That's My Q #61 - "Surely I Can't be V..."

(OOC: due to misunderstanding of the plot I have, after request, deleted Kris and Ryylar's post. With this post the count has been corrected. The idea is that you are hurled into the world of your character, like Melina and Charles have done)

-={On}=- [The Shadow Gallery, London]

It hurt, all over his body it hurt, as if he was burned. His hand shook as he removed one of his gloves. What he saw confirmed what he thought. He breathed heavily in before quickly putting the glove back on, he placed both his hands on the table and leaned on them.

Caelen was in pain, although through some strange side effect he felt stronger, more vital, and determined to do something. What day was it? What time? He looked around but couldn't find a chronometer nor a calendar or computer console.

He decided that there would be only one way to find out, be V and do what he would do. He concentrated a bit to try and find what he was supposed to do now. Suddenly he remembered, it was November the Fourth, 11.00 hours. He had something to do.

Quickly he reached out for his daggers and strapped them around his waste before throwing the cloak around himself and heading outside.

Meanwhile Evey Hammond, want to be actress but for now the foot wipe of some woman who thought she was important at the broadcasting agency, stepped out of her door as well.

"A yellow coded curfew is now in effect, any unauthorised personnel will be subject to arrest, this is for your protection … a yellow coded curfew is in effect..." the message repeated itself numerous times, it got on her nerves a bit.

Evey in felt really on edge, what she was about to do was so wrong in so many ways, not to mention the results if she got caught. She shivered gently in the wind as she saw a man on the street corner. She walked closer, thinking of turning back with every step she took.

She walked closer to the man and started hesitantly "ehm… mister… would… would you like to… uh… sleep with me or anything?" she fidgeted a bit with her hands and looked down in embarrassment "…I mean… uh… for money…"

The man on his turn just smirked sinisterly "That's the clumsiest piece of propositioning I've ever heard. You've not been doing this very long have you?" he asked, taking the pipe from his mouth and putting it out.

Evey hanged her head in shame, "Oh God I must really be terrible…" she looked around a bit suspiciously before turning back to the man "…yeah you're right, this is my first night… you're my first… uh…"

"…Customer" the man finished her sentence, he put away his pipe. All the while the dirty smirk didn't disappear from his face, this should've given her a clue but it didn't.

"Customer, yeah…" she stepped a bit closer, "I… I've got a job at the BTN, but the money is, you know, it isn't enough" she hesitated a bit again, it felt so wrong, she looked around "Look mister… I'm 19, I know what I'm doing…" she said, really wanting to go through with it, she needed the money.

The man his hand slid into his pocket "No…" he gently shook his head "…no you don't know what you're doing…" he got a black, leathery, rectangle out of his pocket "…because if you did you wouldn't have picked a vice detail on stake-out" he flipped open the rectangle and showed a badge.

"Oh, Christ… you're… you're a fingerman!" Evey exclaimed stepping back rapidly, being held back by another man that had snuck up behind her. She jumped forward a bit again in horror and let out a scream.

The fingerman put back his badge in his pocket and the grin now turned to broader smile as more of his friends came closer "That's right. And these are my colleagues" he grabbed her forcefully by her arm "You know the laws on prostitution? It's a class-H offence. That means we get to decide what happens to you, that's our prerogative"

"No! Please! No!" Evey screamed out now, trying to resist but knowing it was futile. "It was my first time! I'll do everything you want!" she pleaded for her life, "please don't kill me!"

"You've got it wrong, Miss, first we'll do whatever we want and Then we'll kill you" he grabbed her forcefully by her waist and forced her up against a wall "That's our prerogative" he added.

"Jesus! No!" tears were rolling down her cheeks "Don't! Oh please, Don't!" she closed her eyes hoping it would be over soon.

She couldn't see a dark figure coming from the shadows behind them, "The multiplying villainies do swarm upon him" the man said, clad fully in black, white Fawksian mask covering his true identity.

…to be continued… -={Off}=-

Captain Caelen LaBrie/V Commanding Officer/Freedom Fighter Starbase Ronin/London "One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Freedom Fighter"

Also Starring: Evey Hammond (NPC) & Fingermen (NPC) (All NPCs played by Caelen)