"That's My Q" #96 - Making a choice

On: Xavier Institute

Melina was watching the starts from the balcony. Strange how the stars seemed the same of the Earth she knew, family was a concept not far from her heart. She wondered why this though what was she supposed to do.

"Q where the hell are you, why are you doing this to me!" she demanded.

A bright white flash as Q appeared "Why do you always insist on shouting..." he whined a bit before folding his arms and looking at 'storm' "...don't you like your new skin? You always wanted to be more human"

"Like it...you really are annoying...I might have thought about being human...but..this isn't real it's a comic book, this doesn't exist at all. What the hell have you done with the others?" Melina demanded.

Q shook his head "all this pretend caring about the others... everybody just goes on about the others while the real question they want answered is 'what have you done to Me'..." he put his hands in his side "...and about this not being real, it's as real as you want it to be my furry friend"

"They all think I'm crazy or something in there, I know your not a figment of my imagination if only you where. I thought the Q had reached a ruling about humanity, that it has the room to grow if left on it's own. So why are you back again?" Melina questioned.

Melina sighed she missed her tail being part human she had a lot more abilities to her usage.

"We told you a lot of things..." Q responded with a smile "...I think one of those things were that the trial would never end"

Melina turned slightly "You..I mean the Q are afriad of us growing or even surpassing the Q that's why the trial never ends. You could just give us a break you know, the universe is a big place and all. We're just exploring your...not exactly helping I mean look at that incident in System J-25 in 2365, mostly caused by you in a fit of temper" commented Melina.

"Hahahahhahahaha!" Q laughed out loud "Even the notion that one of you thinks to come close to our Intellect... it's so... so... Human!" he laughed even louder at his own joke "Dear girl, by the time Humanity even touches on our greatness we have surpassed it ourselves... it's a race you cannot win"

"Stranger things have happened as the saying goes. Was'nt it said 'expand or die?" asked Melina.

She breaqthed throught her nose gently.

"Then you stuck me here for no reason, and I can't even use my...so called powers. If there's some lesson here I've seen it, no one as powerful or as pompous as the Q" replied Melina.

"Who told you that you can't use your powers?" Q asked, a bit surprised and wondering if she had even tried it.

"I've tried a couple of rain squalls if that. What do I have to say to get you to send me home?" asked Melina.

Q shook his head "That's not how we play this game my dear Melina..." he responded turning away from her and leaning on the railing of the balcony "...You will go back to your home in between the stars when you're finished here"

"Hmm Magneto, thoes files...I don't know what to expect or even what the lesson is, can't I even have a little clue?" questioned Melina.

Q suddenly appeared on her other side "Now that would be cheating now wouldn't it?" he said before disappearing completely without a trace.


"Storm" Lt. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47


Q (PNPC) Omnipotent being Q Continuum (Played by Captain Caelen LaBrie)