"Mount Up" #11&12 - "Is there a Doctor in the house?"

-={On}=- [Starbase 343, Main Shuttlebay]

After a long journey from Earth by shuttle, Russell stepped aboard the Starbase. It had been a long while since he had been on a starship, let alone on a starbase. While he walked along the promenade he looked at the docked ships inside. He applied a position on a ship called USS Pegasus, but he didn't see it at first glance since starbases are huge. He read somewhere that a typical starbase like this one could contain almost one hundred starships. And since the Pegasus wasn't the biggest of the bunch, he wasn't surprised he didn't see it at first. He had received instructions where to find the docking port for the Pegasus so he decided to look for directions. So many decks, so many ways to get lost on this base...

Finally he arrived on the deck where he could board the ship. He looked at the USS Pegasus through the viewport and saw a Centaur class ship where he would be the Chief Medical Officer. He read about fellow crewmen aboard this ship and found out that it was quite a young crew with a CO on his first command. A certain Caelen LaBrie, very experienced Starfleet officer, but new to his present job. He was curious to meet his fellow colleagues, so he decided to call for his CO on his combadge.

=/\= Ensign Russell D. Floyd for Lt.Cmdr. LaBrie, please respond =/\=

Caelen his combadge chirped and he tapped it to open a channel =/\= LaBrie here, Good morning Ensign... =/\= he said wondering who he was. While the name Russell Floyd did sound quite a bit familiar he couldn't quite place it, too many new names in too little time. =/ \=... how can I help you =/\=

Glad with the quick response from his new CO, he replied =/\= It's your CMO reporting for duty, sir. Permission to come aboard?=/\=

=/\= Ah yes off course... =/\= Caelen said realizing who Russell was =/\= ...I'll meet you at airlock 37, doctor=/\= he added before turning around from where he was headed, back towards the Horse

=/\= I'll meet you at the door. Floyd out =/\= Russell said with a smile on his face and headed towards the airlock. He looked forward to working on a starship again. It had been almost ten years and under not so pleasant circumstances. His wife Laura wasn't that pleased to let him go, but he was able to persuade her. It was something he had to do. She ultimately agreed to it, but she would rather have him at home. His kids had mixed feelings about his departure. Ofcourse it was cool that their dad was a doctor on a starship, but they would also miss him. Peter, his son, also expressed that he would join Starfleet when he was old enough. He also had a sense of adventure, even more than his dad.

Russell arrived at airlock 37 where he would meet his CO. Almost at the same moment he saw a tall guy walking towards him. He didn't look like standard Starfleet material to him with his long hair, "But then who does?" he thought by looking at himself. He introduced himself to the man who now stood in front of him "Russell D. Floyd" while he put his hand out.

Caelen shook Russell's hand "Caelen LaBrie" he said shaking the hand "Good to have you here doctor" he said tapping the code on the airlock unlocking it once more. There was no way he would forget his command code now, he had typed it way to many times the past few days.

Russell followed Caelen onboard the ship. He looked around to get an image of his new home. He read the specs of the ship and was already quite familiar with it's outline. "So, we're headed for deck 6, right?" he asked his new CO.

"Yes, quite correct" Caelen said with a smile headed towards the turbo lift. "Deck six" he said when Russell had also entered the lift. The doors closed with a hiss and Caelen didn't feel like waiting in silence so he started talking, "You will probably see my daughter around a lot" he started turning his head to face Russell with his trademark smile.

Russell looked curious but amused at his CO. "What do you mean by that, sir? Is she interested in a job as a nurse?" Not exactly knowing how old his CO's daughter was, but he was sure she wasn't old enough to become a nurse, yet.

The turbolift came to a halt on deck six, "I have no clue on what she wants to become but somehow she is interested in any Medical Officer that walks past..." he said starting to walk again. The sickbay should be around here somewhere but the exact place slipped Caelen's mind, "...ehm..." he said questioningly rubbing his hairy chin.

Russell looked at his CO with a smile on his face and said "This ship is as new to you as it is to me, but I'm glad I looked at the floor outline of this deck. I believe it's to the right." and headed that way. While walking along with his CO he said "It would be a shame to get lost on the first time out. But then we could always make it a tour of the ship. I won't be seeing much of it when I finally get installed in Sickbay."

"I would be happy to but unfortunately with all the new crewmembers, transfers, repairs, preparations, ceremonies and what not I am currently out of time" Caelen said making everything he listed boring and long winded. "I could send my daughter your way and let her give you a tour though" he said after a moment of thought. They entered sickbay and the doors slid open, no code needed this time, "...My daughter already had a tour of the ship and would be thrilled to take you around..." he said when they came to a stand still in the middle of the sickbay "...and maybe it's my chance to redeem myself for not calling her when you contacted me that you arrived" he added with a grin. Caelen knew that his daughter was not going to like it when he would tell the CMO had arrived and he didn't contact her.

Russell was amused by the comment of his CO. "I know how kids can be, having two of my own. After I get my stuff ordered the way I like it, I'll go to her to get my special tour of the ship if that's OK with you. For now I'll let you go back to your busy schedule." Russell nodded a goodbye to his CO who then left. Now he finally was there in his brand new Sickbay, organizing and inspecting his new workplace and wondering for things to come.

-={Off}=- A JP By:

Lt. Cmdr. LaBrie Commanding Officer


Ensign Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer

USS Pegasus