"Mount Up" #15&16 - "Touché"

-={On}=- [Starbase 343, Promenade]

Jennifer had just left B'Inca after a small dinner, she was quite interesting once she opened up to her. But now Jennifer had something else on her mind, after leaving Alexandra with Caelen she wanted to know who this new XO was, she was a women and would probably be around Caelen more then her. Now she knew that they were married but there was some insecurity, maybe this XO was prettyer, more intelligent, sweeter. "you're paranoid Jennifer" she whispered to herself "paranoid" she added just to make sure. Still she wanted to meet the Executive Officer. Jennifer tapped her combadge =/\= Ensign LaBrie for Lieutenant Petrova please respond =/\=

=/\= Petrova here. =/\= came the quick, harried, slightly panting reply. Panting ? Was she already playing around with Caelen ? Her out-of-breath voice was more than reason enough for concern to form and grow.

=/\= Eh... hi... =/\= came the hessitant reply from Jennifer, =/\= I... ehm... I'm Caelen's wife... =/\= she said a bit more determened =/\= and I would like to get to know you better =/\= she trying to force out some of the paranoid delussions going through her head.

=/\= I know who you are, Ensign - I read profiles. Sure, I've got a few moments. I'm at the Pegasus gym, meet me there. Petrova Out. =/\=

Gym... off course the gym. "You stupid paranoid women" she whispered to herself again. She shook her head clearing it off all residual thoughts. Then she made way to the gym, the airlock was now open to all personell as both the CO and XO were on board. She made quick way to the Gym as the door slid open she saw a rather tall women wielding a Bat'leth.

Stepping back and forth, left and right, parrying - thrusting - parrying again - a strict set of movements, almost like a dance. The Bat'leth was an ornate one, with family symbols etched in the steel blade, and wrapped handles, wrapped in a fabric the color of blood. She noticed the ensign and halted her excersize, giving a nod to LaBrie. "Ensign."

Still that slightly panting voice, some spots of sweat visible on her training outfit. She relaxed a bit, with a soft grin, and offered Jennifer a handshake. "Kristiana Petrova. Pleased to meet you." Her handshake was firm and strong.

"Здравствулте (Hello)"" Jennifer said in her best Russian shaking the hand, herself with delicatesse and elegance. "Jennifer LaBrie..." she stated once more for the record.

A blink, a bright smile. "I'm impressed." Kristiana would reply in russian. "Hadn't expected to hear the tongue of my fatherland here so far out in space. Where did you learn to speak russian ?" she would add in federation standard.

"I am cursed with a flair for languages" Jennifer said letting go of the handshake "I myself am from Bulgaria, went to Russia every now and again, Moskau to be exact" she explained. Jennifer walked further into the rather small gym, "I heard that you liked swords" she said, Caelen had told her that because she herself likes a game of Fencing every once in a while.

She would nod, leaning against a wall, gently setting the ornate Bat'leth down. "Yes I do. They are a much more elegant weapon. Much more civilised, and challenging. Anyone can point a phaser and click - but it takes training and skill to properly wield a sword, of any type. I have several .. Mostly replica's, though - except my Bat'leth, my best piece. I also have a broadsword, a two-hander and a rapier."

Jennifer nodded "I was told there would be fencing gear in the gym as well" she said silently hinting on the fact that she would like a friendly game against Kristiana, hoping that she could show that she couldn't mess with her or her husband.

An eyebrow raised, and a soft smirk formed. "Oh, you play ? Sure, I'd like a little friendly spar. This way .. " Kris would head towards a closet.. opening it, pulling out fencing armor and two blunt rapiers, offering a hemlet, hauberk and rapier to Jennifer, before putting her own armor on.

Jennifer put on her gear as well, swinging the sword back and forth several times to try and get a feel for the weapon, "it's been a long time" she was already looking for excuses if she would lose.

"For me as well. I prefer heavier weapons like the two-hander or the bat'leth." She would nod, take a step back and move into en-garde position. "Ready ?" She would speak in russian, narrowing eyes slightly, behind her mask, Kristiana watched Jennifer cautiously.

Jennifer lifted her rapier in the air "Born that way" she answered in Federation Standard. Jennifer made a rapid movement to the front as if she was going to stab but then rapidly moved back into defensive stance, she didn't want to be the attacking party "So how long have you been in starfleet" Jennifer asked, while she was here she might as well get to know Kristiana.

