That's My Q #75-Thy Name is Arthur

-={ON}=- === Location: Middle Ages London ===

"The one who pulls the sword from the stone shall be named King of England," said a grey bearded man who spoke with a deep voice.

"Surely you jest! Pulling a sword from a stone no one can perform such a feat."

"Foolish are you, you my young noble shall never where the crown of king."

The group of men spoke to each other in hushed voices clearly they were all plotting, all of them already scheming of way to take the sword from the stone.

"I have said all that I had to say, now I will take my leave." The elderly man walked towards the door of the room.

"Merlin!" A man was dashing towards the elderly man.

Merlin stopped walking and turned to the man calling out to him.

"Merlin, join me let me take the sword from the stone. Together we can conquer all other lands, you will hold the highest position in my court."

Merlin shook his head slowly and continued to walk away. The wise man walked down the corridor and out of the castle, they grey of the sky matched his long dragging beard. The village was a bustle; livestock roamed the streets as Merlin left the castle.

"Cabbage, Fresh Cabbage!" Yelled an elderly.

Merlin sighed and continued on his way it seemed as if the noise around him didn't even faze him. He walked until he reached a stone house he didn't bother to walk he just stepped in the home. "Wake up boy!"

Reginald opened his eyes and observed the room around him <Where in the bloody hell am I he thought to himself> He felt younger, stronger, not himself in every sense of the word. He lifted himself and faced the old man "Where am I"

Merlin took a deep breath "Come hither thy lad."

Reginald walked over to the man, only to have his head be hit with a wooden stick.

Merlin observed the young man and began to talk again "Fix yourself up Arthur, there's work to be done."

Reginald cocked his head back in an attempt to understand where he was <Arthur? > Then it dawned on Reginald he was dressed as king Arthur at the masquerade party.


Reginald N. Grayson/King Arthur