinked and blushed, rising from her chair to stand at attention, and tried to explain herself. "Well, I.. I didn't... realize... I.. I wanted to see.. what shape they were in... and I asked the starbase personnel to have them fired up.. I only meant it to be for a couple of minutes, but they needed tuning, I could hear it... and I.. well.. forgot that I wasn't really supposed to have them on for this long." She looked miserably mortified, as if she were eight years old caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "I really didn't mean any harm, sir, I'm sorry. And I _did_ manage to bring up the efficiency about seven percent, as I just told you." Even in the midst of her embarrassment, though, she still had a wry sense of humor and was helpless to prevent it showing through. "I really have no intention of stealing the starship, sir," she said, a slight twist to her mouth that almost became a slight smile, as much as she'd have prevented it.

She continued to look straight at Kathleen, her expression unreadable. Letting an uncomfortable silence linger for a few moments, before she gave a nod. "Very well. I won't make anything more out of it than what's already been said here, since you Did manage to bring effeiciency up by seven percent. But you Will shut them down, right away, until cleared to turn them on again. And I'd appreciate it if you'd call me Ma'am instead of Sir - atleast, I Do try to look a little bit feminine."

Kitty dropped her gaze in confused mortification, still blushing. "Yes si--... ma'am... and.. I meant no offense, truly. My grandfather taught me.... that.... " But she ddn't finish the sentence. She had the feeling that she'd done something very wrong, and she'd better not say anything more. She turned back to her console, glad for an excuse to turn her face away, and started the proper shutdown sequence. Her hands moved with confidence on the controls. As much as she had just shown a lack of concern for proper protocol, it was clear that, where engineering duties were concerned, she knew what she was doing.

".. It's alright" Kristiana would add. "I'm glad to see you adapting so well. Just .. try to keep protocol in mind, alright ?" As she pushed herself off of the wall again, that she was leaning against. "and nothing bad will happen." A nod given, as she would turn towards the exit again.

As Kristiana was turning towards the exit, Kitty spoke, quietly, but probably still within hearing. "Thank you."

At that Kristana just gave a soft smirk - unseen to Kathleen, and continued on her way out, towards the gym, to excersize and work off some frustration and surplus energy.


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