She parried the almost-attack, which didn't hit as Jennifer moved into a defensive position - Kristiana retaliated by two swift thrusts forward, aiming at the padded torso-armor. "Almost 20 years now." She replied, before moving back into a defensive pose as well, studying her opponent. "since joining the academy."

Jennifer nodded parrying the two thrusts, "why did you join..." she started but then seeing an opening in Kristiana's defense and she thrusted "...the Pegasus?" she finished after her attack was parried off.

"It was the only ship that would take me as XO." She'd reply with a smirk, dodging forward for another thrust. "So far I like it here. Might actually get 'round to unpacking, this time." Surely, she thought, Caelen had told Jennifer a little bit about his new XO.

A few quick parries followed right before they both got back into defensive positions "and what about the love life?" Jennifer asked again thrusting her rapier forwards "anybody special in your life?" she added to make things more clear.

Parrying once more, they were very evenly matched it seemed .. "Single. And not looking." Another thrust, eyeing her opponent." .. So you don't have to worry about me going after your husband - he's not my style, anyways - he doesn't strike me as the type that listens and does what I say." She would add in russian, with a smirk - followed by a quick thrust.

Jennifer didn't get all the things in that last russian sentence, but she got the general idea, but was a bit confused and to late to parry the oncoming attack. It hit her on the chest, as she took a step back she would remove her mask for a second to catch her breath, it was more exhausting then she remembered.

Kristiana halted and took a step back, lowering her weapon as she saw Jennifer stepping back and removing her mask. ".. You ok ?" She would ask with a moderate amount of concern in her voice. She was panting a bit more than before, but it was obvious she was a very well-trained woman with a high amount of stamina. <tag>

Jennifer put her mask back on "Like I said, it's been a long time" she said getting back into position "En Garde" she would say in a serious, somewhat louder, voice.

"Good." Eyes narrowed as she watched Jeniffer closely, moving quickly into en-garde, then - seeing an opening - she'd step forward and Thrust - an all-or-nothing attack.

In a swift reaction Jennifer made a small step to the left, she felt the rapier hit her on her arm but she put her rapier forward anyway, towards the stomach of her advisary.

Kristiana had stepped aside already and ducked a bit, expecting a retaliation .. She'd wince, and stand a bit uncertainly, then slowly stepped back, looking at the cut on Jennifer's arm. Jennifer would see that her rapier had slipped in between Kristiana's armor and her arm.

With a soft Clink the broken tip of Jennifer's rapier fell to the ground, and Jennifer would see some dark red fluid on the broken, razorsharp tip of her weapon ... A spot of a similar color slowly forming in Kristiana's clothing, near her collarbone. ".. Ow .. " Kristiana spoke with a wince, as she dropped her rapier. <tag>

Jennifer took a leap back immediatly pulling out the rapier and throwing off her mask "I'm sorry..." she then panicly said "...I... it... I..." she stumbled dropping her rapier on the ground as well. She was in so much panic and fear for retaliation she didn't even feel that the sting on her left arm was actually a wound as well.

Kristiana reached up with her other arm to pull off the mask. Her look was not one of anger, nor one of pain .. But more one of mild, detached amusement. ".. Looks you won. Ow." With another wince. A soft sigh, as she'd look at Jennifer. "Calm down, Ensign. Accidents happen." Before laborously trying to undo her armor, using just one hand.

"I never meant..." Jennifer would stumble also taking off her armor and only now noticing that she was bleeding as well "...ohw..." she said touching the wound with her other hand "I think it's a draw" she said smiling a bit again. The 'I don't really care' reaction of Kristiana had eased her a bit. "We should get to sickbay..." she then said "...and we need to replicate some decent fencing gear if we want to do this again" she added throwing her armor on the floor and helping Kristiana out of her armor as well.

A nod from the senior officer as Jennifer helped her remove her armor. The wound was small but deep - a fleshwound only, fortunately. She rolled her injured shoulder slightly and gave another wince, "Looks like I get to meet that new CMO of ours ahead of schedule, eh ?" As Kris turned to head towards medbay.


Lt. Kristiana Petrova XO


Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (NPC played by Caelen LaBrie) Acting Chief Communications

USS Pegasus