That's my Q #74 - The Awakening

ON: <<Castle Draculea, Moldavia>>

It was the howling that woke him from his slumber. The terrible piercing disembodied howling of wolves. His wolves. He rose from the bed in the castle's lower levels of the keep and looked around. His ghoulish concubines lay in various states of debauchery about the room, some with blood still upon their lips from the orgy of blood and carnal pleasure of which they had partaken at the expense of a young sleepwalking village girl. Virgin blood tasted especially sweet.

'What!?' Ryylar thought to himself, shaking his head, wondering what in the heck was going on.

"MMMMMMmmmmm my count.... you have rested vell?" Asked one topless blonde haired vampire woman, moving forward to straddle Ryylar's hips.

"What!? Uh Yeah... uh where? Where am I?" He asked.

"My count, are you all right?" She asked, frowning a bit, her fangs exposed slightly as she looked at him.

"I feel all right... but... wait, did you call me count?" Ryylar asked.

"That is who you are..." She said, narrowing her eyes.

'Dear Goddess of Cait! She thinks I'm Dracula!' Thought Ryylar as the thought flashed through his mind.

"Yes it is... I... I was lost in thought for a moment." Ryylar said, playing along.

"The wolves... they howl master. They long for the hunt." She said as another brunette nearby stirred slowly and smiled up at the two of them, moving around Ryylar's behind and massaging his shoulders.

'How the hell did I wind up here?' Thought Ryylar as she rubbed his neck.

"Will you go hunt tonight and bring us another morsel to eat? The last one you brought. She was so tender, but there was so little of her to go around." Pouted the blonde before him.

'Q! That sneaky rat!' Ryylar thought as he arrived at the answer.

"Uh yes yes my dears I will go and hunt.. so you just uhm... stay here and I'll go out hunting!" Said Ryylar with a nod, gingerly moving the blonde off of his lap and setting her aside on the bed. The brunette moved to her side as Ryylar stood and moved to get dressed. When he turned he saw the two women wrapped in each others' limbs seeking each others' enjoyment.

"Uh... right..." Said Ryylar. As pretty as they were, and as much as Ryylar would have liked to join in, and probably could have gotten away with it too, the face of a beautiful Russian woman flashed in his mind.

'I have to beat Q and get out of this. I have to help Kristiana...' He thought and shook his head with grim determination as he climbed the stairs out of the smaller basement room of the Castle of the Order of the Dragon.


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