That's my Q #78 "The Fall"


The city was on the way to destroying itself. If the plague didn't kill it's populous, the populous would easily destroy each other. This was the way of things. This was all part of God's plan. 'Nothing happens without God first allowing it.' That saying was drummed into the heads of every angelic being from the time of their creation. Yet...

Yet, if God claim to love these humans (love them even more than his angels!) then why did he allow them to suffer so? And why did he allow his angel of compassion to simply watch, and not interfere? To see their suffering and not aide them... Truly this in itself was it's own kind of agony... to hear the mortal's prayers, to have your heart moved, yet being unable to move to aid them in any way... Was such apathy not... evil?

Her hand moved to her mouth, covering it as if she'd said the words aloud rather than thought them. Such thoughts were treasonous. Because everyone know that thoughts, were but the precursors to action. Any action against the will of God, was...

Was what? Evil? But wasn't allowing being to suffer, whist doing nothing evil as well? Why had he created her as an angel of compassion, and forced her to watch all of this?

She crouched balanced with inhuman grace on her toes, on the highest spire of the city's massive cathedral, with her hands clasped below her chin, deep in prayers that were going unanswered. The prayer was simple: "Why?"

The festering rot of the city once again distracted her. This cathedral was where the faithful came with the last of their strength. Here. On and on they came, the feverish, the mad, the desolate, the lost, the desperate...

The building seemed a stark contrast from the people it was meant to serve. A bastion of beauty in the center of a festering sore that was once a city. The cathedral's white brick walls and graceful statues seems to have a sheen of new ivory. Each stone had been place here with loving care. With faith... Yet what had faith done for people such as these? The building's beauty seemed to make a mockery of the people dying just outside of it's closed doors. The same story seemed to repeat, over and over: A poor soul would mount the steps with the last of his or her strength, find the dark oak doors locked solidly against their entrance, weep and wail, and hammer on the doors futilely, before exhaustion finally over took them, and they died with a quiet sigh, leaning against the very door that had been the object of their wrath a few short moments before.

After a time, the corpses would being to pile up, and the torrent of desperate people slowed, a grim faced priest would push open the doors and clear the doorway of the dead, shoving them aside with a pitch fork covered in gore, only to add to the piles with the corpses of those who had been lucky enough to die within the walls.

She had seen the hope fade from the priest's eyes in the last few days. Al first, he had open the doors of the cathedral, and taken on as many sick as the building could hold, then, with great regret, had to turn people away. But the constant sight of death had nearly burned all the compassion from his eyes. Now, instead of turning the dying away with a kind word, he simply barked a harsh "We're full." as he went about his task, and threatening those who would try to get past him with the pitch fork.

Surely death had it's degrees, she thought. Thought this priest was surrounded by physical death, he was in far more danger of spiritual death. This...

This she could NOT allow.

Spreading her wings, she lifted off of the spire, and floated gently to earth, making herself visible as she landed. The priest simply stood wide eyed for a moment before speaking in a breathless whisper: "Surely madness had finally overtaken my mind."

"Would you so easily doubt a fellow servant of God?" She asked kindly, as she took his hand. "Do you not feel the warmth in my flash, as I feel it in yours? I am not some flight of fancy of your over stressed mind. I am as real as you are." She took him gently into an embrace and folded her wings around him. "I have come to tell you that you should not allow your heart to harden. The people need you, and must look to you for strength." he trembled in her embrace, weeping silently.

"It has been difficult... And I must confess that my faith in Him has wavered..." He finally said in a shaking voice.

"I know. You are forgiven it." She said gently, not knowing if it were true or not. He simply nodded mutely.

She suddenly felt the pull of a summons from Him. The strange tingling urge to stand before him, that was the unmistakable call of a summons. "I must go." She said, letting him go. "He beckons to me." With a flap of her wings she was gone from him, and in a few heart beats had returned to His kingdom and stood before Him, unable to stare directly at Him, for the might of His sheer brilliance was blinding, even to the angelic.

"~You hath disobeyed My will, little one,. Why?~" The voice was nearly deafening, and filled every part of her being, forcing her to her knees in agony. "I-I..." She stammered, but could say no more.

"~Thought who disobey are punished. Leave My sight, Thou disobedient servant.~"

She did not have time to protest as her the feathers on her wings faded from pure white to moldy charnel house black, before finally the wings themselves shriveled and fell uselessly from her back with a wet ripping sound. The heavens opened beneath her feet and she feel and quickly as the stone, impacting the marble courtyard of the cathedral with an earth shattering crash, and leaving a crater in the once-flawless marble. How l9ong she lay there, she could not guess. He r eyes stared fixedly at the heavens that were once her home.


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