• Position: Chief Strategic Operations Officer
  • Species: Human/Bajoran
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Hair Colour: Fiery Red
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Place of Birth: USS McIntyre, UFPSF
  • Date of Birth: 6th of March, 2357
  • Family:
    Father - Andrew O'Driscoll
    Mother - Linalis Alia
  • Languages: Federation Standard, Bajoran
  • Interests and Hobbies: Climbing, Swimming, Extreme Sports


Hannah has a temperament to match her hair colour. She has a fiery temper, and can have a bit of an attitude. She is aware of this, however, and does everything she can to control it. Her mouth can have a tendency to snap at people, however. She has a sarcastic streak a mile wide, and sometimes struggles to keep it under control. Being trained in manipulation and flirtation at an early age by her father, she is very proficient at it, but she has never quite been able to create as large a circle of friends and acquaintances as she commanded in her first few years of the Academy.


Born in space, onboard the USS McIntyre, Hannah didn't set foot on a planet until she was eight years old. The only daughter of a career Starfleet man, Hannah grew up in his fiercely competitive world. Though never close to her father, a working relationship grew between them. He would show her off to diplomats and visiting VIPs, and she would behave impeccably, charming them, and building her fatehr's credibility. In return, Captain O'Driscoll treated his daughter to whatever it was she wanted. With the death of Hannah's Bajoran mother, this business partnership became the defining factor in their relationship. As Hannah grew older, her role turned to teasing her father's higher-ups, flirting with them, and enticing them with the promise of something they knew they could never have.

At the age of eighteen, she told her father that she wanted to enter Starfleet Academy. Initially surprised, her father (by now a Rear Admiral) saw the opportunities in having his daughter in Starfleet as well. He gave her every assistance he could, and his good word, combined with her well above-average grades, meant that acceptance into the Academy was not an arduous process.

Hannah found that Academy life was much to her tastes. She was smart enough to get by, and ever the socialite, she found the social life entrancing. Meanwhile her father continued his meteoric climb, and by the end of her second year, he was in charge of an entire Task Force. Everything seemed to be going well.

That was, of course, the moment at which everything fell apart. A semester into her third year, Hannah turned on her television one morning to discover that her father was being court-martialled and jailed for Gross Corruption and Treason. Over the previous three years, Rear-Admiral O'Driscoll had been selling military secrets to the highest bidder, as well as abusing his position in order to best serve his own interests. Hannah's world collapsed in that one day. Suddenly, she was ostracised - an untouchable. Cadets and Staff, afraid of the potential damage to their reputations, and grades shunned her, and she was changed from a social starlet into an outcast.

Hannah's final year was a disaster - distracted by the court-martial, and crushed by the removal of the social support network she had come to depend on, she plummeted academically. She came perilously close to dropping out, before a less career-conscious tutor took her aside 'for a little chat'.

He showed her how close she was to failing, and warned her that if she did that, she would be fulfilling everyone's expectations of her. He urged her to try and rescue her Starfleet career, and not to make the last three years of her life a waste of time.

Hannah realised the man had a point, and since then she has been incredibly driven. Incensed with fury at her father, she poured that anger into her work, and scraped herself out of the bottom third. She pushed herself as hard as she could, and was rewarded with a middle third placing in Security/Tactical at the end of her time at the academy.

Hampered by her father's reputation, she ended up on the USS Polaris - an ageing Steamrunner class ship, on the edge of decomissioning. Determined to work her way from under the shadow of her father, she poured herself into her work, and really gave it her all. In contrast to the apathy shown by many of her colleagues, who were disillusioned at serving on such a wreck, Hannah's work ethic shone through, and she rose to the top swiftly. Over the next six years, she soared through the ranks, and made Chief Tactical/Security Officer. After a year in the position, the Polaris was decomissioned following a sound thrashing at the hands of an unknown enemy ship, and Hannah applied to other ships for a transfer.


Crew's Choice Award, May 2006

Horizon Fleet Three Month Service Cross

Horizon Fleet Six Month Service Cross
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