That's my Q # 58 - "Beldar arrives at Work"

<On> <Xavier Institute>

Melina screamed loudly, the blood in her body felt like it was on fire, it burned in waves as the changes influance by Q swept over her. She then blacked out...

Henry McCoy or 'Beast' to his friends was puzzled why Storm had suddenly vanished and then reappered in the Instatute he was not sure. Storm was resting on a bed nearby in the small but fully eqiped sickbay. He was puzzled by what seemed to have been a uncontroled energy flux within the building. He lookd over his left shoulder as she started to come round.

"Q...stop this...stop it NOW!" Storm screamed.

Heny moved over and looked to her.

"Your safe Ororo, your with friends..who is this Q you just spoke of?" he asked.

" omnipotent being very danerous" replied Storm.

Melina was still wondering what the hell was going on, how could this person be here, they didn't exist they were just charaters from a comic book. Now she didn't know what to think, she sighed softly and looked around her, from what she could see it was possibly sometime time in the 21st century. Great Melina thought two hundred years ago, but something ws strange here wasn't there considrable damage to the planet some sort of Nuclear war. She remebered the numbers killed 300 million dead and a new 'dark age' on Earth and yet...she wasn't sure

"I..can't remember any of you I'm afraid not even my own name" Storm said softly.

"Hmm I think I best find the Professor, I'm Henry McCoy but my friends call me Hank or Beast"



"Storm" Lt. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47