Lieutenant Russell D. Floyd

"I'm a Doctor, not an old guy!"

  • Position: Chief Medical Officer
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 46
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Hair Colour: Dark Grey
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Place of Birth: San Diego, California
  • Date of Birth: February 5th, 2337
  • Family:
    Father - Dr. Harry R. Floyd
    Mother - Dr. Louise Floyd-Lamar
    Spouse - Laura Floyd-Kenson
    Children - Peter (17 years old) Anna (15 years old)
    Siblings: Angela Floyd (sister)
  • Languages: Federation Standard
  • Interests and Hobbies: Medical mysteries, Exobiology, Outdoor activities, Playing bass guitar when time permits, History in general


Russell isn't your average doctor. Due to many years in medical care, he gained great knowledge of the present day medical techniques but also some handy tricks from the old days. He is a cheerful guy, always ready to cheer the patients up, because they're often in enough misery already. He always tries to be the happy chap on the ship for his mates, even when the situation looks grim. Although his service with Starfleet Medical during the Dominion Wars can have its effect on his mood from time to time. He’s a true workaholic spending a lot of his time in Sickbay.


Even from childhood Russell always knew he wanted to make his career in Medics. His parents were both practitioners on Earth, so he spent a great deal of time in and around his parent’s practice. Learning some basic medical skills at an early age and later on reading medical journals just out of interest when he had some spare time. Besides that he had a close group of friends he used to hang out with, mostly jamming on some musical instruments. He seemed to have a knack for base guitar, but didn’t pursue it to be able play professionally.

It wasn’t a surprise for his parents that Russell wanted to go to Medical School. What did come as a surprise for them is that he wanted to do that by entering the Starfleet Academy. A few of his closest friends were joining the Academy. They had been nearly inseparable since their childhood so Russell decided to join them. Next to his interest in a study in medicine his sense of adventure had sparked his enthusiasm to join the Fleet. His family did not have a generation long tradition of joining the interstellar navy. An occasional uncle or nephew had joined the fleet, only one of them by going to the Academy.

He enrolled into the Academy in 2355 and graduated in 2359. During that time he met a joined Trill named Dirin Yvex, a hell of a lead guitar player. Learning that Russell played bass and had a couple of friends that could fill in the missing instruments to form a band, they quickly became good friends. All they needed was a singer. Russell’s sister Angela had the voice they were looking for. So they became locally known as the “Metal Medics”, a rock band playing some good old fashioned metal for a couple of years.

It didn’t interfere too much with his education and he completed his medical studies in 2363 and went on to work at Starfleet Medical in the rank of Ensign. There he met Laura, also an Ensign, which was virtually love at first sight. They married the following year and they got two children: Peter (now 17 years old) and two years later Anna (now 15) was born. After the birth of Peter, Laura resigned from Starfleet to tend to their family.

After Anna was born they decided to go back to San Diego. The Borg threat and the outcome of the Battle of Wolf 359 helped Laura to persuade Russell to resign his commission with Starfleet. He took a job in the doctor’s practice owned by his parents. The following years he helped regular people with regular illnesses. But when the Borg Cube attacked sector 001 and left a lot of wounded and dead people in its wake Russell felt that he needed to do more than give people hyper sprays for common colds.

So when the message reached Earth that the Dominion War had started late 2373 he took an assignment on board the USS Sarek as Assistant CMO, to aid the people that really needed him. After the War he went back to Earth to his wife and children. He had been away for two years and it took him a while to re-adjust to normal life again. But his witty character and his family helped a great deal.

One way or the other, the sense of adventure of being on a starship stuck in his mind. So when the opportunity came around to become CMO on the USS Pegasus late 2382, he applied immediately, after some discussion with his family of course.

Serving aboard the USS Pegasus was an eventful experience to say the least, personally as well as medically. It turned out the ship was short on officer’s quarters, so it turned out that ensigns were assigned to shared rooms. Being bunked with Chief Ops Ronald Evans clearly proved to be a unique experience.

The first mission that followed took them right into the RNZ where they encountered an unknown species in lifepods drifting through space. They proved to be a real challenge to the crew, but the quarrel with them and the Tal’Shiar ended as abrupt as it started. After the mission Russell got his promotion to Lieutenant junior grade.

While the Pegasus was sent on a cargo mission heading for Earth another medical challenge erupted by the opening of a certain box. The contents caused the people who came in contact with it to speak their thoughts, thoughts that should not have been spoken. Russell employed his medical ingenuity to find an antidote for the so called “Blabbermouth disease.” He also learned that his old time friend Dirin Yvex was still alive. At least the symbiont was, it lived on in a Trill named Nealas Yvex serving aboard the USS Orion as CMO. It sparked the memory of his bass guitar so he brought it along to the Pegasus to play if he had some spare time.

The mission in the mirror universe and the aftermath of that when they returned to the normal universe also put great pressure on the medical department. In the end the Pegasus managed to limp back to Starbase 47. As it turned out his CO Caelen LaBrie was offered command of the Starbase late 2383 following the mothballing of the nearly wrecked Peggy. In an attempt to keep the crew together Russell was offered the position of CMO aboard Starbase 47 which he gladly accepted. Now with plenty of room aboard the Starbase he was able to bring along his family.


Tour of Duty Romulan

Crew's Choice Award Feb. 2006
Horizon Fleet Three Month Service Cross

Humour Award

Good Conduct Medal

Horizon Fleet Six Month Service Cross

Non-Player Character Development Award

Horizon Fleet One Year Service Cross

Outstanding Volounteer Award
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