That's my Q - #63 - "I need a smoke... QUIT IT!"


[Frederick J. Noonan's bedroom,morning]

Noonan found himself waking up with athrobbing headache. Not only that, but he had the distinctive feelinghe wasn't supposed to be here. He looked around, and found himself ina not-too-small, but not super-sized either bedroom, with his head ona pillow. A real feather pillow at that... <Ooooh, that was someparty...> <-Party? Whaddya talking about?... I didn't go to aparty...> <-Yes I did... It was on that... that... Nah... Aspacestation?!> <-Spacestation? What the hell?! I've got to goto a shrink sometime...> < I don't go to shrinks! They're justquacks, just like those "doctors" that let my father die...> <But dad's still alive...> <Ooh, dear...> <...You got thatright...><What is this, did I become a schitzopfrenicovernight?><Don't ask me, I'm a navigator, not a shrink...><Imean... I'm an operations officer...><Nope, I'm definitely anavigator><...I'm pretty sure, I'm an Operationsofficer...><Oh, don't be silly... let me get out of bed first,I'll argue with myself later...>

an "Ugh..." could be heard, as theman that was known as Fredrick J. Noonan, but wasn't too sure hewasn't called Ronald Evans, himself, lifted himself off the bed. Helooked in the mirror, and half of him was relieved, but the otherhalf was shocked... "Yup... Noonan... No doubt about it... Son ofa..." <Must be Q's work...><Who?...> a short exchangeof images and Q's properties took place. <Oh, I see... So, thereis a god, and he's a pompous ass? Great... Just when I was about togo prepare this important flight, I'm stuck with an OperationsOfficer from the future in my head...><Hey, It's not like I'mcompletely useless... I know logistics! And I have a fair idea how toevade those alien slave ships that are going to mess up this wholejourney...> "Who?! What?! What the hell am I talking about?!"

There was only one way to remedy thiswhole nonsense... A cold shower, and a hot cup of tea... <Coffee.Black, with sugar.> <No, Tea... Pure, and bitter. And a smoke.><Coffee! And stop that disgusting habit. It reaks, and is quitedeadly, thank you...> <TEA!! Dammit! And I smoke if I want to!><Ah, forget it! >

Noonan stepped under the shower. Thatwas one thing both minds agreed upon, and when he got out, he agreedon a compromise. Tea with sugar... He hated the stuff, and forgotabout it, as Evans' part suggested earlier. After he heard the factsabout smoking from this entity that shared his mind, he decided hebetter try and put them down for a while. He did have a bite to eat,however. It was going to be an important day, after all... He wasmeeting with the pilot of that Lockheed Electra he could see out ofthe window. He was planning on helping this female pilot being thefirst woman to fly around the world, and although part of him knew itwould be dangerous, (their first attempt had failed ratherspectacularly) another part of him was jumping up and down on thechance to be part of this adventure... Helping a woman to become thefirst to circle the globe in an airplane. He was sure, he was theright one for her... He couldn't wait to Present Kitty Black his ideaof using the windcurrents to their advantage... <What the... Who'sthis Kitty Black person, all of a sudden?! I'm supposed to meet aAmelia Earhart!> <Yes, that was who Kitty was dressed up as atthe costumeparty... Amelia Earhart...><What costumeparty?!>

This resulted in Noonan bonking hishead on a solid surface for a while, and grabbing his packet ofcigarettes anyway. He was sure he was losing it... He was goingschitzo! He might as well enjoy a smoke, while it lasted... Eventhough this other person in his head didn't seem to be wanting to bein control... Most of the time... He did have an issue with tea,though... And cigarettes, apparently, as he coughed his longs out.


Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Frederick J. Noonan Navigator/Mechanic/Operations Officer Lockheed L-10E Electra