That's my Q #48 - "No Way I wear that costume..."


[Floyd's Quarters, Starbase 47]

"Ok, I know I promised to wear anything, but I'm NOT putting on that costume." Russell muttered pointing at the costume his wife Laura picked out for them to wear to the party. His problem with costume parties had always been what to wear… Laura on the other hand always was very creative in finding something to wear and to get noticed. This time she had really outdone herself. She picked out costumes for them to form a famous duo from the early 20th century.

"Come on, be a sport." Laura laughed. "You promised you would wear anything I'd come up with. And it's right there." She was really enjoying herself. In her quest for the right attire for the evening she searched for famous historical duos, fictional as well as non- fictional. When she came across this outfit she knew he would object. But he promised to wear anything, and she verified that to be absolutely sure before revealing what she had found.

"It's bad enough I have to dye my hair brown and shave for this one to work, but I'll look absolutely ridiculous in this." Russell objected.

"Don't be silly. You'll look twenty years younger." Laura said, holding down a snicker. "I'm the one with the wig with long blonde hair, remember?" she said, trying to convince him she'd look not quite herself either. She put on her skirt which had several not too revealing tears in it. The short sleeved blouse that came with it had a bit ragged look as well. "Now please hurry, we're already late because of your complaining."

"But… but I can't go out in this?!" Russell protested again. He knew his attempts in changing her mind in this case were futile. He had learned that over the years. "What will other people say when they see me walking around like a middle aged…"

"Oh grow up. You'll look great. You work out, you've got nothing to worry about." Laura said encouragingly. She knew she almost had him. "So get on with it, because you're breaking the myth of women always taking too long getting dressed up." She said, leaving the bedroom and walking to the living room. Her outfit was almost finished.

Russell picked up the costume and mumbled "Damn, I walked in this one with eyes wide open. I could have known she'd set me up." It was a single piece costume specifically tailored to enhance his physique. It was some sort of short trousers and a shoulder piece. Still muttering after dressing up he walked into the living room causing his kids to look a bit shocked and laugh out loud.

"You know the name of your character actually translates to `white- skin', dad? I looked it up." his daughter Anna said still snickering. "It fits perfectly." She added causing them all to burst out laughing again, except Russell.

"Oh, ha ha ha…" Russell said. "You know it's hard to get a tan around here." He said, smiling a bit at the fun they were having. He found it now hard not to laugh as well.

Laura still laughed but quickly came to business. "Come, we need to go or else the party will be over before we get there. I want to meet some more people of your crew." She said heading for he door.

[Entrance of the Costume Party Bar, SB47]

The walk from their quarters to the bar had caused some strange looks from several other people in the corridors. Russell finally saw the humour in the situation and decided to have fun with this. It was a party after all and he saw several colleagues dressed up in very different ways, varying from masks and capes to shining armour and blood thirsty creatures. Some of them he could easily recognize but most would require some talking to to find out who they were.

He decided to play his role and lifted Laura of her feet. She shrieked a bit because she didn't expect it and giggled as she put her arm around his neck. "I knew you would like the outfit." She said. "The leopard skin looks great on you." She said laughing.

"I'll take your word for that." Russell said smiling, walking into the bar with her in his arms. He tried his best to impersonate the trademark yell of his character on their entrance and then said "Me Tarzan. You, Jane…"


A barely dressed post by:

Lt. (jg) Russell D. Floyd M.D. Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Laura Floyd M.D. Starbase Ronin (SB47) (NPC by Russell)

Anna Floyd Starbase Ronin (SB47) (NPC by Russell)