That's My Q #61 - "Surely I Can't be V..."


<Xavier Institute>

0900 Hrs

Proffesor Charles Xavier was troubled Magento had vanished the two did have a history if it could be called that. He was looking through the news on the TV and part of his mind was elsewhere. There was a knock on the door and Charles turned his wheelchair toface the door.

"Enter" he said.

Hank McCoy entered the room, he looked around a little and moved closer.

"Proffesor it's about Storm, I think whatever has happened to her has left her with amnesia" McCoy commented.

"I see you think this has anything to do with the energy signature you picked up?" he questioned.

"I'm not sure Proffesor, but I am still looking into the posibility"

"How is she?"

"Storm is..confused I would say, other that I cannot say any more. Given time I think she will recover"

"I'd like to talk with her, see if anything can be done in other ways. For now I have to get down to Cerebro, I think it is best we find Magneto"

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"Storm" Lt. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47