"That's my Q" #60 "Awakening"


<The Countess' Bed-chambers>

Dazed, Kristiana opened her eyes again. She remembered .. A part. Everyone dressed up. Friends, people she considered family. Then, an enemy - someone to hate, to loathe - and a bright flash, and she woke up here. Such a surreal dream.

Rubbing her eyes a bit, the redheaded countess rose to her feet, yawning, stretching a bit. Wearing her night-robes, the sun of morning piercing through the window, illuminating her four-poster, the red satin sheets, the deep black crushed velvet canopy. "Katarina !" she called, having need of her servant. "KATARINA !" she yelled again, a bit annoyed at the girl's slowness.

Katarina hurried into the room at very near a dead run, then pulled herself up to a stop, stumbling and nearly falling into a small decorative vase inside the room. She gave a sigh of relief as she avoided that near disaster. "Beg pardon..." was all she said. She knew better than to try to give an excuse.

"Stupid girl." Kristiana Bathory sneered, resisting the impulse to backhand the servant across the cheek .. This time. "I desire a bath and breakfast .. And have my red court gown prepared. I wish to wear it today.

"Yes ma'am..." Katarina nodded and curtseyed. She went to the door for a moment to tell the other servants to prepare the bath, and went herself to retrieve the red court gown. "What does Her Ladyship wish for breakfast this morning?"

Despite her age she was still in excellent shape, velvet skin so pure and white, body curvascious, yet not an ounce of fat too much. The nightgown did not much to hide her form. ".. Surprise me." The hungarian countess with the russian accent spoke. "Something .. Hearty. Something with meat." she idly spoke, waving her hand dismissively. "Tell me, any news of my husband ?"

"No news, Milady." Katarina checked every fold of that skirt to make sure it was properly tidy. "Not since yesterday."

"Bah .. There better be some news soon or I'll have the runner's head on a silver platter." Erszebeth sneered. "Is my bath ready yet ?"

Katarina hurried to check. "Almost, Milady..." Almost was a safer answer than No.

Eyes narrowed, a sadistic sparkle in them, Kristiana Petrova slapped Katarina visciously with the back of her hand, straightening herself up. "Tell them to hurry ! I have not all day !" she exclaimed, noting a faint smudge of red on the back of her hand. Eyes fixed frmly on the attractive features of her young servant, she brought her hand to her face and licked the girl's blood off, smiling wickedly.

Katarina reeled and dropped to the floor from the force of the blow. She pulled herself shakily to her feet, keeping her head down. "Yes, Your Ladyship..." and she scurried out of the room to go order the servants to hurry up!

The savage countess followed Katarina, sauntering saucily, as she idly let her nightgown drop to the floor. Katarina would pick it up and have it cleaned and dried, she knew - just like every day. Of her four personal servants, Katarina was her favorite. The youngest .. The most beautiful.


Kristiana Petrova / Erszebeth Bathory Blood Countess


Katarina NPC'd by Kathleen Black