"That's my Q" #73


<Dark forest trail>

The small, black carriage thundered forth, drawn by two black horses, a driver urging them on and on despite their fear, their reluctance. Rows of trees, black as shadows, on either side, unseen outside the carriage's windows, also painted black.

The passenger of the carriage sat, by the light of a single flickering candle, reading the bible. Passages of God and His Son, Holy events, the undoing of evils, great and small. It gave him a small measure of comfort. But not much, considering what he knew he was up against.

Tools of his trade - a gold crucifix underneath his black trenchcoat, a small vial of holy water, a light bottle of garlic water, several wooden stakes 0 cut to fit the hand comfortably - and a crossbow, already drawn and secured, with a sharpened wooden arrow latched in the firing groove.

The carriage made a sharp turn, then slowed down to a stop. The driver knocking on a darkened window. The door opening, the aged, grim visage of the chaplain clothed in black with accents of white, appeared. "Yes, James ?" he inquired, his voice subtly intoned with reslessness. "We are here, Doctor." the driver replied.

Beyond a chasm, rickety rope bridge across it, lay the dreary, black castle. And inside, his prey.


Doctor Van Helsing NPC'd by Petrova