Reflections #58, 59 - "Quelling the rumors, destroying the

-={On}=- [Captain's Ready Room, Starbase Ronin]

Caelen waited for a link to be established with Starfleet HQ, with the distance it took a little longer then usual. Luckily Starfleet had send out a Starship to get rid of the radiating meteor so that didn't cause any trouble. A friendly face appeared on screen "Hi, I would like you to connect me to the Black residence in New England" LaBrie ordered, he took a sip of his iced tea as he waited for the communications girl to comply with his request.

There was a long pause, perhaps longer than usual, and then a pleasant face appeared on the screen, a white-haired woman with large blue eyes and a cheerful smile. She looked a little sleepy. "G'morning, Black residence?" Then she blinked and tilted her head slightly at the look of this long-haired guy on the other end of the communication.. and Caelen would know where Kitty had picked up one of her mannerisms.

"Good Morning, Captain LaBrie here, I am looking for Kathleen Black" Caelen said in a bit of an urging tone. The information she had send him was... confusing... at best. He had to know where she got it from and perhaps she would even have an idea of what he was to do with it.

"Captain! Oh!" The woman nodded, a mix of cheerful and serious. "Well, let me see if she's up. Hold on just a moment." She got up from the seat in front of the terminal.. he could see a patchwork throw laid over the back of the chair.

Caelen took the PADD with all the information on it, scanned through it one last time before looking up, Kitty had still not appeared. He took another sip of his iced tea and leaned back in his chair, he could get used to this office. He looked around his office, throwing a glance at the console every now and again and sipping his drink at the same rate.

Kitty appeared at the corner of his vision as she sat down in front of the terminal. Her long black hair was pulled into a ponytail, the bangs hanging loose around her face. She looked not only awake, but bright-eyed, and appeared to be wearing a flowered t-shirt.. Old fashion. She was all business, though, the moment she sat down. "Yes sir? I'm here..."

"Good morning Lieutenant..." Caelen sat upright and alert again "...are you alone in the room?" he then asked.

At that, she blinked. "Hold on a sec, there's a secure terminal in the lab." The screen abruptly blacked out, but the connection was still there... a moment later it blinked back in. This time the background, instead of being a rather comfy-looking wood-grained motif, looked distinctly more professional. "I'm alone, and it's a secure terminal. Go ahead, sir."

"You have send me this information, correct?" Caelen asked waving the PADD with a picture of Hannah O'Driscoll on it, as he was just at the latest entry.

Kitty nodded, a shade more serious as she realized what this was about. "I still have a copy on my person and I've made others. I.. didn't know what better to do with it." Then she cringed inwardly. She hadn't figured that she'd find out so soon whether or not she'd really messed things up. The only way that showed, though, was that her lips tightened slightly as she waited for a reaction.

Caelen nodded, having made sure it was Kathleen Black herself and not some elaborate conspiracy he continued "You don't need to worry, we will take care of this. I want you to get rid of the copy you have on your person and tell me where the other copies are that you made" he said, dead serious "the less people that know of this the better" he, like so many other Starfleet officers, never really believed that the Federation would allow an organisation like Section 31 to exist but this proved him and all the others wrong... and that could be dangerous.

"The original chip rightly belongs to Sulan," Kitty said, frowning a little. "It's with me. I sent a copy to her with the message that tells her where her weapons collection is being stored. There's another copy in the box with her weapons. So that's one copy residing as a message attachment, one chip in the weapons collection box, and one chip that I've kept on my person. I haven't told anybody, except the message to you and to her."

Caelen gave a single nod "Frankly, Lieutenant, I don't care if the original chip rightly belongs to Zephran Cochrane, I want you to lose it next time you go out on sea, and that's a direct order" he looked at her intently to make sure she understood "I will take care of this, is that clear?"

Kitty looked back at him, her own eyes serious as she realized just how.. Serious.. this was. She nodded. "Yessir," she said. "I'm an engineer, you know that.. I'll make sure it's.. permenantly unreadable."

Caelen smiled now "as for your posting, I have some news for you..." he leaned back in his chair "...I have a starbase and am one very capable Engineer short" he hoped she would get the hint but didn't really count on it.

"Someone wants me for a Starbase posting?" Kitty blinked, looking quite startled. "I thought they weeded out the psych cases well before Command, sir," she quipped, then she shook her head. "Is the whole crew getting split up? If you're getting another ship..." But she paused, hesitating to ask further. He'd given her compliments and seemed to value her work, but she still had the notion in her head that she'd given him an awful lot of trouble, as if she Couldn't have been trumped by a terminally clumsy Chief Ops... or a homicial Security Chief.

Caelen smirked a bit, "this is my new ship, Lieutenant" he slid to the side a bit to allow Kathleen to look into his ready room "and the crew will stick together, if I have a say in it... of course the decission to accept or reject is yours..." he leaned forward towards the screen " you want to become my Chief of Engineering... again?"

Kitty smiled at that, brightly, her entire face lighting up, her eyes lit up like stars. "Sir..." she said. "I never wanted to stop."

Caelen tapped a few commands in on a different PADD "Welcome aboard Lieutenant... I am looking forward to working with you again... LaBrie out" with that he closed the channel and looked around at his door to look at the man who just walked in "Welcome... I was expecting you" he said to the shady figure, fully clad in black.


Causing trouble:

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Lieutenant Kathleen Black Chief Engineer Starbase Ronin(SB47)