That's my Q - #64,65 - "A schizophrenic double-date"


[Aerodrome Mess Hall, 1937]

Frederick Noonan was sitting at the table. He was really trying hard to figure out if he was still dreaming, going nuts, or if he was imagining it all. He was waiting for Amelia Earhart to arrive, so they could start planning their next attempt to fly around the world. However, for some reason, he had the feeling that Amelia was in the same condition as he was. He was 'possessed' by this Evans, and he knew that Amelia could be possessed by this Kitty person. He just had to figure out how.

That would be the most difficult task, like trying to politely ask a Klingon if he would run away from a hopeless battle... <Klingon?? What's that? Some honorable adhesive? Oooh... Klingon... Kitty would know Klingon...>

"...Where is Ki... Amelia, anyway?..." he mumbled. They were supposed to meet at nine, and it was nine thirty already...

Kitty never thought that getting up and dressed would be so complicated! She had no clue how to fasten all the various bits of undergarment, and she didn't really want to ask.. her..? Amelia's husband how to do it. Amelia's memories weren't much help. She didn't like all those various fancy things much either. Finally, Kitty just tossed out the more complicated-looking things and went for a simple short-sleeved blouse and slacks. She wanted to make herself look nice, somehow, for Evans... but she had the feeling that she probably shouldn't, so in the end she just brushed her short hair and headed on out. All of that made her quite late, and she approached the airfield at a dead run. <Oh please I hope he didn't give up and go away...>

Noonan sipped his black coffee again, and he still hated it... It needed sugar, or he didn't like the stuff at all. He put it away again, with a disgusted expression on his face. He would just have to settle for milk or something, until this ordeal was over. When he looked up again, he saw a figure running towards the door, almost being able to stop in time. He heard a bang, as she slammed into the door, watched the door open, and saw a woman in man's clothes and short hair walking inside. He knew her... It was Amelia.

"I'm late, I'm sorry..." She hurried inside and stopped dead. She hadn't expected Evans to look like himself, really... but... she hadn't really prepared herself for the sight of someone who was decidedly NOT. Amelia recognized him, of course, and remembered him from their previous attempt. <I still think he's cute,> she thought, and was momentarily shocked to find both sides in agreement. "Uh, hi," she said tentatively, and then Amelia's memories took over. "Good to see you again. How's the plane?"

"Oh, it's fine... I'm just planning the food supply now... I was thinking of something exotic. Like Gagh? I'm not too sure they have it here, though..." Evans said, trying to determine if this was indeed Kitty.

"That stuff's disgusting," she replied without thinking. Then she paused and looked back at him tentatively and hopefully. "...Evans?" Either he'd answer her, or she'd look like an utter fool... but Kitty was used to looking like an utter fool, and Amelia didn't really mind.

"Oh, thank deity... I'm not alone." the Evans part of Noonan sighed. "I'm so glad you're here too... Eh... Amelia... Wow..." The weird- and great-ness of it all was just starting to dawn on Evans, even though Noonan was completely used to the great part. He completely agreed with the weird part, though...

Kitty looked back at him and smiled in intense relief, a familiar expression on unfamiliar features. "Ronald... Oh, I was hoping you'd be him. I mean, that he'd be you. Or... well... which Is it, anyways?"

"Ehm... For the sake of sanity, let's just play our roles for now, ok?" Noonan said softly, looking around a bit nervously, as if a team of doctors could slam them into straightjackets for a one way trip to the nuthouse, any second. "We're not exactly alone here..." To make his point, he discretely pointed to the man behind the counter, and the waitress.

"Ok.." Kitty said quietly. "But it's... Weird. Really weird." She tried to think of what they were supposed to be talking about, and Amelia's memories took over. "So we're making another try? The other way around, this time?"

"Yeah..." the Noonan part answered. "If we go the other way, we can use the aircurrents to our advantage. We would save a lot of fuel that way. Imagine having a 80 miles per hour tailwind all the way... Well we actually WOULD have an 80 miles per hour tailwind all the way." he mused. "We could even leave a little bit of fuel at home, and bring more equipment. Like some safetygear, or a small scanner-shield." Another reality was checked. "Heh... I can't believe we're about to be kidnapped by aliens... Eh... I mean... people from different countries!" the Evans part corrected as he blurted out his remark.

"Uh, what?" That came from both sides. "I guess you know this story better than I do..." Kitty said wryly, keeping her voice low. "And I'd really appreciate knowing what you mean by 'kidnap' and... uhm..." Saying the word 'aliens' again would probably be a bad idea.

"Well, for some reason, I just happened to run into this report from Voyager... They say Earhart and... We... were found on a... " he lowered his voice " planet in the Delta quadrant. We were frozen in time, and were probably still alive when we entered that costume-ball..." Evans quirked his eyebrows. "I'm really not making sense, am I?..."

He was making enough sense for the person in control. "I really, REALLY don't want to end up in the Delta Quadrant," she responded as quietly as she could. "Words cannot express how much I don't want to end up there. So what do we do?"

"I don't know..." Noonan said. "We can't just quit. It would change the course of history too much. On the other hand, what if we actually succeeded? I think I can make a small enough jammer to make our signature small enough. I can't make a full-fledged cloaking device, as I don have the time and materials, and it wouldn't fit on the airplane, due to weight and power constraints. Do we have a choice BUT to be kidnapped?... At least we'll be together... It's not like I really care about these people that much... But I do!... Eh..."

"Do you think what we do here will actually affect history?" Kitty/Amelia asked. "I mean, is this a real back-in-time thing, or just some elaborate setup on some fantasy world somewhere?"

"I don't know..." Evans said. "Don't ask me... I don't know half of what we're talking about..." the Noonan side added. "I do know that Q is rather thorough in his 'games'..."

"In that case," Kitty said slowly. "Maybe we'd better find a spot near where we supposedly went down, and stay there." She frowned. "This has suddenly become a lot more complicated, I think." The unfamiliar confidence surge from Amelia kept her from feeling as helpless as she was inclined... "But we've got to be able to do Something. All we have to do is decide, that's the hard part."

"Ok... We'll go. But I'm not going down without a fight. We'll see what we have available here, and make the best of it. If nothing else, we're just going to let Q show *just* what we fleeties are made off." a mixture between Evans and Noonan exclaimed, banging a fist on the table. "Now... Where do we get a flux-capacitor..." Evans semi-joked, the Noonan part feeling like Evans were talking Klingon or something.

Amelia's personality instantly flared up. <He's talking like he just made the decision for me! I make my own decisions! I don't rely on any man to tell me what to do!> The momentary look of almost-outrage dimmed as Kitty fought back and declared dominance. <I do. He knows more about this than I do. Ranks aside, he's got the higher position, he's got every right to give orders. Besides, I agree with him.> The internal struggle over, she smiled. "Ok, and I bet I can rig something up. But first... I think I want to see if my Vega is fueled up. I need to get into the air."

"That's my Kitty..." Evans said with a grin, that subsided as soon as he realized what he said. "...Hawk..." he hastily added.


Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Frederick Joseph Noonan Navigator/Mechanic/Opps Officer Lockheed E-10 Electra

Lt. Kathleen Black as Amelia Earhart Pilot