Reflections #57 - "Not like you..."

-={On}=- [LaBrie family's temporary quarters, Starbase 47]

"You have changed Caelen, ever since got back from that godforsaken mirror universe you're different…" Jennifer tried to stay calm, not to lose her temper, but somehow it was very difficult with this man in the same room "…you have changed and not for the better"

Caelen just stood there in the door opening, he thought Jennifer would be happy with the news, a genuine education for Alex, some certainty and no more flying into Mirror universes. "What are you talking about? I've been like this all my life, I haven't changed!" he raised his voice even though he didn't want to "I thought you would be happy with this news but somehow you find a way to throw it back in my face…" he shook his head "… I don't think I'm the one that changed… before I got my position as a CO you would be happy about everything, about the small things, about the big things… about Everything… and now you always find something to criticize me"

"Ohw so now it's My fault!" Jennifer shouted now, she just couldn't keep it in, so much anger, so much disbelieve. "you spend entire days in that stupid holodeck playing that rotten guitar of yours and not once do you think about doing something with Alex… or with me…" she walked away from him, towards the window, she couldn't look him in the eyes without running the risk of wanting to hit him.

Eyes widening in disbelieve "No! You know why! Because every time I propose something these days it's always some excuse…" he followed Jennifer to the window and put a hand on her shoulder to turn her around "…look me in the eyes when I'm talki-…"

He was interrupted by Jennifer's hand, which landed perfectly in his face "Don't you try to order me around LaBrie, you might be a superior officer when you're on duty But in this room we are equals!"

Caelen took a step back not believing what just happened, not wanting to believe what just happened. His eyes then turned to stone, ice cold and emotionless "very well" he said in a calm and monotone voice. He turned around and picked up his guitar on his way out, the new CO room he would life in would be just fine for him alone.

"Where are you going?! We weren't done talking yet!" Jennifer followed him, trying to stop him from leaving. She knew what it would mean if he did walk through that door.

A short glance over his shoulder "I'm going to that stupid holodeck to play my rotten guitar… before I go to my new home and try to give it some personality" Caelen answered his wife.

With that he stepped through the door and walked down the hall, it was over, he was out the room and Jennifer couldn't stop him. "Caelen…" It was supposed to come out as a call but it came out as a whisper, he obviously not hearing her.

From the other side of the corridor B'Inca came walking up to Jennifer, with Alexandra in hand "Misses LaBrie" she stated dryly, seeing that Jennifer was a bit distressed. Emotion was not her strong point so she figured she would just return Alex and then leave them be, to sort everything out themselves.

Jennifer turned to B'Inca and tried to conjure up a smile, it didn't work. "Hello ensign, did you have fun?" she asked both the ensign and Alex.

Of course Alexandra was the one answering "Yes, of course we did!" she said with a genuine big smile that only a kid could give. She then frowned a bit and walked closer to her mommy "what's wrong mommy? You look sad"

Jennifer her eyes started to water at that question, Alex was a bright kid, to bright sometimes. "Nothing honey, everything's alright" she put an arm around her daughter and lifted her from the ground, Alex almost got to tall and heavy to do this but for now it still worked. "Thanks for looking after her B'Inca" Jennifer stated and stepped back inside the temporary quarters.

"You are quite welcome ma'am" B'Inca answered with a polite nod before turning on her heels and making way back to her own temporary residence. All the while thinking that humans were more emotional then was good for them.

-={Off}=- Family Drama by:

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin "This guitar is the only thing I have… the only thing I need…"

Also Starring: Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (NPC) Communications Officer/Linguistic Expert Starbase Ronin

Ensign B'Inca (NPC) Nurse Starbase Ronin


Alexandra LaBrie (NPC) CO's Daughter Starbase Ronin

(All NPCs were played by Cpt Caelen LaBrie)